Astrology & Astronomy The Key To Divorcing Our Cynicism & Reconnecting To The Macrocosm with Mikailah Gooda

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We are looking straight up at the stars today people so get ready for some cosmic revolutionary blowing your mind bad-assery. We’re discussing all of the things that mean so much to me as a celestial supernova around, what do the constellations, what do the zodiacs, what do the planets and what does everything have mapped out for me? Because I truly believe that as is above, as is below.

My guest today is Mikailah Gooda. This woman is a star witch, medicine carrier & earth poet who embodies ancient practices in a contemporary form.  She has been teaching earth-keeping skills for over twenty years. From these lived experiences, she has created her unique and eclectic style of astrology combined with earth wisdom.  She offers these sessions 1:1 either in-person or by video call for our global village.

Mikailah’s transpersonal work speaks to the creative one, the free-spirited entrepreneur, the visionary and non-conformist.  She feels deeply called for our ravenous, passionate souls to create a sustainable footprint on our beautiful planet Earth.



  • The Cosmic Revolution
  • Who and what is Lilith. What is her story, and why is it so important
  • Astrology 101 - let’s start at the very beginning
  • The ways in which women have been erased throughout history
  • Understanding the star map
  • Harnessing and using your energy
  • Why your cynicism is not an option
  • Understanding the importance of your lineage


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Angel Phoenix Arsenal: Hello, everybody. You are tuning in to yet another motherfucking sexy episode of Slaying The Status Quo In Total Style. Today, we are looking straight up at the stars and discussing all of the things that mean so much to me as a celestial supernova who is very much all about what do the constellations, what do the zodiacs, what do the planets and what does everything have mapped out for me because as is above as is below.

Our guest today is Mikailah. She is a self-professed star witch. She is all things astrology. She is all things Lilith, Lilith, Lilith. Sweet, fiery savage Lilith. What we're actually going to talk about is first of all- I'm sure many of you don't even know what the hell Lilith is, we're going to talk about that, but how and why it is imperative for you to move beyond the status quo which is astrology in cheesy magazines or, "Astrology's full of shit," or, "Oh my gosh, we cannot talk about astrology because that will get us burned at the stake" and why it's actually an emergency right now to lean into every aspect of this on a symbological level, on an energetic level, to really harness what the universe and what your source is trying to give to you full stop anyways. Without further ado, let us welcome Mikailah.

Mikailah Gooda: Hi, beautiful.

Angel: Was that introduction- did that suffice? Do you feel I covered enough in that?

Mikailah: Absolutely. It's really amazing to be connected with people that way-seers. All of our beautiful creatures that we are here, it's like it's time for the cosmic revolution as well, for the great mother, we are cosmic star beings with cosmic revolutionaries and this is what the work is all about. The medicine that I carry.

Angel: The cosmic revolution. I actually got this tattoo on me a few months ago, Mikailah, on the back of my neck, in the same place where when I was 16, I got a start tattooed. My first tattoo ever and it's one star on the nape of my neck and it's purple, which I find really interesting. All of my tattoos have been intuitively-led, even when I didn't even know what that meant. A few months ago, I was in Thailand and there was this amazing Chinese witch who was tattooing, who was in town by chance. I mean absolutely by chance she was there.

I told her, "Look, I had this dream and I want you to tattoo it on me." It is basically a woman lying down and her legs are spread open and she's got a baby bump, which basically from front eye view you can only see the pussy, the belly, and the breasts and the thighs wide open, there is a world inside her belly. Through her pussy, it's dripping tides and rivers of cosmic, everything. Space debris and stars and it's dripping down in fountains of rainbows and it is so symbolic of exactly what it is you just said, which is the cosmic revolution, which is everything that we are being called to do whether we are women or we identify as women or we have some level of sacral authority because we all do. Every person on this planet has that creative primordial energy and that attachment to source. This does not discriminate by gender, sex or junk in the trunk or any other bullshit thing that we impose.

