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I've missed you so much and I feel like there is just too much to speak to you about after the incredible rebirth that I have gone through (yet again) after my recent Radical Resurgence Retreat in Bali. Amidst this so much has been happening in the backend of my business in the obliteration of systems and structures that were not supporting me and all the money that was being used in ways that was not serving me, or my business to its full potential. Today's episode is more about the solution to my problem than the bandaid to the bullshit.

On the podcast today, I'm bringing the fiery truth teller and financial wing woman Coraline Dufroux back on to spout some wisdom. I recently put together an incredibly sexy offering called The Entourage Experience. This experience made it possible for one person to follow me around the world for six to twelve months to learn my business, gain visibility for their own pursuits and be involved with everything that I do. Coraline contacted me about taking up this offering and my head exploded. Of COURSE she would be the one. Of COURSE.

I'm so excited to shatter your money beliefs this year with the help of Coraline. This woman is a wealth of knowledge, experience and we're going to be doing podcast episodes, videos, instagram lives, speaking gigs and literally anything else we can think of to get this message out to you.

Break up with your limiting money beliefs and get ready for a wild twelve months.


Angel Phoenix Arsenal: Hey. It's me, your girl, Angel Phoenix, previously known as Angela Gallo, and you are tuning in to a long-overdue episode of Slaying The Status Quo In Total Style. Oh, I've missed you, guys. I've missed you a lot. I feel like there's so much to speak to you about, but that will take me at least another 97 episodes. We'll just start with the first 4% of it, and this kicks off on the catalyst that has been off the back of my radical resurgence retreat in Bali where I held a gigantic Phoenix-flavored ashtray for a group of women navigating their breakdowns and their breakthroughs, and, well, hosting their own funerals in order to meet the face of their greatest potential at the cusp of their rebirth.

It was nothing short of transcending. Amidst this, so much has been happening in the back end of my business in the obliterations of systems and structures that were not supporting me in the cold, hard facts of money, money, money that Capricorn season highlighted. All I'm going to say is that today's episode is going to be more about the solution to my problem, then the band-aid to the bullshit and an amazing human being, an amazingly talented human being who spits truths and works cash like a stripper works the pole, like an astronaut works the rocket ship, as Nikola Tesla plays with electricity.

She is a one-stop-shop. You have seen her before. She's been on my podcast, Coraline Dufroux, through my financial wing woman, and I want to bring her on again because all of you all might have heard that I put out this super sexy offer called The Entourage Experience. It was me offering someone the opportunity to travel by my side for 6 to 12 months where they could observe my business head to toe and really become a part of what it is I do in the shadow, and then basically take everything they can from that opportunity to grow their own businesses.

Well, when I put up that offer, Coraline wrote to me and was like-- and she'll tell you for herself. She's like, "I don't even know. I didn't think you were going to answer me." She sent through an application, and the moment I saw that application comes through with her name in the peak of clusterfuck Capricorn season, in the midst of all of the inadequacies being really ruthlessly highlighted, shall we say, by all of the money gods, her email came through. My full body truly reacted to that.

I was like, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, so happy, so happy, so happy." I wrote to her, and I want to say that the email that I responded to her with was something like, “Are you kidding?” I didn't even use the words that were like, "Cool. Great, let's chat." I just knew that I needed her here. This is what has transpired. Coraline, financial wing-woman money witch has now been knighted into the chaos of Angel Phoenix's world as the official winner Badass Bitch Bursary winner for my entourage experience.

She is the person. She is going to be following me around the world for 12 months, guys. She's going to be everywhere I am. She will be on the podcast, on my Instagram, on my YouTube, in my pocket. All the places that I'm creating content, she will be, and I'm really excited because I know that she's going to change my life and the way my business works. I know that she's going to change the way your life works. I know that she is going to be the best possible alliance humanly possible. I said possible twice.

I'm clearly excited and what with all the possibilities. She is going to be the person that's going to help me to create the level of financial literacy and financial freedom that I envisioned for women worldwide because when it comes to tackling disparities in the economic climate for people with pussies and wombs and whether you're a queer or you're a fem, or you're cis-woman or you're woman or you're trans, you're assigned female at birth, "No matter what it is that you are or where you fit in on that spectrum or what you consider yourself, you are part of a really obvious, marginalized, disenfranchised other community because women and money do not mix in a misogynistic, patriarchal world.

