Reclaiming Your Inner Witch with Sarah Borst

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What a freaking epic episode. Sarah brings us to the brinks of all things reclaiming the witch, disruptor and outlaw by commanding women, womxn and people with a uterus to come back home to themselves and take ownership of their unique magic. Her point? We all have the power to cast spells – and unless we harness that awareness, the world will keep burning us at the stake and dancing on the grave of our regret.

Sarah Borst is an Embodiment Doula supporting brave womxn & femmes in taking up radically unapologetic space, getting back in their bodies, reclaiming their power & birthing lives they feel on fire for.

Through her Femmepire, Blood, Bone & Honey she conjures up consciousness shifting self-love on the daily, disrupting the disempowered narrative of a broken, systemically oppressive, patriarchy. As an Artist, Witch & Energetic Practitioner she offers Feminist Boudoir, Conscious Visual Content Creation for the Boss Babe, Energetic Embodiment Sessions + Private Mentorships.


  • Turning past trauma into radical growth and rebirth
  • What it means to be an embodiment doula
  • The benefits of energetic cleansing
  • How hallucinogenics helped to clear the mind and create focus
  • Holding back your true self may cause your physical body to revolt
  • What does modern day witchcraft look like
  • Eating to support your gut and hormonal health





Angel: Hello everybody, it is me, Angela Gallo. You're tuning in to my podcast, Slaying the Status Quo in Total F-ing Style, an audio sensory feast that I have curated explicitly to celebrate every girl, woman and non-binary powerhouse impacting the world, changing their communities and doing a heap of good simply by showing up as their most expressed selves and challenging the status quo. Buckle up, hold on to your womb, your panties or whatever the hell it is you're wearing, including your birthday suit, because it's going to be one hell of a ride.

Oh yes, is everybody sitting down? Today, we have one fucking juicy, rich supreme guest, Ms. Sarah from Blood, Bone, and Honey. I have a lot to say about this chick. I have a lot to say about her because inviting her onto this show has been just something that I knew was going to happen when I first thought of this show a year ago because I could smell the potential and purpose emanating from this woman in ways that I could not even possibly articulate right now.

She has blossomed into the ripest purposeful peach you have most likely ever seen, and in a day and age where paradigms are cracking wide open, where people are really reclaiming that rich tradition, where people are reclaiming that healing modality within themselves that embodied energy. She has just been one of the bravest people I know commanding that space, speaking super openly about the occult, about her passion, about her sexuality, about the work she's done. Seeing her grow, has been an absolute pleasure. Now, I've only ever inter met her online. I've not seen her in person.

I am so excited to formally introduce her. Would everyone please give a big, resounding digital round of applause for Sarah from Blood, Bone and Honey, Sarah.

Sarah: I am just goofy smiling.

Angel: Like butterflies in your stomach, "Oh my God, I'm embarrassed, or, "Oh my God, that was wonderful." How are you feeling?

Sarah: Like oh my gosh, what an honor and what synchronicity. Everything in my life feels so deeply intentional. This moment with you just feels such a celebration. I am just basking in it.

Angel: I love it so much, and I could honestly tell you that out of the 11 or 12 people that I've met in the last 16 months in the dance of serendipity and synchronicity, which you know how much I love, you're definitely one of those people. It is such a joy to have you here. I invited you on to this show, Slaying the Status Quo in Style, because, again, in true testament to what it is I'm trying to achieve here, it is people who are breaking the rules to make their best work, and in the process, creating this butterfly effect of profound change everywhere they go.

I really feel like you're doing that simply by showing the fuck up as yourself. 

Could you possibly give my amazing lovely audience a rundown of who the hell it is you are, and why people should be listening and paying attention to you?

Sarah: Let me clear that throat chakra out. [chuckles] That's a huge thing of mine. If you've got to cough, cough. If you have to pee, pee. Do what you have to do to show up in your body.

Angel: I agree.

Sarah: With that said, I’m here living my life as a disruptor, as an activator, as a game changer, as a noisemaker on the very front lines of the revolution of the divine feminine. Through my work as an embodiment doula, which facilitates many healing modalities, I support brave women in taking up radically unapologetic space, getting back in their bodies and reclaiming their power.

Angel: You are based in Queens. I can imagine that the energy, the vibration, the fucking cluster fuck of beautiful/sad/chaotic of where you are has really tilted you, most likely, into some pretty confronting places. Can you really give us an idea of how you got from where you were to where you are now, and how the city in which you live in, the body in which you live in, the place in which you live in, the life in which you share with your partner, is really helping to bring all of that to fruition?

Sarah: It is all so incredibly divine. I've really come to terms with the consenting of my soul to everything that I have lived through, breathed through, bled through and loved through in this life as a part of this ultimate mission that I have. Essentially, I ended up in New York after grad school. I went to grad school at Duke and got my Master of Fine Arts in North Carolina. Prior to that, I had been in Savannah and grew up down south. I moved from the mountains and the big blue skies to New York.