For me, it's about what is the ultimate way to challenge the status quo and to destroy every system that senses us, go back to where it began babycakes and that is the stars. Because surprise, surprise, the skinsuit you are in right now was put together by the seed and the egg and also every ancient debris and dust and cataclysmic energy that came together to seam the essence of you. Once you realize that and you come back to it, that's where the revolution is. All of this bullshit that's distracting us doesn't mean anything at all if we just lean in to ourselves.

Mikailah: You've just so eloquently described Black Moon Lilith. The amazing inking that you received from the Chinese witch, that description is exactly what the Black Moon Lilith is. She's an energy vortex, and it's for every beautiful creature. That's what the cosmic revolutionary is about.

Using the archetypal energy of Lilith to cut away all the bullshit, all the programming, all the social conditioning, all the crap basically and the collective, unconscious, the persecution, the misogynous energy that I don't even really want to bring into this because it's time for us to be completely liberated and authentic with who we are and shining brightly. The way that we can do this is by tapping into our star map, our cosmic star chart, so we can make it incredibly cosmic and intergalactic. That awakens that seed within us.

Then I'm very much a blood and gut star witch because it's great to have this cosmic intergalactic stellar gateway activations and transmissions and they do come through. It's like bringing it down to the bone of who we are and how do we bring this into our lives in a really practical, down to earth way for the great mother. We've chosen to be here.

Angel: Absolutely. It's worth saying as well, I just want to quick preface everyone to say how it is I met you. Earlier this year, Dr. Danielle Arabena who's now a very good friend of mine, who's also a guest on this show, we met through again, serendipity, synchronicity, breadcrumbs from the universe, I really felt this deep stirring within myself, this calling, this call to arms, this, "Come, come, pay attention."

When I met Danielle who was a student of mine in my program, we quickly became student and teacher to each in every single degree because I know we've traveled plenty of lifetimes together, she said, "Holy fucking shit ball, Ange, I did this reading a few months ago with this woman named Mikailah. It's this Lilith reading and I really really must insist that you do this. Call her, do it." Finally, after a few months, I was able to do this.

What this essentially means is, first of all, Mikailah blew my mind. If you want to work with her, I absolutely encourage you to find her. All that information will be in the show notes, you'll know where to get to her, how to book her et cetera. The premise of this is that I had never really looked into Lilith in terms of where that sits in the planetary scheme of things, how that sits in, all the feminism and the justice and the sexuality and the sensuality and the underbelly and the undercurrent of who it is I am, which is what fuels me.

The exact words I tell to my clients and I've been saying for years is, "Stop asking me what your purpose is because the place you're going to find it is in what pisses you off." To me, that's exactly what Lilith is. It's going to the belly of what pisses you off, which is by the way where Slaying The Status Quo's born. Actually moving into that space. When I did this reading, that blew my mind, then when I actually learned about it is Lilith, which is the original- if we look at the Biblical doctrine, whatever you want to call it, which is before Eve was even in the picture, many people don't even know this story.

You know Adam and Eve but there was actually Lilith before that. Lilith was- Adam and God and everyone's like, "Look, you've got to do this stuff, you've got to fuck, you've got to be the thing, you've got to be the party, you’ve got to be the slave, you've got to do what you're told." Lilith's like, "Listen to me, bud, that ain't going to work for me," and she said, "No, I'm not going to." What resulted was her being cast out, exiled, punished, we won't even go there. Many people do not know this story.

Lilith is the original bad bitch, the original asker of questions, the original revolution. What happened is she was then condemned so they say and all these stories were made up about her that she eats the dicks off men and will kill your children and eat your children. She is the reason that women are cursed. Eve obviously comes after that. Naturally, she's scared. She's like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa here. I don't want to end up like Lilith which is-" does this familiar to any of our circles and femininity and womanhood? She's like, "Shit, I don't want to end up like that. I've got to play the game."