It doesn't. We might let you believe that you have a choice. We might let you believe that you are in control of your money. We might let you believe that you're supported, but the truth is that you're not to the extent that you believe. What Coraline has taught me as my friend over the last few years when she shows her remarkable stories and I cannot help but be fucking blown away at her resilience, and her cleverness, and what she knows about the ninja realities of money, and then the actual political government level logistics of money, I know that in all things, it's the spirit of the billionaire babes club, and in all things, a spirit of getting more money in the hands of good people.

She couldn't have been better placed to fill this position, and I couldn't have found someone that was more appropriate for this role. I'm just so excited to introduce you to her.

I watched her in Bali speak to my students at this retreat and just watching her step into this power and this feistiness. I felt like I was looking at myself and noticing that when it comes to the ways we love ourselves and the ways we take ownership of ourselves, and the ways that we self-actualise, it's so critical that we take a cold hard look at our relationships with money versus our credit rating because that will say a lot more about the ways we're stuck than our credit rating will or our debt fears or all the other shit.

Without going off into a thousand million tangents about how excited I am to have Coraline Dufroux, financial wing woman and money witch, a part of this ream and vision that I have. Here she is, Coraline.

Coraline Dufroux: Hello, everyone. Oh, my goodness gracious. I'm not quite sure what version you're getting today, but I know I'm definitely not a version one or two or three after Bali, that's for sure. Thanks for that, Angel. I just don't even know where to start, guys. I am so excited to be-- it's actually an understatement when Angel replied to my email. I sent it like she said, and I actually had no expectations. When she said, "Hey, let's do this." I was like, "Oh crap." I didn't really think about it.

I've got this year planned and I got to change a few things around so we could make this happen, so much so that I've cancelled a four-week stint in Europe next month. Yes, I'm really excited. I can't wait to meet you all, and I've got so much epic stuff to share with you, guys. Like Angel said, I'm starting to speak a lot more openly about what I'm doing, what I have been doing, and what I want to share.

My biggest mission is to see women just wealthy as fuck, really, and I want women to be able to rely on themselves and not rely on anyone else for money for living their life. Whether that's a man or that's the government or whatever it is that you are relying on, I want you to be able to rely on yourself for money. I want to share with you everything that I've studied over the last 15 years, why I love money and why I want you to also love money, because like Angel always says, money in the hands of good people will change the world.

I want you guys to feel that, and I want you to know that you can have that too and you can be that person too. You don't have to be me. You don't have to be Angel. You don't have to be Jeff Bezos. You can just be that person that has all the money that you want. What that looks like for you will be different than it will be for me.

Angel: You know what, Coraline? This is the thing, right? I really believe that with all the messages that come through on this podcast, with all the messages that have come through on the Instagram community, which is hella thriving, by the way. If you all are not following my Instagram and not participating, what are you doing? You give me life. The conversations happening there, particularly when you and I do a Live and have these really candid off the cuff conversations about cash.

It's so obvious that money is directly related to every single issue that these people are experiencing. We've spoken about this so often like this bullshit about money doesn't buy happiness. It's fucking bullshit. It's like this lie that we feed you so that you don't desire anything beyond what it is you have to make you extra-compliant and to make you feel more self-righteous in your poverty, and therefore, more addicted to your poverty.

Money does buy happiness because it gives you freedom, and freedom is the fucking way to happiness. Particularly in Australia, where financial abuse is the number one form of silent abuse, in a world where it is so dominated by corruption and greed and systems that are so patriarchy top-heavy and male-dominated. I know that the only way to liberate society and liberate their minds is by giving them real-time information on where and how money fits into this and why money talks, and why if you don't have money, you have no voice, and why as women if you don't have cash, you don't have any choice.

For me, it was so obvious to get you in on this because that's the missing piece. I have always felt this way. I've always said this, that money and social media are the two secret weapons that are going to absolutely catapult the paradigm shift that we are seeing, particularly in terms of the non-gender feminine and masculine, this integration of all parts and the way the future looks for me.

Money and social media are going to be a part of that. They are going to be the vehicles that we use to get there. It's super exciting to be able to speak to someone like you who just gets it. We were talking about this as well at the Bali retreat, how it's at a point now where we don't want to be in spaces where we're the smartest person anymore, or where we know the most in that space.