My fiancee, huge fucking feminist herb witch in his own right, Max Buckner, who's living here in New York fighting for the plants and working in sustainable supply chains. When I finished grad school, we had been together for four or five years. It was time for us to create a homestead. I moved up to New York, got a job working for a very well-known photographer who I had actually studied in undergrad and grad school. That job was intensely intense. I had a high level of responsibility making huge sales to big museums at the upper echelon of the art world, meeting other people, New York Times, rich, rich upper left side, you name it. Almost a year into our time together after I closed a really big deal, this motherfucker put his mouth on my neck and then tried to kiss me on the lips. This was not my first time in this rodeo. I was like, "Nervous system, we have been here before, sexual assault, we know this well." I sat down in my chair. He asked me to stand back up, left the room laughing very inappropriately. I ended up quitting the job shortly after and lunged full into my fempire, which I already had in the works.

Essentially, for me, this was the very last instance in a cycle of abuse, where I finally was able to and had a safe space to stand up to this person, "I will not accept this. Here is my letter of resignation, effective immediately. Do not fucking call me." I walked out of the door and slammed it. No two weeks, nothing. Then literally the next day, I just full on launched. That was September. Crazy shit.

Angel: You know what, I also feel like you're completely understating all of which you have lived, and the ways that you have consequentially, and I mean beautifully grown from it, because I know for a fact how much, Sarah, you have gone through, and what a fight it has been to actually become who it is you are now by dealing with all of that trauma and that sexual assault.

What I would like for you to do, if possible, is explain, even just briefly, the ways in which you took the inner landscape of struggle, the feelings that your nervous system knew so well, and the ways you used that to catalyst into the embodiment that you work, preach and guide other women to use today?

Sarah: What a beautiful question. It's actually the first time that I'm speaking about this in a public space that's not my own, where I've actually energetically up-leveled into a new place in my consciousness, in my energetic abilities, in my psychic abilities, and my ability to hold space as a practitioner and an artist and an activist. This is a really beautiful moment to be able to feel into what place am I telling this story from now. I feel as if I am in a place right now where I am operating from my scar.

Angel: I am so proud of you, you have no idea. It just made my pussy and my womb tingle listening to you so poetically and so aptly describe that you are now operating from your scar and not the bleeding wound. If that is not a conscious embodiment, I don't even know what is. Sorry, you can go on.

Sarah: [laughs] It feels so resonant in my body to operate from that place. The bleeding wound produced this beautiful content that was so magnetic and really is what brought me to this place. When Trump was nominated to become president of the United States, there was a lot of synchronicity that happened in my life where a mentor that I had who had been abusing me for many years posted a status on Facebook, and around that time, Brock Turner, the rapist who the media referred to as the Stanford swimmer, that whole story had come out.

This mentor that I had wrote a post on Facebook sharing that he teaches his two young boys to be better, and, "We need to be better as men, and I'm voting for Hillary Clinton", so fucking hypocritically.

I saw all of these women comment on this post just telling him what a great man he was. I hadn't told anyone about the abuse I endured from him for years. At that moment when I saw that Facebook post, I went into my Facebook messages, I screenshotted about 50 messages that went between us over a few years. I sent them all to my partner, Max, and I was like, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you this, I was preparing for him to be so incredibly angry at me because all I had known at that point is when I share my truth, I get chastised." He responded and he said, "This is your story to share. Go out and share this." It was an actual moment in time when instead of cutting the limb off of my body and just numbing it and being like, "I know there's a wound there, but I just don't want to tend to it." I was like, "All right, let's fucking get in this bitch with the Collette Jala, we're about to throw this."

Angel: I always remember this. I remember you, actually because you're one of four friends that I have that have just done the most to huge evolutionary cycles this year in terms of revisiting trauma and actually not even revisiting it, but exhuming the body of the little girl that was slaughtered in that trauma, and breathing new life into her, and so romantically becoming one within yourself. I remember us having a conversation, and you're like, "I'm fucking scared. I don't know if I can do this and I should do this." Just a point of reference for the audience is that this is not easy work. This sounds so beautiful coming out of Sarah's mouth, but I remember this being a huge deal for you.

Sarah: Yes, so the first time this happened was in grad school. This moment in time was about three or four years ago, now, when I first was like, "Okay, I am making work about this." It ended up being my thesis project. It took me up until really getting in the face of this last abuser, and completing that cycle in the physical space to complete that for me. Healing is non-linear, and the cycle continues in other ways. A huge thing in my life is boundaries work. I really believe that's part of my soul's trajectory and my lesson here, not only for myself but a lot of clients that are drawn to me also specifically are working on their boundaries, both energetic and in the physical.

There was just this moment in time I was like, "Fuck this, I'm making work about it. I bled and I bled and I bled and I spoke all of this shit out of my mouth that had just been hiding in my body for years. I remember the first time I read my story to my Duke cohort, I fell to pieces. I literally collapsed on the floor in tears. It was like I have this thing within my body, this grieving just happened. I feel like my healing has been very active. I've been in my body as these things have happened, and my body has actually expressed through the healing, and I actually got a rash around my mouth that lasted for nine months, my second year at grad school. Literally, steroids wouldn't heal, Chinese medicine or Western medicine, all the herbs, all the diets. It was so crazy, and it was inflamed-

Angel: In nine months.

