Are You Acting In Integrity During COVID19?

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Are you being a shitty human right now? And are you blaming your shittiness on COVID19? Of course, there is a lot of good coming out of the current situation that we’re in, but there’s also a lot of haters, a lot of assholes and a lot of people that are staying “indoors” as directed, but not bothering to go inward within themselves. Instead of treating this time as some sort of “hall pass” that allows you to be a lazy, bored, angry human who sits around drinking too much and complaining about how bored you are, why don’t you use it for good? This episode is an Instagram Live that I did with Erika Cramer (The Queen of Confidence) a few weeks ago when we were in the thick of so much bullshit happening around us and to us in our small businesses. 

Think about the impact that your demands are having on the small businesses that you’re complaining to. Think about how every single one of these small businesses are doing their absolute best. They all have their own bills to pay, their own mouths to feed and they’re all wanting to do the right thing and the best thing for everyone. We need to use this time to support them, not turn our anger and frustration toward them.

How you act right now is a direct reflection of who you really are. Are you acting with integrity and thinking of others, or are you living in fear, blame and guilt?  It’s time to level up, it’s time to change your internal conversation and be a better version of yourself.  This is the greatest opportunity you have been given to change your life and the world for the better.


  • [2:22]: We are seeing people’s true colours come out and some of them aren’t pretty
  • [3:01]: Are you being the kind of person that the future needs?
  • [4:16]: We need to be focussed on the way we’re acting now and not just waiting around for a vaccine 
  • [4:36]: You choose - will this be your demise or a time for levelling up?
  • [5:19]: Crisis amplifies who you really are
  • [6:25]: What is the cost of social distancing and flattening the curve?  
  • [7:42]: Think for yourself and don’t make decisions based on fear
  • [8:45]: Integrity is what you do when nobody is watching
  • [9:39]: Small businesses are owned by people who are in this too. 
  • [11:36]: Ask yourself, “how can I come out of this a better human being?”
  • [12:33]: Would your future self approve of what you’re doing right now?
  • [16:26]: We need to be responsible for how we’re acting
  • [17:03]: Small businesses are being treated like shit
  • [19:14]: Fear drives people to do crazy shit. Check-in with yourself.
  • [20:50]: Share your story instead of your opinion
  • [22:22]: People love drama so we cling to theatrical renditions of what’s happening
  • [24:30]: People are freaking out because they’re finally seeing who they really are
  • [26:00]: Most people stay in shame, fear and guilt their whole lives
  • [27:00]: Don’t use this as an excuse to not show up. Level up in lockdown!
  • [28:28]: Be a nice human! Don’t take your frustration out on small businesses
  • [30:26]: Are you making enemies or building alliances?
  • [32:00]: Be willing to risk it all to find your true self.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose
  • [33:30]: If you have nothing positive to say, don’t say it at all
  • [34:21]: Slowing down to speed up
  • [35:17]: What are you contributing to the cure?
  • [36:00]: It’s not what is seen, but what is unseen that defines who we are
  • [38:00]: Don’t desecrate the only platform we have to stay connected
  • [39:20]: Look in the mirror and work on becoming a better version of yourself
  • [40:18]: The future is reserved for the people who can thrive in chaos
  • [42:02]: We need to remember who we are for humanity to stay whole
  • [43:19]: Life is reserved for the living.  Don’t live in fear of the future but live in right now.
  • [45:50]: The contrast experience is where we recognise the crux of our essence 
  • [47:22]: Less thinking, more feeling!
  • [48:30]: You are creating your own reality
  • [50:26]: This is a forced hibernation. We are being forced to look at our skeletons.
  • [53:59]: Take this opportunity to connect, enjoy, LIVE
  • [55:15]: Australia is so fortunate.  Be grateful for what you have
  • [57:13]: Think about ways to invest, invent and create.  This is the revolution!
  • [58:41]: What are you going to do to turn this around? Post on Instagram using #bestcasescenario

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