Then ye old snake, which again, the rising of the Kundalini, the serpent, everything that represents us rises up and is like, "Come to eat the fruit," as an invitation which is "I see you, I see your femininity, step into this, bite the fruit, come into the calling, the tree of life." Eve loves the tree, nurtured the tree, grew it from nothing, loves the snake. Obviously, she had to taste the fruits of her labor, eats the fruit and is then what? Punished. Every single thing that goes wrong after that is blamed on Lilith and is blamed on Eve. Every single thing is blamed on women, on our sexuality, our sensuality, our warmth. The whole doctrine is built on this. I know that this conversation is going to be triggering to many people, but I will absolutely encourage you to understand where misogyny, where sexism, where the patriarchy actually begins because the patriarchy, my love, was born in this story. Lilith, to me, is the blazing embodiment of smash the patriarchy. Correct, Mikailah?

Mikailah: Correct. Also, in your chart, when you look at where Lilith is, and this is based on Demetra George's work and in Kelley Hunter's work, amazing, amazing feminist astrologers in the States. I'd like to really honor the lineage of their teachings that they've bought through.

Why I work with it is because if I may share, when I first started to learn astrology, many, many moons ago, in my 20s', it saved my life. I was learning and studying it self-taught. I had teachers and it never came alive for me, because I was learning it in a very traditional sense, which is great. You need those fundamental techniques like any skill or craft or medicine that you carry. However, there was an incredible, incredible mentor of mine, Babula. I just knew that I needed to sit in the Lilith energy with her. She's my astrology mentor.

I walked into this space and I just cried and cried and cried all day in this workshop because the rememberings, the memories, the connection, because her story lives in your chart, and this is why I carry her medicine is because there is a wounded aspect within us that is opening up the old wounds and it's not pretty, it's blood and guts. It's where, as you say, it's sexuality. It's where there has been misuse, toxic abusive relationships, suicide, abortions where the beautiful midwives and women's rights and birthing rights and sexual rights have been stripped away. Now, it's got all beautiful creatures who we all are living on this amazing planet, to look at the wounding to track it back and then to find her gift because the Black Moon Lilith is also called the great cosmic birth canal.

Angel: Oh, that's sexy. That is sexy. Okay, can I ask you a really quick question?

Mikailah: Sure.

Angel: Could you possibly give everyone a quick rundown of the zodiac, the planets, and just the basics so that we can build on that?

Mikailah: In western astrology, we work with the zodiacal wheel, which is actually based on the seasons. Aries is the first sign which relates to spring. Aries is the energy that with Black Moon Lilith is about trusting in your intuition and stepping beyond the fear, being courageous to step into the unknown, to be the initiator and the pioneer and the Trailblazer. We move into Taurus, which is Earth and feminine and sensuality and really connecting with nature and the great mother like being naked out in the mud in the earth, feeling her breeze on your face and knowing and sucking the juices of the fruit and feeling the juices running down your naked body and loving yourself and celebrating yourself.

Someone may have a strong wounding around actually loving this sensual body because of how we've been programmed around, what we should look like. It's like breaking out of that mold. We're not buying into that, that's not our way, that's not our being. When we move into Gemini, it's about speaking, feeling safe to speak, letting everybody have educational rights, but also trusting in who we are with the messages received. Cancer, moving into the watery realm of where we may not feel like part of our blood family, our family of origin that we were born into, and seeking our beautiful soul tribe, our soul family.

Irrespective of our gender, where do we feel that we belong? Where are we celebrated? Breaking down old family cultural traditions as well that have been steeped in patriarchy. This may mean that you have to leave your family because its traditional values are not based on who you authentically are. That takes us into Leo, which is the lioness and roaring and coming into your true empowerment and sovereignty, feeling safe, to shine, to be creative. As we step into Virgo, which has to do with the sacred, and the ritual, and the ceremonies, of bringing through our service of the medicine we carry to the great mother in a very earthy way through our everyday ritual and ceremonies.

Angel: Like washing the dishes, you Virgos.