Sarah: -staph infection, nine fucking months. Then I'm standing in my mom's chiropractic office talking to these two women at the front desk that looked like Sabrina the Teenage Witch's aunts, and they are like, "Girl, you need an energetic clearing." I was like, "Okay," I already pull tarot. I've been a witch since I was eight. What do you mean? Like Reiki?" I just didn't really know how I felt about it at that point. The phone rings and this woman is on the phone, and her name is Fiona, and she's this brilliant British woman. I'm not even going to attempt her accent, but she's so eloquent and amazing. She said she needed to come into the practice. She just felt like she needed to come into the practice at that moment. They were like, "Oh, this is Fiona I was just telling you about her."

Literally, she comes into the practice about 15 minutes later, she walks right fucking up to me and she's like, "My name's Fiona." I was like, "My name is Sarah." She was like, "You need to do some boundaries work." Of course, first she asked for my consent, nobody should ever give energetic downloads without asking for consent. She asked for my consent, and then she was like, "You need boundaries where we need to work on your solar plexus. Come to my house tomorrow."

Angel: I'm feeling this from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Do you know how much it excites me? We're going to talk about this in a second, but when you're just in attunement, and you can see how each Domino stock works so closely. It's like it's comical. Like, "Hi, Fiona. You just happened to call. We were just happening to speak about you, wow."

Sarah: Yes. I go to her house the next day, and I go up into her treatment room, and we talk for like two hours because that's just like my MO. Essentially, I've been to traditional therapy twice, but essentially, I've just been in so many seats of energetic practitioners and herbalist and shamans, both people who are responsible with their medicine, medicine and irresponsible with their medicine. I've had my fair share of encounters, but this woman is so amazing. I shared my whole story with her. I really felt like I could tell her the things that I experienced in childhood that were really, really witchy and sort of woo woo and out of a lot of practitioners scope of practice.

She was like a bear with, me and it was so incredible to have that radically honest and intimate face held. Then I got on her table. She called in all the Reiki guides and the high holy angels and said that we work inside of a container of light and that we operate inside of that. She holds me inside of that, and I'd never done Reiki work. Meanwhile, I've doing Reiki work my whole fucking life, but I've never consciously been in the Reiki table. She puts her hand, not touching me, but hovering over my solar plexus, and there was just this immediate vibrational energy leaving.

I've always been very much so in my body, not as much as I am now, but I was in my body enough to immediately feel what was happening. She pulled this energy out, and as she did, she made this guttural sound in her throat that I can only describe as like a remembering of something. At that moment there was like a release from my body. This is like horror movie level like cray cray. My body shoots up, I scream at the top of my lungs, and-- You have screamed to the top your lungs. A lot of people have never screamed at the top of their lungs. I don't think I had until that moment, actually fucking screamed my face off, shook the walls of her house screamed, had a release, immediately started sobbing, look at her face, it was almost like drained of color. I could tell she had never done that level of work before in that way. I obviously had never been a participant in that kind of work, and it was just huge.

Two days later, let's destigmatize the shit, I had had mushrooms in my freezer for three years. Max was like, "You should take them." I was always so scared of doing them. I've always been so sensitive. It's not that I had a judgment around them or anything, just for my personal nervous system. I just didn't know how my body was going to react, but I had a dear friend in grad school who was like, "Let's just do them." Two days later, I took these mushrooms, and it becomes very clear to me that this rash is not a punishment. It's not a punishment for all of the sexual shame and trauma that I've lived through. It's not a reason that I should hide. This is not an excuse for me to be ashamed, and actually in fact, maybe it is just a clearing, and we can see it as that. I came to terms with that, and I was like, "Oh, wow, I thought that I deserved this. I had no idea that was consciously happening in my body, so glad I did these shrooms."

Then the next day, I try a course of antibiotics. This is literally like the fourth fucking time. Same antibiotics, I just happened to try them again. The rash is gone in three days.

Angel: I get it, that this kind of conversation is most likely challenging, confronting, perturbing, frightening, and I want you to really look deep within yourself, for those of you who are having this kind of reaction, and understand that you are most likely being triggered by the very thing in what you see within yourself, and that frightens you. Because we all have this level of insight, instinct, intuition. This is not something that's reserved for people like Sarah and I. This is not something that's reserved for the woo woo. I would also like everyone to understand here that I explicitly invited her on the show so that we could show you what it means to disrupt the paradigm that is so anti-woman knowing more than she should, that is so   going within herself and healing herself, that is so anti-woman not needing society or framework or patriarchy or misogyny to survive or to keep her safe, because that is challenging the status quo in such a way that allows women to reclaim power in a fucking huge way, and therefore change the world by changing their lives first.