What I love about you is that I really, truly feel like you have so much to teach me, and that was the biggest factor. I was like, "Well, great, because you're going to teach me how to hide, and I'm going to teach you how to be seen." It's super-poetic. I'm sure, that's the baseline of it. It's cool that I get to have known inner circle and someone who's going to be around me all the time that I know for a fact, it is so much better with cash than me, so much smarter with money.

That really, really turns me on. If I'm going to be affected that way, I know that the rest of my audience will. Actually, one of the coolest things that Coraline and I will be doing because, buckle up people, there's going to be a lot of cool shit coming from us, is that I'm going to be Coraline's case study. Influencer, celebrity, public profile case study. What we're going to do is we're going to transparently showcase where my business is at right now like I always have, except now, we're going to steroid it up.

Coraline and I are going to discuss everything that we do to activate and scale and whatever it might be in full transparency so that from here to the end of the year, I become the walking, talking results of how magical this woman is and how fucking clever she is. Really keep your eyes peeled on that. It's going to be a ton of content, brainstorm sessions.

Pinky And The Brain-level stuff in the boardroom, on YouTube, in the podcast, on Instagram and beyond because I want you all to really truly understand the mechanics and organics of what it means to be using money from a really activated, centred room space while meeting that edge in that flame of the masculinity, which I really, really, really know in my guts Coraline is going to be able to bring to the table.

Coraline: I also want to say to the audience that money is a taboo topic. Hopefully, by this time next year, you will all be so comfortable with it that you won't feel uncomfortable or you won't want to run away from your own body every time we talk about money. What I truly love about money is exactly like what Angel said, it does bring you happiness, it does give you freedom, it does give you a sense of choice that you probably don't have today.

The biggest thing that money brings you that no one really talks about is the fact that every time you break a new ceiling, whether it be in terms of how much you're saving, how much you're earning, how much you're investing, how much you're bringing back into your bank account, you have to become a new version of yourself. This is how millionaires and billionaires do it. There is no secret. The secrets are within yourself.

Every time I work with my clients one on one, we don't talk about what they need to do about the money because you have all the tools. You just need to go to Google and say, "How do I save? What's a P&L? What do I do when I have a tax bill? How do I manage my finances?" You can find all of those things. Of course, I have my own tweaks and what works and how I do it. [chuckles] It's working. The biggest thing that we work on is what is holding us back.

These beliefs that we have taken on by other people that are stopping us from going beyond what we know. For every one that I work with, it is something that has happened to us as a kid. It is something that has been told to us as a child that we held onto. That is stopping us from accumulating the wealth that we truly want. That is stopping us from accumulating the success that we want, the choice and the freedom.

It is not because money doesn't come to you easily. It is not because money doesn't grow on trees. It is not any of those things. You speak to anyone who has accumulated money, and it is about doing the internal work. It is about getting fucking uncomfortable with everything that is in your body. Yes, you might say, "Old Mike's making millions and I know that he's not happy," but remember that for some people, accumulating money is going to be easy, but there's going to be other areas in their life that they're not happy with. For you, if money is the issue, you are not addressing the core issue which is within your body, which is something that you've stored. We are going to be exploring that over the next problem.

Angel: Hell, yes. It's that thing where we have been conditioned to hate money, hate our body, hate other women. All of these things have been instilled in us that need to be unlearned before we can actually achieve the level of self-actualization that changes the world from an "I feel feminine". I don't think people understand how necessary the internal work is to that process. Until you actually work on the shit on the inside, your bank account, you might see there's some dollars change and money comes and money goes, but it still will never feel the way you want it to feel.

That's much like when it comes to healing or sexuality or getting our branding on point, it has to be internal work-based. People get lost as well in these concepts of manifesting. People get lost in these concepts of hacks and strategies. I want everybody to know that that's not what Coraline is going to be discussing. It is absolutely going to be internal work-based. It's going to be etheric and holistic and badass and boss, and Ninjaville.

It's going to be presented to you in such a way that you can action it at home, but also that you can be inspired. Try not to feel overwhelmed. This is not something that's only going to benefit squagillionaires, this is going to be the kind of medicine that allows people stuck in scarcity mode who are addicted to the struggle and sufferings to begin to wrap their head around a reality that feels like the billionaire-bait mentality.