Mikailah: Absolutely, yes. Being in the kitchen witch, I love it. You can have an epiphany, "Let's break down this old spiritual bullshit." You can have an epiphany, washing the dishes or cleaning the toilet or sweeping the floor. Let's bring it real. Let's create it in our everyday lives. This is where the magic exists. When we move into Libra, this is about meeting the Lilith energy and a true partnership that's based on equality.

Angel: Yes, absolutely.

Mikailah: Holding on to your own identity, that you meet another and it's honored and respected but there is equality and freedom. This is also the social activist in a situation that is unfair.

Angel: Another Aries sign, by the way, everybody. Yes, absolutely.

Mikailah: Exactly.

Angel: This is, I feel like, the art of relating, the intimacy, the romance, but the romance in a way that is social activism, which I really, really, really love about them.

Mikailah: Conscious relating, breaking down the old patriarchal systems around what a committed relationship looks like. We're moving through the elements here as well of fire, earth, water, air. Now, we come into the serpentine energy of Scorpio. This is the great transformer, regenerator, rebirther. This is where you hold the portals between life and death and rebirth.

You understand the darkness, you understand the shadow, you understand the witch and you celebrate in the darkness of all of this transformation. It's the deepest, deepest key into our psyche. As we move into Sagittarius, which is an amazing fire sign, this is the wall-free, gypsy spirited one, who feels safe and supported in this new Earth, this new humanity that we are creating by our conscious revolution that everybody's truth is important.

Angel: Yeah, the best of both worlds, the ability to be here and be there at the same time. They are just such a powerful sign. Really quickly, I feel like Sagittarius are one of those signs, by the way, all of us have every single sign in our chart, in case-- Let's just get that out of the way. Secondly, the difference between where you are born and what your whole chart is will absolutely affect. Not just that you're an Aquarius, for example, it's absolutely where's your Mercury, where's your moon, where's your this, Okay?

Thirdly, it's understanding that between, in terms of binaries, a man and a woman or imbalance and out of balance. For example, a woman in balance, a woman out of balance. This is why traditional astrology has been misrepresented because there is so much more to look at to paint the picture. What we're doing right now is moving through it in a way where you're like, "Yes, yes, yes. Recognize, recognize."

What I want to say about Sagittarius is one of those signs where I am particularly fascinated with the human design aspect of it and the whole picture of it. What I love is the imbalance and balance. Sagittarius is one of those people, as someone whose superpower's seeing the potential in someone. When Sagittarius does not fulfill their potential, the slippery slope of darkness this sign goes into, the all-talk-no-action, the depression, the erraticness, million ideas but doesn't do anything about it and how they miss the mark, it makes me feel sad because I know I can imagine how it would feel like to be of this world and not of this world and constantly caught between- and their sensitivity and trying to fit in, but not wanting to fit in but not knowing how to not fit in. It's one of those signs where there's a lot to it that makes me feel sad because when they're out of balance, it's really out of balance. If we take in something like Lilith and that backstory and that backbone and really having to reclaim it, the potential in Sagittarius is fucking huge. The things that they can do is fucking huge. Just make that distinction in the way you're listening to this and always have what I just said in the back of your head. My apologies, Mikailah. Go.

Mikailah: That's how I like to describe it is that there are so many different planetary energies in your chart and I will finish the zodiac, the last three signs in a moment. I personally work with finding your life purpose, which actually brings us into the Capricorn energy and you're so spot on.

Everybody has all of these energies in their chart, but some are more prominent than others. That's why I love being a star in which you are an Astro technician. I work with your star map to translate this for you. Capricorn is about your sacred purpose. Your place out in the world. What is important through your chosen passion? What calls you? Where do you need to step up? Then that takes us into Aquarius, which is very collective about let us never forget...

Angel: That's me, everybody. I'm an Aquarius.

Mikailah: This is the revolutionary, the awakener. Let us not forget how powerful it is to be an activist and really focus on how we can consciously bring through dreaming in the future. This is futuristic energy that we can all access. This is why it's so important. We honor the past, our ancestors, our foremothers. I honor the witches that I'm part of the sacred blood linear job. I know where I come from. I know my star seeding.

