Bringing Humanity Back To The Human Experience

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We're moving towards a new reality. There is no question, no doubt and no excuses left. Yes, there is uncertainty. Yes, there are theories that need to be explored, begging to be uncovered, but why are we acting like complete assholes? Why are we only now paying attention to our elderly, and why am I not surprised that what I am witnessing is self-serving. 

You can do better than this. We can BE better than this. For too long we have been ignoring the two most vulnerable parts of society - babies and the elderly, and I need you to check in with yourself. What are your motives? What do you believe and how are you choosing to live right now. 

I choose to believe that feeling deeply and wholeheartedly is what is needed right now, and those feelings will be returned to me. Now is the time to show the world what you're made of. Now is your time to participate in the solution, instead of exacerbating the problem. 

Now is the time to be aware of how you pathologically consume fear, because perhaps fear is the only thing that makes you feel alive. Who benefits from you continuing to feel out of control and small?

This is an exciting time to be alive. It is time to bring humanity back to the human experience.



[2:38]  The current climate is giving you ample opportunity to reclaim your personal power and live out your definition of joy and success.  

[3:50] We’re moving rapidly towards an artificial intelligent society and forgetting what it means to be human. 

[5:30]  Why are we only NOW just starting to care for the elderly?  

[7:25] The elderly have ALWAYS been susceptible to upper and middle respiratory diseases.

[9:30] If the Corona virus was killing babies, it would be a pandemic overnight and the 1% minority in charge would not be able to mitigate the pandemonia.

[10:00]  80% of people who are contracting COVID19 have MILD SYMPTOMS at best, just like any flu.  

[11:10] We are perfectly primed to buy into the fear.

[12:00]  COVID19 isn’t the issue.  The lack of humanity is the issue and will be our demise.

[12:30]  The vast majority of the elderly are living in deep poverty.  They are the most economically vulnerable and have become a pawn for where society is moving towards.

  • The statistics on poverty and malnutrition in the over 60’s age bracket are mind blowing!
  • SO many elderly people are living way below the poverty line
  • They are shoved to the side and hidden in the shadows of society

[19:25]  The rest of the world is going into panic.

[22:55]  The 2017-2018 flu season resulted in 959,000 hospitalisations in the USA resulting in 61,099 deaths.  Who gave a fuck about that? At this point there are 8,000 deaths from Corona virus.

[23:58]  Sickness builds immunity.  If you are not getting sick, you’re not building immunity.

[24:39]  Fear, adrenaline and cortisol LOWER your immune system.

[25:18]  You are buying into marketing and fear and a culture that says “I need help”.

[27:03]  What discomfort are we leaning into to create freedom for those who come next?

[27:30]  What legacy are we leaving?  What culture are we creating?

[28:00]  This is an amazing opportunity to speak truth in the midst of fear and panic.

[28:30]  YOU can actively participate in re-writing a new paradigm.  This is the return of empathy and compassion, to the soul purpose. 

[29:03]  This is the rebirth.

[29:25]  Be responsible.  Are you moving us toward fear or away from it?

[30:18]  We need to lean into ourselves and ask what we’ve done to the earth. 

[31:30]  What about your inner health?  What are you feeding your mind?

[32:00]  Your words are the wand.  Be conscious of the energy you put into the world.

[34:38]  The universe is consistently providing everything that we need.

[35:15]  There is a way to return to vulnerability.

[36:10]  As trees, we have been severed from our roots.  

[37:07]  Our bodies are the antennae to release frequency into the world and be connected.

[38:46]  Ask yourself, how do we bring humanity back to the human experience?

[40:10]  You are a complicit hypocrite until you are willing to stop being part of the problem.

[42:00]  Choose to be fearless in a culture of fear.

[43:50]  You are the miracle.  Now is the time to show the world what you’re made of.



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