That begins to taste like a reality that they could possibly live in where scarcity turns to abundance. That's what we're trying to create here, an energetic container that allows people to no longer be overwhelmed by this process, no longer hate money, no longer hate their body, no longer hate other women, no longer hate their freedom. That's exactly the direction that we're going in here. Something Coraline did this weekend-- sorry, last week. Who the hell knows what day it is anymore? I'm not sure.

She took out some cash for people to see, to really just see in their hands and interact with. The look on people's faces who had never ever touched money like this, who had never seen it, smelled it, and you could see these limiting beliefs fall to the floor. You could see new levels created, new goals churning within their minds. Because we can't put stacks of cash in everyone's hands who listens to the podcast, although I would love that, we want to create the level of content that makes you feel the same way, that anything is possible, that nothing is out of reach, and that there are wads of cash available to you if you believe that they exist, and you deserve them.

Coraline: Guys, I'm going through this every single day. This is something every time I hit a new ceiling, I'm going deeper into my body, I'm unlocking all of the things, and so is Angel. You don't just do it a couple of times and then that's it. That's why I love money because it pushes me to understand who I am more, to be more me. The things I obliterated in Bali, I've been holding on to them for years, and I've been wanting to get rid of them for years, but I had to excavate so much other shit before I got to the core of those particular issues.

That will help me get to the next level. After I reach that next level and it becomes a comfort zone, then comes the next level. It's like when we were kids and we played Mario Brothers or whatever it was called. We did the stages over and over again, and then it got comfortable, and we got to the next level, and it's exactly the same thing. It's like exercising. It's like doing a triathlon or an Iron Man. This is the same thing, the same concept but with money, and it never stops.

I want you all to know that just because you get that $10,000 in your bank account or that $10,000 turnover a month, nothing will change for you. If you are expecting your life to change when money comes into your life, then that is the wrong way to think about money. Money is your friend. When a friend comes into your life, yes, they might change temporarily because it's the honeymoon period, but then it becomes normal to have them in your life.

It's the same thing with money. Then, you get used to it and then you become complacent, and then you start to sabotage. Instead of sabotaging, I want you all to really dig deeper within yourselves so that instead of sabotaging, you hit your next ceiling and you go through it.

Angel: Do you know how exciting it is to think about how many minds are going to be blown with the content and conversations and speaking we do this year around the world, and how this may very well be the thing-- like this might be the fucking catalyst for money to finally change for leverage, for us to have more leverage, for us to have more opportunities, for us to do really really big things, and how the economy moves, and how many more opportunities we can create, how much money we can raise.

It just really, really lights me up, and it makes my vag cry, and it makes my eyeballs leak, and I'm so honoured to have you be a part of this. We are going to leave this mini-episode at this. What you need to know is you're going to be seeing Coraline all over the place, on my Instagram. Whether that's in the static feed, in the stories, in the TV, you're going to be seeing her in the YouTube channel which is launching soon. Y'all better get ready to see my mug.

She's also going to be at the events that I'm speaking at all year round, whether that is in Melbourne locally at the BBC, or it is nationally or internationally. She's going to be in Los Angeles on the 21st at my own event. She's going to be speaking there, so all you lucky boos who are planning on coming to the LA event, if you haven't got a ticket yet, please, please, please do so. I'll try and get Brianna to push this episode out soon.

I think I have six tickets left until the event is sold out. Coraline will be speaking there. Then, she's going to be making her way essentially everywhere we go. We're going to be recording some stuff. We are launching a mini-course, like mini video course for all of you. I just can't wait to share it. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, and I feel so lucky to have found a friend who just understands money in the ways that I do, who does not make me feel shitty about making money my religion, who understands my work ethic, and who models the kind of resilience that I want to present to my children.

Coraline: Thank you so much. It's an honour as well. To be able to share the space that you've cultivated for the last seven years and to have you allow me to share that, it means a lot. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Angel. I just can't wait to meet you all face-to-face and over YouTube.

Angel: Let's fuck it up. Money, money, money, money, money. Coraline, if people want to find you, how can they go ahead and find you?

Coraline: On Instagram, Coraline, C-O-R-A-L-I-N-E, Dufroux, D-U-F-R-O-U-X, and also on Facebook. I have a website launching shortly, the same

Angel: Amazing. Of course, on the new website which the amazing Brianna from Bamby Media and her team are creating there will be a "People I Love" section. That's going to have a direct link to Coraline. Otherwise, just find her on my Instagram page, Keep your eyes peeled for all things hot, money, cash, money [chuckles]. See you guys soon.

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