I know the medicine I carry, but I also work strongly with futuristic timekeepers that come through, that guide us to what do we need to do? What is it that we need to dream in to become to be for all future generations, for our children and for humanity? It's time to access that galactic cosmic information and then bring it through into our dreaming which is the water, the Pisces energy of the great mystical rounds where we all become back to source. Returning because we were separated. Apparently, we were cast out of the Garden of Eden. I don't think we ever fucking left to tell you the truth.

Angel: Motherfuckers. Do you know what we did? We went underground. We went on to the soil. Lilith became the buds and she became the earth and she became the roots and she bled and she cried and she fucked and she took it all back while nobody was watching. It might have taken a while and it might have been all the things but there is a resilience there that is absolutely remarkable.

Lilith is the original traumatized person, the original griever, the original widower, the original heretic. She is the one who is like, for me, the poster girl of post-traumatic growth of how do you become everything you are destined to be after being abused and persecuted and shit on and tormented. That's why it's so important to me is that the bringing of that energy into what it is we are is that we are all coming from broken places. From heartache, from stress, from clusterfucks of life, from misunderstanding. Once you realize that that is not your curse, but absolutely, your evolutionary and astrological invitation to step up into the cosmic revolution. It's powerful. Really, really powerful. If you were to tell me looking at the Lilith asteroid and all of that stuff, can you explain a little bit of how that works in the chart itself?

Mikailah: Absolutely. It's based on Demetra George's work. it's about the three placements of Lilith. Her asteroid, her dark moon which is a dust cloud and the Black Moon Lilith which is a potent energy vortex. These are not connected with the lunar moon. The lunar moon is considered Eve of the story. These three separate placements are to be interwoven together. Quite often, the themes reveal in your chart, a particular life event, or themes that have been playing out for you, which is just exactly what you've explained, Angel.

This is where we have to look at the wounding to bring through the deepest medicine that we carry. The asteroid relates to the maiden energy of when she uses her hand and steps up to the patriarchal which is Adam and says, "Fuck off." This is the first time you stood up in your life and you went, "You know what? Fuck off. It's not sitting right with me." Whatever the story is, whatever the thing, the dark moon Lilith is a dust cloud. They don't know if it exists or not.

This is representative in the story of when Lilith was apparently banished by the patriarchal fathers. She voluntarily chose to leave the community, her tribe because she would not subject yourself to someone else's values. She would not sacrifice her own truth. She is the ultimate witch that is dedicated to the great mother and to making the changes here on Earth. She went out into the desert. So the desert, the owl, the snake are all her medicines that she carries and the blood mysteries.

She went out into the desert. She would rather be by herself than live in a society where she is not free and liberated or even feel safe to exist in her form and her body. Then we have the resurrection with the Black Moon Lilith which is a powerful energy vortex as I've said. This is where we need to be aware of where there is a wounded theme with all of these three placements. They're all woven together. It could go back to your family of origin, to your upbringing. There might have been a religious or spiritual dogma or doctrine imposed upon you. Your early childhood education.

The educational institution has got a lot to answer for because it's making us into workers rather than being free-spirited, nonconformist entrepreneurs. It's not about the 9:00 to 5:00 grind but it's also breaking out of the strain and the toxicity that we carry in our bones. Quite often there could be karmic residue bleed through from other lifetimes, from other times and places. If you're open to that, I work with her and I bring in the fundamental story because we always need an anchor point, a grounding point to anchor it down. Then we open it up to let the intelligence come through and speak through us. Then we recognize where Lilith has always walked with us.

Where we've been exiled and banished at some point in our lives, she's always been there with us. She might have been in the shadows but that homecoming when you know that you weren't alone in those times is so potent. It brings us through. It’s for when we have cried, when we have lost babies, when we haven't had the births that we wanted. When we come as mothers. All of the stories.

Angel: You know what else she--

Mikailah: She's within all of us.

