Let Your Naysayers Go; The Phoenix Needs Space To Rise

Posted by Angela Gallo on

I just got wind that my darling MEGA BRAVE client had THREE of her (Christian) contracts / jobs pull out after she made a few posts about working with me. 👉🏻

YUP, you’ve read that correctly.

First of all - this is what I call ‘the purge’; the point where your first layer of leeches fall off your skin - a necessary precursor to ditching your curse of stifled expression. You WANT these people to go before they’re too far in to kick out.

Secondly, if you have employers or friends or family who cut ties with you, fire you or alienate themselves from you because you’re learning from or friends with a person they label ‘too open minded and liberal’, what they’re really afraid of is you evolving right a point or place where they can no longer use / manipulate / coerce / corner you: what they’re saying is, we don’t want you to change and this person’s affiliation will change you and we can’t have that.

Thirdly, it’s NEVER about you or me. It’s humans projecting their identities, beliefs and insecurities onto you. Other people’s projections will cast shadows on your actualisation...let them go.

Fourthly, NEVER ever choose money or a job or an affiliate over your freedom & expression.

Lastly, creating safe spaces for you to come undone and blossom will require a dramatic set of changes to protect you. Let people leave - every ass that exits through the safety doors will miss every bit of your brilliance waiting in the gift shop. ——

If it costs you to be seen with me, imagine what it costs me to be seen. It’s been a lonely road but I earned the right to be a leader in this way. And I promise to always keep you company 💗

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  • I’ve recently removed myself from religion and have been receiving shamanic healing. I’ve never felt more connected than I do now. I finally got my septum pierced after years of having that desire. I’ve begun speaking my truth and dropping all the FUCKS I want as I speak. It feels entirely FREEING to honor my desire to BE FULLY ME! Some people have fallen off, others tell me I need Christ in my life and I can feel the judgment. I’m so sick of surface level relationships that it’s not hard watching people leave. I feel like I’m no longer being suffocated. I can breathe. I’ve reclaimed my voice and HUGE things are manifesting.

    Bri on

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