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The truth is that you are transforming my life, career and my love of self by kicking my ass to be seen. The incredible, inspirational, high vibrating people you attract into these trainings are having incredible impact on my life, too. Thank you from me, my children and the people who lives I will make richer from studying with you.

You are what we’ve all been looking for without even knowing we were looking for you. You have awakened parts of me that I’ve squashed for many years. You are such a gift - the mentor of my dreams - saying thank you definitely doesn’t feel like enough.

Angel, you've changed my life in ways I could not  have fathomed. You've influenced my path and catapulted my career. You've given me freedom and security within myself. You introduced me to my potential. You saw me before I saw myself and every win is a celebration of you and the life and fire you awoke within me!