Angel: Sorry to interrupt you. It makes me want to cry because for real for me, I'm a really big speaker on all things. Loneliness is leadership and that you only earn the right to lead and change and trailblazer once you sit in the darkness of your loneliness. If there was ever a poster child for all of this discussion on the status quo, I've told you it's Lilith. Specifically, Lilith is the poster child for loneliness as the prerequisite to leading. This is a person who literally has been alone since the beginning of time. For you to be aware that that is with you in your darkest, loneliest moments, that is a massive epiphany and a massive curse breaker. Because every time I'm in the lowest parts of myself, where I feel like I'm bleeding and nobody sees me and I'm crying and nobody sees me and I'm in pain and nobody sees me and everything is hard and you go unnoticed, you almost go tortured by this, I think of Lilith, I think of all of the things. There are all these myths about her dancing with the devil and her and the devil being lovers and all of this kind of stuff that I'd love to go into because it really transformed, radically transformed my spirituality, my perception of good and bad, my perception of good and evil. My perception of religion, my clear understanding of how Lilith is the first woman in terms of historical writing that is still alive right now, that was erased from history. If you look at every ounce of literature or writing, anything, drawings, art that was created by a woman, it was destroyed. I'm talking about the temples, the libraries. You know about this.

Even recently, I went to London and I went on this incredible tour at the littlest museum of London or Scotland, I can't remember right now, but in it, they actually have this huge feminist tour. Where they actually show you everything single picture where women were physically erased and photoshopped out of the picture in major political situations, at the frontline of war, in negotiations. In all of these different scenarios, spoiler alert, this happens all the time, everybody. It's like every piece of history gets whitewashed by religion, by politics, by dogma. Understanding that Lilith was actually the very first person written into something that was erased is key.

Secondly, why astrology, many people are going to be like, "I don't believe in that," this is not something you believe in or not people. This isn't fucking Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. The study of the stars is something that has been literally around since Mesopotamian fucking times. We're talking about 25,000 years. Correct me if I'm wrong. This is not a discussion. Everything on this planet moves with the moon and the sun.

If you believe you are that special, that you are somehow exempt from this rule, then please, I will happily quash your arrogance in this very instant because the seeds, everything that is my womb, my blood, the way we live, the way we hibernate, the way we emerge, the way the flowers move, like the way the tides move, everything on this planet moves with the moon and moves with the sun. That is our vitality, our warmth, our energy and the things that call us back to the soil and back to the stars and have us reborn again.

It is important for you to understand that because prior to Catholicism and Christianity, this was something that was used in every single aspect. The acorn being emblematic of the third eye, all of the study of the stars, astrology was written into every single book as is why would we even argue with this? This is the truth.

When eventually- I can't remember his name. Timothy, something, I can't remember, he wrote something saying, he wanted to believe that the heavens belong to God. It was his propaganda thing to get everybody out of the heavens which were the astrologist, the astronomers, et cetera. He then said, "You are an imposter." This is where we see this trickle-on effect of astrologists being frauds, imposters and this kind of smearing campaign, very similar to midwives, very similar to all of the healers who knew how to do things, herbalists, et cetera. Which again, Lilith's territory.

Then we see this resurgence where the Pope himself created. it's the wisdom. In Italian, it's la Sapienza. He basically created a chair at the university in Rome specific to astrology. Yes, you heard me correct. Because he said it's impossible for us to ignore the third eye and the sky. You will see this all throughout even the Vatican, Catholicism over and over again. It's decorated in astrology and in the third eye.

Why is that important? Because for Christianity at the core nondenominational. For Catholicism, which is the most corrupt religion in the world, to see that even their astrology and the sky has been quantitated as religion because it's science, you cannot even argue it. It gives this conversation all the meat and potatoes it needs. This is not about understanding everything. It's about understanding that we literally are made of the same shit as the universe. We literally are made of 60 to 80% of water. If the moon literally and this sun and the galaxy and the solar system and the ocean, if everything moves within the gravitational pull of all of this, who the fuck do you think you are that you somehow do not have to be paying attention to what's going on?

