The Billionaire Babes Club & Angel Phoenix's Commitment To YOU During COVID-19

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An entrepreneurial hub like no other - fit for Queens, ambitious intellectuals and hustler babies hungry for the life of their dreams. The Billionaire Babes Club ™ is a highly functional, multi-use creative work space that was built to accomodate visionary entrepreneurs whilst actively supporting a multitude of philanthropic avenues. It is located at 3 Bradshaw Street, Mordialloc 3195.

It’s primary use was to accomodate meetings, workshops, training sessions, gallery exhibitions, yoga classes and more. Fast forward 5 months worth of delays and a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears…it has morphed into a mothership of emotional, mental and spiritual support for women who are destined to lead the future from at the front.

You want to take on the world in the best of company?

You hit the jackpot, hunny.


In the interim, we are offering printing, scanning, basic website design and copywriting services to local business owners requiring immediate support with their digital endeavours.

Angel has invested 10,000$ into the development of a unique offer, created specifically to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, creatives, visionaries and hopeful proteges. She has made Chromebook laptops and Kindles available to the community, bundles of possibility laced together with intention and integrity. Whether you are looking to utilise your time in self-isolation to better yourself and/or scale your business - she has your personal and professional wet dreams covered from A to Z.

What she wants you to know is that you aren’t at this alone - she is making a commitment to showing up for those of you who are struggling, in the very same ways she wished someone had of been there for her at the beginning of her own business journey. If you need help of any time, Angel, Adelle & the team at The Billionaire Babes Club ™ promise they will do everything they can to sustain you during these trying times.

The Billionaire Babes Club™ Stimulus Package looks a little like this…

  • Employing 6-10 people at 20+ hours per week.

  • Continuing to purchase and sell stock from local and national creators.

  • Making a lending library available for business owners with no home office, who are in dire need of a laptop, connectivity and applications to run and/or scale their businesses.

  • Making a variety of bundles & learning packs available for artists and children - two demographics Angel is especially interested in investing in order to keep creativity vivified in sterile times.

  • Funding and/or backing Dynamo Doulas™ and their various initiatives as they roll out in their respective communities.

  • Funding and/or backing local business owners as they struggle to stay afloat, especially in the support of female fronted businesses.

  • Stocking supplies for mothers, babies and birthing people - a passion that is unrelenting in the world Angel participates in as a Doula.

  • All online content and courses made available to the public at a ‘PAY WHAT YOU CAN’ price in order to maximise the time available for individuals to excavate and self-actualise.

  • Masterclasses to keep the brain sharp.

The space is open for pick up and drop off of equipment if you are lending from the learning library and/or using our printing and scanning services. You MUST book an appointment time should you wish to drop in so that we can ensure we are here to accommodate you in full quarantine fashion.

Should you be a female community member requiring any immediate financial or supply support for personal or professional reasons, please send a message or to see if The Billionaire Babes Club might be able to help.

In addition to this, Angel will be hosting a variety of online Masterclasses to bring both her local & global community the inspiration and information they need to flourish in a climate of unprecedented opportunity to pivot amongst the panic.

Angel is also offering 1-1 virtual business coaching for those interested in seeking out her genius, love and direction for all things big picture thinking. If there is one thing she is notorious for, it is finding ways to excel in the most precarious of catastrophes - she has made dancing with ambiguity & risk an art form.

One she would like to share with those brave enough to be bold in a time where society is looking to dampen your spirit.


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