Hi, my name is Angel Phoenix. Nice to meet you. I am a boisterous business owner, radical revolutionary, cosmic kitten and coach of the highest calibre. 20/20 is my(our) year....and I ain't screwing around.

let me teach you how to slay the status quo and...

 ...break the rules, take up space in the world and fall in love with a version of you that you didn't even know existed.


Cosmic Influence. Justice. Balance. Power.

Untethered 20/20 - Where The Invisible Becomes Visible

Untethered 20/20 - Where The Invisible Becomes Visible

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Expressing & exercising your magic in the best of company.

COVID might feel like a cock block, but the truth is....it is not. This is an opportunity for you to hone in on your instinct, intuition, highly sensitive superpowers and spiritual antenna.

My multi sensory driven, online teaching experience in all things magical & mystical is here.

5 webinars, 5 days in a row over the Libra Supermoon on April 8. You will be provided with a variety of ritual, practices and suggestions to harness the energy available to us. 

With great pleasure, I would love to host a group of individuals remembering and reclaiming their extrasensory abilities. If you are looking for a safe space to discuss what you see or how you feel, discuss, brainstorm, be seen and see others, as well as receive guidance on your gifts - this is the perfect place.

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