It's A Cosmic Level Up, Baby!

Posted by Angela Gallo on

Ooooo get ready people! We're heading into a huge mother of a cosmic level up whether you like it or not. We're right off the back of a Pisces New Moon and a Virgo Full Moon. This was the end of a cycle that was calling us to go inwards, know the depths of our oceans, learn to breathe underwater, dance with our intuition, dance with our instinct and express our most creative, embodied self. There has been so many shifts, so many changes, so many situations that have been out of our control over the past couple of weeks and I tell you what, I'm excited.

Now is not the time to be hiding away and living in fear, now is the time to take the potency of this next cosmic level up and use it to your advantage. Dive into the ideas that you've been putting off. It is once again, a rebirth into the next version of our world.

Get ready.


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