When you experience this level of clarity within yourself, the scream can only be described as the vocal resonance that comes from the chains, the crack within your soul, the reverberation in the walls of everything that it is you are. It has nothing to do with mushrooms. It has nothing to do with anything else other than, "Okay, now I'm listening." A lot of us only go to that place when we're high. I did a ton of MDMA in my teenage years and early twenties because it's the only time that I felt that people were on my level. It's the only time that I felt like I could have emotional, deep conversations and connections with people where I didn't feel judged. I avoided mushrooms actually. I avoided all hallucinogenics because my imagination and my brain is so wide and wild and colorful, that I did not feel safe. My nervous system did not feel safe.

I remember it's just so funny, I'm listening to you speak about this, and you've taken me back to the exact moment that I decided to do with Salvia for the first time.

Sarah: Accidentally.

Angel: Have you every done that?

Sarah: When I was like 12.

Angel: It's legal. It's something that was totally legal at home. I remember we-- just a really quick segue to what it is I'm about to say. I got in the car in a snowstorm with my ex-boyfriend and my brother and we drove two hours to somewhere in the country, and we went to this flea market and we knew that they sold it there. It's like a movie. Imagine this. That was the three of us are sitting in this little Toyota Tercel, the snow's coming down, blanket. We're underneath a streetlight. It literally feels like a movie or like there is no world. There's nothing else that exists but us in this car. It's about five feet of snow, and we park, and I look to my ex-boyfriend and I'm like, "Hey, do you want to do it first, or should I do it?" I'm a very, very conscious drug user. I don't put things in my body because I know how voraciously I viscerally I react to them.

Twenty-year-old Andrew was like, "Okay, well, you do it first so I can see what happens to you, and then I can make a decision as to whether I should take it." We put the tiniest little amount, and he smokes it in the pipe. Within literally seven or eight seconds, he goes catatonic, opens the car door in the freezing weather. I will never forget this, he walks under this street light falls to his knees and just stays like this for maybe five minutes, and my brother and I are like, "What is going on?" "Is he going to die?" "What's happening?" "What is going on?" I'm thinking he's exaggerating. What is he doing? You're lying. Really? Inappropriate. Things to be saying to somebody traveling that dimension at 16, 17 years old. He comes out of it, and he did not remember a thing. This all happened in the span of five minutes.

I, in my ego, is like, "You're lying to me, and I'm going to prove that you're lying by, in fact, doing it myself." Now, what happens is the first spiritual experience I've had in my life, so he would've been 16 and I would've been 20. I'm sitting in this car. I take literally one little pull out of the little pipe thingy, and within, no shit, 10 seconds, my whole body turns into a debris of ten million butterflies being torn apart at the seams. I was weightless, and I felt like Origami and patch man paper, but romantically dismembered. I'm sitting in the car, and all of a sudden, I'm looking at a TV screen that is probably from the 50s, totally pixilated, hyperstatic, tears to fears starts playing, and it's like [singing]

I see a man and a woman, and they're pixelated, so they're static, and they're pulling me. They're asking me to come into the screen. What everyone is trying to say is, this is a high that lasts literally three minutes. I lived my whole lifetime in three minutes. I saw my whole life go by to the moment I live to the moment I died in three minutes. I seriously thought that I would never leave this place. I remember getting to the end of when I die, which was these people pulling me into the screen, and I was saying, "No, I'm not ready." They're like, "That's too bad, you need to come into this place." I remember saying like, "I will never ever be pulled into anything static." I thought that was so poetic. Because it was literal static on a television.

Then I felt the veins and the capillaries and the skin of my back start to get pulled in and become the thread into which everything that binds this world together, and apparently, out loud, I said this, and my brother told me this, "The blood that runs through me is the red threads that weave together the tapestry of life." This is what came out of my mouth at 20 years old. I became a tapestry at that moment. So much of the language that I've been using within the last years takes me back to that place, and that really profound moment of clarity of like, "This is the bigger picture." Which is hilarious because I was looking at a TV. Movies were literally called the big picture and how that fits into everything that happens next. I think it's so cool when people are brave enough to just have that conversation about psychedelic experiences or drugs or what comes to them when they're sleep deprived or when they're giving birth or when they're really unwell or when they have a near death experience.

Sarah: Yes. What did Brene Brown say in her amazing special? She said being braid is making the vulnerable choice when you don't know the outcome. I may have butchered that, but something like that. The funniest thing about all this shit is Max is listening to this right now. He would crack up because I'm perpetually sober. The fact that I'm talking about mushrooms on a podcast is hilarious.

Angel: This is me too, but it's important.

Sarah: It is.

Angel: It's important to have these conversations because it's our story. We can't be severing the parts of ourselves that look poised because at the end of the day, babe, you have nothing to prove and neither do I. Real life is about destigmatizing anything from sex work to drug use to tarot cards so that people who do it and do it responsibly are safe. It's really, really so important to have those conversations.

