Leadership and Influence

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You and I both know that not everyone can be a leader. Not everyone is there at the front line demanding more, seeing more and being more. And that's totally okay. We're not all born to be leaders. We all have different strengths. You just need to be aware of what your strengths are and you need to be willing to explore them. To embody them. To feel them with every part of your soul.

So what does it take to be a leader? What does it mean to be a visionary and why do so many people seem to have such a problem with the word influence? I'm going to break it down for you here today. 

To be a successful leader, we must be living from a place of true conviction.  Otherwise, all we’re doing is being fake and egotistical. A true leader will be willing to go down the narrow path, the lonely road because it’s only in that place that we develop the discipline and character that is required of us.

If you're not willing to really explore yourself and your potential, you'll never know what you're capable of. Being a leader is hard. Having influence is hard, but for those that are born to do it - there really is no other way. 


  • [1:28]: What does influence and leadership mean for the visionary?
  • [2:14]: Apprehensions about being a leader
  • [4:30]: Being a leader at the front lines of your wellness instead of sitting on the sidelines
  • [5:30]: The beauty of stepping into your personal power 
  • [6:15]:  A visionary must be a leader
  • [7:16]: We must address the negative implications of the word “leader”
  • [8:24]: Conviction is found in the place where passion meets your sacral authority
  • [9:58]: Clarity and courage blossom when you operate in conviction
  • [11:47]: What is loneliness and why it’s a prerequisite for being a leader
  • [12:43]: A visionary knows what it is they need to do and they have to do it
  • [13:27]: The visionary is a heretic 
  • [15:00]: The discipline of a leader comes in the place of loneliness
  • [15:50]: Who you are when nobody is watching is everything
  • [17:00]: Why we have such a problem with the word “influence” 
  • [19:20]: The importance of remodelling the relationship we have with leadership and influence

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