If you're miserable and you're cynical and you're disgruntled, perhaps you should pay attention to the things you are fighting and that resistance and the way you're moving against it and where that imbalance is coming from and how you are being invited right now to call home, you know who you are. You're going to be listening to this podcast. Again, it's like, "Shit, that is me. Why aren't I listening to it?"

I'm sorry if an old school cosmopolitan ruined it for you when you would read these one-liners and thought that astrology was about compatibility. Fuck compatibility, fuck the nuclear construct, fuck the obsession with relationships. This is about medicine of self. Your relationship with self. There is no greater blueprint in the world to intimacy with who it is you are than what you are made of. Fact.

All of that rant to say that Lilith is the one that pulls you back into this, to be like you will not be erased, you will not be forgotten and you are not alone. When people like you, Mikailah, create bodies of work, obviously your predecessors and all the people you look up to and all the people you learn from, absolutely giving them credit, our ancestors, at this moment in time, 2019, you're having this conversation with me right here. I'm as Aquarius as it fucking gets. I'm an Aquarius, Virgo, Taurean. Surprise, surprise, anybody who understands natal charts and all of the stuff that's within me and all the big shit that's been happening in my life which is the evolutionary cycle, the rise up, the Scorpio calling me to rise up from the- going undercover and hiding for all of the ways I've been killed in history, all the ways I've been murdered, all the ways I've been- all this kind of stuff in every lifetime.

Mikailah is one of those people who steps out even though it's dangerous. Even though this message is scary, even though I know that this message is going to get me probably death threats or something like that and understanding that that's okay, because if we're in this together and we instead of relying only on Lilith to keep us company in the dark, we rise up together as light seekers and visionaries to hold each other in that space. There is no Boogeyman that can take us down.

It is a coming home to self and that self-love and self-ownership that is celestially dictated, that is a power that you don't even know you're sitting on right now. Really honoring you, Mikailah, and the work that you do, the fact that you're able to take the stars into things and be yourself authentically. God, I would love to read your chart. And all of the ways that you come into this and you do the work that you do even when you weren't recognized and weren't getting paid and you were called a quack, and your family said you're crazy and your lovers thought you were too much.

You, I know for a fact, have been in the place of loneliness for a long time because of that. Knowing that your mission and what it is that you want to share with this world and all the ways that you want to take a sledgehammer to this status quo is more important than any diluted triviality we make up in our human brain. You are Lilith incarnate in many, many, many, many ways. Very much honoring what it is you do. I would love to bring people to see your work. Can you tell them your website? How the hell do they reach you and how can they have you dance with the inside of their star map?

Mikailah: My website is I'd love to offer anybody that is connected with you a promotion. If they want to come to me, there's a link to work with me. They just need to put in the code angel. It's for new clients and they'll get a discount for coming to have their first session with me. My passion is about helping people understand in a really practical, down to earth way, what their gifts are, what their life purpose is, what their medicine is. Because I feel that if each of us wakens those seeds and we're running out of fucking time, so it's like, "Get your shit together people," because we need to work through our own stuff as well.

Just to actually have the inspiration of knowing or feeling a sense of why you are here and what medicine you may carry is really important and this is why the star map is important. Your soul chose this. We can make it cosmic and out there but we want to really ground it down and give you some tools and resources to work with. Also, it's a wonderful, wonderful timing tool.

I just want to say that Black Moon Lilith is in Pisces with Neptune at the moment. There's a lot of people out there that are feeling really despondent and lost and not knowing how to deal with these overwhelming feelings of despair. A lot of people don't want to be here. This is why it's important to come and have access to this ancient art, the sacred art, the original art to get a grasp on you chose this map. This is your contract. This is why you're here.