I did want to say as well, just tying back to the ways the body manifests illness, and the ways that the body will manifest things until you open your fucking eyes and your ears and are like, "Okay, yes, this is the work that I need to do." Did you find that a lot of this happened prior to you really leaning into your embodiment work, and would you say that you said at the beginning, "I cough and I pee and I do what I need to do now because I listen to my body". That's a stark contrast from likely this Sarah who had mouth chlamydia for like nine months gestating until she cleared her throat chakras.

Sarah: It's so real. I was 'fine'. My stomach hurt every day because I was holding back this inner roar, and I was constricting my food, and I literally hated my body. By all means, nobody could see what was going on with me. I've been through quite the trajectory with again, which is also something I'd never really talked about because it's still a very tender subject for me. Every time I go through any kind of energetic up level, my skin purges with me.

Angel: Oh my God, me too.

Sarah: I have so much to say about the scan and how it's connected to different parts of the body in the way that works together. Right now, in traditional Chinese face mapping, the area of my skin that purging is connected directly to my heart. Through reading my first online course, through planning a wedding, through healing family wounds and relationship wounds and redefining my friendships, and just getting radically honest in so many ways. That's the area of my skin connected to my organ and body and energetic system that purges.

It's just so interesting to watch that cycle and to be an observer. Then the other day I was walking around outside, and I'm always in a noticing witnessing state. Even if I go into a space of judgment, it's really easy for me to identify and move out of a place now. I was noticing that I was literally shrinking myself, which I don't tend to do. I had this stuff going on on my skin, and I didn't have makeup on, and I realized that there was something going on with my skin in the way that I continue to call this in. Then how when I'm out in public, it re-informs this opportunity for me to shame and shrink myself.

It's a really old pattern because my skin is looking whatever way and I'm out in public. It's a really tender spot for me If I'm feeling ashamed, then I have a channel in which to shame myself, and there's actually not a lot of places left in my life where I can shame myself. That particular narrative that continues to repeat because I came from a really, really big body dysmorphic place, and I was deep in the throes of Orthorexia for many years. I really can honestly fucking say I radically loved the shit out of my body. Rarely do I have something that comes up where that shame cycle is happening in my actual, in my stomach in my breasts in my legs in my butt and my thighs we're all of that attention used to direct when I was growing up.

In my twenties, it moved to my skin. That's something I'm personally really looking at, and just observing right now, which is so beautiful to have something to look at and learn through. What a lens?

Angel: What a lens? There is no greater lens to look at ourselves, to witness ourselves, to revere ourselves, to bear witness to everything that we are and everything we are unfolding, like the lens, the true lens, not the rose-colored lens, but the honest, respectful lens. Looking at yourself with that, it's just unreal. It makes you feel unstoppable, and boy does it give you a sense of respect for yourself too.

Sarah, if anybody follows you on Instagram, they're going to take very, very clear notice of the ways that you have just up leveled and shown up in a way that is sexually charged, sensually charged, just witchy and beautiful and empowered. Where did this come from? Was there something that happened recently that caused this kind of rebellion?

Sarah: I've been doing this since I was literally born onto this earth. I was born an actual outlaw. That's just my true nature. I wasn't like super popular, I would say, growing up. I was always socially acceptable, like a cute pretty blonde girl that's white in the south. Really, how outcast can you be? I would say that I had to mold and shape and do so many things to my personality in order to be palatable. As hard as I tried, it just didn't fucking work every single time. I eventually just submitted to the archetype of the slut because if I submitted to that, and I called myself that, and everyone knew that's what I was, then nobody could really touch me. That was always my MO. It was like do it before they say it, and that's why I protected myself. I was like, I love dick. I love boys. I love wearing crop tops. I grew up as a dancer in musical theater, dancing 19 hours a week. That was my life.

I had a lot of outlets for it, but I was still the slutty girl in dance class, because I had big hips, and because I spoke my mind. We see the archetypes of the slut, the witch, the goddess, the outlaw, the disruptor, all become very similar. I embodied that from a young age unconsciously. I would also say in like a high level of maybe like Pleiadian downloaded consciousness. I really began to explore that. Going to do Duke and being alone in grad school. Only having a few close friends was super-polarizing. 

I lived by myself for the first time. I was gifted my first tarot deck. I just got really real with myself, like screaming on the floor in the bathtub on my fucking knees calling out to the universe, really. It just continued to evolve, and I really think like the last [crosstalk] embodiment for this cycle that I just moved through, was my boss sexually assaulting me. This man that I had respected, and wrote papers on and was making a bomb salary working for. Every time I would go anywhere with him, everyone thought I was his fucking girlfriend or granddaughter versus like the curator of the show in Germany that the billionaires were at.

It was just really interesting, and looking this man in the eye who I so deeply respected, and had modeled a lot of my photographic work off of, and walking away from that job, with really no solid plan, nothing but actual faith and trust and the truth of my story pulsing through my actual body, that was it. If that is the vibration and the frequency I was operating into, I couldn't do anything but fall into a space that was in total fucking my neck.

Angel: I need to just really take a second here and just say how lucky we are in 2019, especially as white women, to be able to say, "Hey, I am an outlaw. I am a disruptor, and I am a witch, and I am a slut," from a place of ownership without being killed or stoned or burned or maimed, because this is something that, for example, our black sisters, our friends from marginalized communities, people living in underdeveloped places, places of conflict, places where witches are still being persecuted and burned, that I need to absolutely take a second to check in and be like we are fucking lucky. We are really lucky that we get to have this conversation and honor our true self because this is something that has been happening for a long time. Our persecution, the obliteration of our divinity, the obliteration of our holiness, the obliteration of our fertility, of our joy, I feel deep in my bones that I have been killed lifetime after lifetime after lifetime for being the heretic, for being the healer, for being the hermit, for being the magic, the sorceress, and I know that this is my lifetime to use my voice and get it right and create a platform where other people can also come into the fullest expression and potential of themselves, because many of us absolutely have that in our blood, in our bones, and the honey that comes from my pussy, which is so aptly what you're about, obviously.

Sarah: As you so eloquently stated, modern witch day hunts are still among us. As this white Christian conservative landscape continues to persecute women deemed as sexually promiscuous and dangerous and loud and liberal and feminist and whatever they want to fucking say, and it absolutely comes from, there is so much privilege involved in being able to vocally state I am a witch, I am disruptor, I can claim slut as my own, when so many women of color are actually not safe to do so in the same way. I think that's a very, very essential part of the conversation.

Angel: Exactly.

Sarah: I always don't identify as Wiccan. I think that there are a lot of problematic parts of Wiccan practice that either there are educated and not want to speak to, nor do I want to judge. It's just not something that I personally identify with, but I would say that I am in a space of exploration of what sort of non-denominational witchcraft looks like for me. Some days I'm a green witch, and some days I'm not. The beauty of witchcraft and this practice is that I don't feel like I have to pigeonhole myself into anything. I think that there's a lot of work to be done in colonizing witchcraft as a practice. I taught about witchcraft for the first time in this course I just finished, and it was really interesting to teach my medicine for the first time and realize that so much of my spell work has actually been just like straight downloaded. I work a lot with my guides and my angels and my ancestors and my body. I think that's a huge part of being in body.

Angel: I've known that I am a pure witch since I was born. I started leaning into it when I was 14. I got my first tarot deck, and it was so intense that I literally set the tarot deck on fire. I had spirits living in my house. This is not even something that a teenager could be equipped to handle. When I step back into my power this year, you start to realize that all of the ways that you are manifesting generator, all of the ways that the world is like, "Why does she get everything she wants? She's so lucky. She has a horseshoe shoved up her ass." You start to realize that you've been fucking spell casting your whole life and that your words are your wand. I also want everybody to understand that when we say Slaying The Status Quo in Style if you've seen Sarah, you know that she has her beautiful gold Cobra necklace, and she's lined in gold and she's dripping in gold and honey. She is just stepping into the thing. What everyone else calls witch, and remember, if you know anything about the history, I encourage all of you to look it up. Go to Jane Hardwick callings. Find what she speaks about. The very systematic destruction of women. The ways we basically created witchcraft to policewomen, their sexuality, their rebellion, their ways that they were like, "No, fuck you. I'm not following this religious regime. No, fuck you. I'm not letting you destroy the matrilineage." I write about it so much in my poetry.

Seriously, all it means is that a woman is a person who is in touch with their body and understands that from the inside out, they can create and die and be reborn and heal. Go find the berries that will heal their child. Go and care for the sick. Go on birth, and go in child rear. There is magic in all of us. This is critical because the sooner the woman or the person understands their richness, their power, the sooner we're going to be able to reclaim the space that has been taken from us that sucked this world sick plaguing, aching to be saved, aching for the spiral and that divinity to be injected back into it needs. If we keep showing up as the severed version of ourselves, we're not only depriving ourselves, but we're depriving the world of a world that is colorful, and engaged, and connected, and inclusive, and makes a room for the burstingness of everybody, including people like Sarah. Would you say that your relationship to your blood as well has played a big part in this?

Sarah: As someone who bleeds and has a cycle, really examine and witness the way that I had been engaging with food, was to, first of all, get real about gut health. Shout out to my BFF, Hannah, who is a gut health coach, and I'm always sharing her work. How that's connected to hormones, and in addition to that eating to support my cycle, really allowed me to get creative with food, and get some kitchen witchery up in this bitch. That's a huge part of my life. A lot of times, I will work with people who feel so out of body, and I'm like, "Girl, what's your blood sugar like?" The way that's intimately tied to the cycle.

Angel: Yes, yes. [laughs]

Sarah: It's like you're tired, and your blood sugar is all over the place. You get some fucking bone broth in your body. That is my ammo. That's me coming from a place of being vegan for many years, and I have a-- That's a whole other conversation.