Angel: Yes, bitch, yes. Bitch, you chose this. You chose these people. I'd love to get you on regularly on to this podcast, and even maybe we could do a monthly thing where you come in and we do it like, "Wham bam. Thank you, ma'am," astrology kick-off," and I love this because Piscean out of balance is very despondent. The depression, they're literally drowning in their sorrows. When Pisces were created to swim in the abyss of the ocean and be fine with the darkness and make magic and mysticism out of that body of water, which by the way no one else in the zodiac can live in like them, it's so important because schools of fish, they're used to being together.

The loneliness that a Piscean feels when they're not in that school when they feel extra lonely, when the water element and the vessel of emotion is taking them over, for a Piscean and that huge big energy particularly with what was just described is so fucking key.

If you knew this, you wouldn't feel crazy, would you? Crazy is a word that we gave to women when they were hysterical and when they needed help or support and wanted to be loved. The more you know this stuff, the more you understand your map, the more you understand your strategy, it's like, "Shit. I'm actually feeling like this because it's a full moon, it's shedding light into the darkest places that I'm not ready to see right now because I feel really lonely, and there's a lot going around and how will I transend?" All of a sudden, you team that to your bleed and you're like, "That is exactly why. I'm actually not losing my mind." It's like a fog lifts.

So, having these timely conversations, seeking help, this is why for me the magic that is mine, again, astrology and oracle reading and intuition, this is not about telling the fucking future. This is about giving you a tool that you can use right now at this moment in time to know how big is your ego to believe that you are not affected by energy that is moving around you at any second of any day. When you harness it, and you work with it instead of trying to swim across the current, you're going to get swept under, and there ain't no Bondi Beach lifeguards who can pull you out of that shit. It's like, "Just go with it, make it work for you."

Thank you so much for this amazing chat, Mikailah. I cannot wait to have you back on. Thank you for your gift. Thank you for allowing you to be seen even though it is scary in the world.

Mikailah: No, it's not actually, it's not for me. This is what I want to say. It's really important to honor our lineage and our blood, but at the end of the day, my whole purpose is for you to awaken who you are authentically within yourself. That is beyond stories from the family, stories from lovers, like you said, whatever it is for us, it's about coming into who you are as an individual, and then offer your medicine out as an empowered being. I feel safe. I'm shining in this lifetime. There is no fear here because I'm a fucking witch, and I'm going to be here, and I'm not going anywhere. If anyone has a problem with it, that's their problem.

My connection with source, my connection with the great mother, with earth and the beings that I walk with, I'm not carrying that fear from persecution anymore. That was offered back many moons ago. My relationship with my blood is my relationship that keeps me really strong and empowered. That's why I'm passionate about, "Find your medicine people, find your tools, find your purpose, be okay with making mistakes." That's fucking life, that's humanity. We're okay. We've just got to keep moving forward and understanding that as humans, it's okay. We're okay.

Angel: It literally makes me want to cry because I think about how many times, how many people, how many times in history have we been destroyed. This is when I tell people, "Get the fuck out of your head. It's 2019, you have the internet, you have social media. There has never been a better time to be supported in your authentic expression, in your exploration of self." For me to know and I say this every episode, every person I speak to, it's like, "Thank fuck you exist because my kids get to grow up with this message. This is my legacy. This is what I leave my kids." It's like, "Keep going, keep going, keep going you can do it. You're seen. There's nothing to be scared of."

The more we create- how lucky are we that we have a digital collection of things that we can hide, that literally like the Trojan horse of every aspect of this is remarkable? It's like, "Okay, this is how we raise the vibration." We just keep going and we get bolder, and we get braver in each other's company.

That being said, Mikailah, I love you. Thank you so much for being here, it's a pleasure. I'll make sure this is all included in the show notes. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you did- duh, you did, please head on over to Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Leave a five-star rating, leave a review, this is the only way that I can rise the charts, get the social media value going and continue to be seen. I'm being totally honest with you. If I'm going to break the internet, I've got to break the internet by breaking the rules and sledgehammering those algorithms and I need your help to do that. So leave a comment, leave a review, head on over to my Instagram, I cannot wait to show you what's in store for next week's episode.

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