In summary, I'm very connected to my cycle, and I'm also incredibly strict with my business schedule and the way that I opt into things and opt out of things based on where I'm at in my cycle. Because I know when I'm menstruating, I'm psychic as fuck, and I actually don't want to share that magic with other people. That's like me, myself and I time. That is something I'm really crying in big time. In addition to that, when ovulating, I'm like, "Balls to the wall, let's fucking dance." That's when you see me on the Instagram stories. It's like just in my body. The honoring of my cycle has been such a huge part of this.

Angel: Okay, let me just drop this here, everyone. Sarah is going to be facilitating many workshops at my radical resurgence retreat in Bali, Indonesia, February 2020. For those of you who do not know what this event is going to look like, it literally involves you coming to spend six days and never leave the same person you were ever again. You come as this little shy, slightly submissive, slightly meek, confused but enthusiastic bird, and I and my friends set you on flames, and you die and be reborn the Phoenix. This is the whole premise of this. When I look at what I've created with the masks we wear, I created this 13 step process on how to bring the dead or lackluster woman back to life. So much of what you have said, it's just what I discuss.

Everything that I've always done in the doula work that I didn't even realize was part of my healing capacity and modality like food. Speaking to people about what they're eating, how they're sleeping, what words they're using, what their inside narrative is, how I'm coaching them, how they're showing up in the world, is all of the magical things that we are. It's the ways that we can literally listen to our own body, learn all the lessons, and then bring those lessons to people who haven't yet been privy to having that kind of wisdom imparted on them. When you come to this retreat, people, let me tell you what a treat you are setting yourself up for, because if you want an immersive experience that is literally going to take you down to the abyss of the glory and gods and goddess of who it is you are, this is the fucking place to do it.

I can't even say too much because I'm not allowed to say it before the book comes out, but nothing on this planet exists like it. If you are looking for somewhere that is going to be lush and sexy and provide the nest for your ecstatic rebirth, it is going to be there. To know, Sarah, that you are going to be there, hearing you speak, knowing deep within me that this whole time I knew instinctually that you needed to be there, only knowing 7% of everything you are and what it is you are, I'm delighted like you are just the complete embodiment and reflection of what is going to transpire there, and that is bringing women and people back home to themselves. Giving them an opportunity to be reborn in a capacity where they are the fullest expression of themselves.

I also want to say that so much of the ways I've evolved with this is realizing that doula work is part of my magic. I'm not attached to concepts. I'm not attached to that kind of stuff, and I've said this repeatedly, especially because of my human design. I'm so fluid. What I've realized, though, is that doula work is so much about just being the shepherd, the chauffeur, the usher, the guide, the coach to a confidant, the best friend through that threshold, through these huge big practices.

I absolutely love that you are calling yourself an embodiment doula now, because when doulas start to realize that this isn't about being the good post-partum doula, being the good birth doula, being the good this doula. It's actually about being the wholeness in which you model for your client, your person, the individual you're serving to then imitate and implement so they can change their lives based on what you're modeling. When we actually start doing that as doulas, that's when we're going to see the greatest impact manifest from our work. I'm so happy to see you taking the reins on something, switching it up, remodeling that concept, and showing that actually the biggest service we could do to the people who work with us doulas, is to be the embodiment of ourselves, because then we give them the permission to be the embodiment of themselves.

When somebody takes up space in their body, you best believe that ain't nobody coming to infringe on that space.

Sarah: It's true, it's like, "What's your magic? Why are you trying to be like everyone else?" If you're trying to be like everyone, here's the real truth. You're not in your fucking body. That's it. What I've come to understand about light source energy versus dark source energy and shadow work, dark source energy, the way that we've been shown it through like horror films and all this shit, really, at the bottom of it, is like this anger expression. It so badly wants to be in the light that it possesses light bodies. That, to me, is such a beautiful concept.

Then perhaps that is undigested anger and grief and trauma. When we look at rape culture and the patriarchy, and we see people like Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh and all these motherfuckers, it's like, "Wow, what the fuck happened to you when you were a child? What is the trauma that you have survived and moved through and indoctrinated into your consciousness so now you behave in this way?" We have to go back to the mind-body nervous system level with this shit.

When you're in your body and you're representing as the goddess, as the witch, that vibrates out into every person in your life. This is where the radical accountability piece comes in, because the truth is, that so many fucking women voted Donald Trump into office. That is an epidemic. That is such a proven fact of how many people are out of body. When we get back in our bodies, people keep asking me, "What do we do about this abortion ban? What do we do? What do we do?" Why don't you start in your own mind decolonizing your mind, your thoughts, looking at your own internalized misogyny, the way that you speak to other women, the way that we have been so told that pro-life is the way. I would actually argue that pro-choice is pro-life. If you're not pro-choice, then you're not pro-life at all. You're pro-life or some kind of idea of life, that was, again, indoctrinated into you via the patriarchy.

Pro-life, that does not respect women. That does not give a shit about our bodies. The archetype of the witch, and the reclamation of that, and getting embodied, is direct activism against all of that thought.

Angel: When we look at the reclaiming of the witch and the reclaiming witch tradition, it is based on the three legs of a cauldron, and those three legs are activism and advocacy and activating change in the world, holistic well-being, being in attunement with who it is we are coming home to self, before we even attempt trying to fix the world as a distraction, and lastly, the ways that we weave the web of everything that is and could be and should be simply by outpouring our magic and our love and our intention into every fucking way we show up every single day. That is the reclaiming the witch tradition. 

Everything you just said is so beautifully echoing it, is that if people only understood that the issues in which they are losing themselves in, the self-perpetuating misery the ways that we self-prophesied and manifest every ounce of bitter bullshit in existence at this moment in time by avoiding the inner work, by distracting ourselves with hyper-aggressive conversations and the ways that we have to start with decolonizing ourselves, every cell of ourselves including the wallpaper of our room, nothing will ever change. Until people reclaim their magic, nothing will change.

The ways that we have, the world has, men have made you despise your magic, be repulsed by your magic, feel unsafe being in magic, because it did get us killed, and it got us raped and it got us assaulted and then had our children taken away, that was systematic. The rebellion is all about how are we taking that back. How are we taking our magic back? Don't talk to me about, not you, I'm saying the audience, don't come to me with, "This is woo woo," don't come to me with, "Oh my god, magic is terrible and God is going to hate us." No, this is about how are you showing up as one person on this planet who doesn't just sit there and complains about everything that's going wrong, who doesn't perpetuate the dramatic victim aggressor try out of doom, but who actually puts their fucking money where their mouth is, owns up to their magic and takes responsibility for it and does some good with it. That is Slaying The Status Quo in Style.

I feel such a deep immense gratitude to be existing within a body that recognizes its source and energy and power, because the feeling, the total exhilaration you get when you realize that you can feel with your hands, and that you can just like shape-shift, and the ways that you can make a love to someone with your eyes, and the ways that you can do so much more than that your eyelashes and charm a man towards doom, when it actually has to do with the fact that we are so powerful, we could change the world in a bat of an eyelid, in the blush of our cheeks, man, everything is going to change then. 

I could talk to you for literally forever, but I cannot, unfortunately. I want to just give you an opportunity right now to tell people where they can find you, how they can work with you?

Sarah: My Instagram is Blood, Bone & Honey. Again, I'm really identifying as an embodiment doula right now, and what I offer is embodiment services. Whether I am working with people in the one on one space in the energetic realm, in private sessions or I'm doing five-week private mentor-ships to really get these powerful brave women and goddesses that clock back in their bodies, or I'm working with them in the photographic space. I offer boudoir sessions strictly through a reclamation centered feminist lens. I worship the fuck out of all of my clients. My body is like actually shaking when I talk about that because I'm brought to my knees every single time and every single session in actual tears, and then I also offer conscious content for the boss babe. People who are really looking to level up in their business and get some photographic content made.

I'm just so excited about all of these offerings. I started working in the energetic space as a photographer, and doing energetic embodiment Reiki work through the boudoir sessions, and open that up into actual one on one energetic sessions. Now I'm taking this powerful women through five weeks, seven weeks, six months, mentorship containers, and it's just going to continue growing. I just launched my first online course, Nourish like a goddess, live like a witch, that is quickly going to become an actual Academy.

We just went through the first iteration, and the second iteration is coming up soon. From that course, I am so excited to start releasing so many digital products right up on the gram, which is my preferred method of sharing my magic and my art. People who want to get in their bodies and are so brave and ready to take up space, unapologetically, just love the fuck out of themselves at the root root level, pulling energy up from the center of the earth into your pussy, letting it vibrate through your body, extending it into the universe, and then calling the light back down through your body into the pussy back into the earth to give to Mother Earth. That's the work that I do. If you want to do that, come find me.

Angel: Enthralled, captivated, obsessed, all of the things, I want to let you know that Danielle and I are going to be running something called blood mysteries, magic, and mayhem. I am going to speak for Danielle, and when we say that we would absolutely love to have you come and speak and do this with us. If there's anybody listening, who's just really connecting and resonating with everything we discussed today, please do not hesitate to get in touch with her. Sarah is just such a force. Thank you so much for being here. What a fucking pleasure to know you to exist in this life with you and to rest assured that there is magic pulsating from your apartment in Queens that is going to change the world, thank you so much. Sarah.

Sarah: I'm so in my body and I'm so grateful, and I love you, and I respect you. I'm so appreciative of all of the work that you do, the way that you show up in such radical honest brave vulnerability, and you're changing the world, and what a fucking honor it is to do this dance with you.

Angel: If you have a body of work or mission, a message that has been founded on the basis of being the lone wolf and persisting in a state of conviction and passion and self-belief, and ruffling your feathers and breaking the rules, getting down with your bad stuff, I want to hear from you. Head on over to, or simply look below in the show notes, and there'll be a straight up link for you to get me your information. Get the world your inspiration.


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