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Sick of paying people who don’t deliver on what they say they’re going to do? So is Angel and she’s going to call you out on it Every. Damn. Time.

After a powerful one-day masterclass Angel lead recently in Brisbane that focused on fear, she felt compelled to jump onto Instagram Live and share some deep and dirty truths about working with creatives, the bullshit we’ve been told as children, and the ways in which anxieties and fears are holding us all back from being full on boss babes.

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  • Committing to your clients fully
  • Communicating when you’re not able to deliver on time
  • It is a waste of time and money to be dealing with unreliable people in your business
  • Be ruthless with who you choose to work with and work for you
  • If you’re not seeing results and growth in your business, that’s on you. No excuses
  • To be a good business person, confidence is key
  • To show up in the world energetically, confidence is key
  • Confidence is basically the bomb
  • All the ways in which fear is holding us back from discovering our true potential
  • The stories we were fed as children have a lasting impact on us as a society
  • The benefits and necessity of discovering and working within your shadow energy


Angel: Hello everybody, it is me Angela Gallo and you are tuning into my podcast Slaying The Status Quo in Total Fucking Style. An audio sensory feast that I have curated explicitly to celebrate every girl, woman, and non-binary powerhouse impacting the world, changing their communities and doing a heap of good simply by showing up as their most expressed selves and challenging the status quo. So buckle up, hold on to your womb, your panties or whatever the hell it is you’re wearing including your birthday suit because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Hello, hello, hello. I just had a fucking brilliant conversation with Erica and I just needed to fucking word vomit all of this conversation with you because it is something that is lying so incredibly heavy on my heart in a way that is very like I’m fucking annoyed. I’m annoyed.

I am super massively annoyed with people that you entrust to provide a service or a product or an energy or something, who lack complete and utter fucking confidence in themselves and who are unable to communicate properly. It literally blows my goddamn mind how many people do not believe that working on their self-worth and their confidence in self and their ability to communicate as a critical component of the delivery of said proposed product or fucking service or anything. Why?

Because in my five years of scaling and literally dropping coin that I do not have to waste. I cannot tell you the number of times that I am just simply not communicated with, where people’s personal weird drama infiltrates into what it is they’re supposed to create for me. When people’s weird relationships with money drop into what they’re supposed to create for me or with me.

When people are unreliable when they are not who they say they are. When they do not show up. I need people who are more confident than me smarter than me, fucking radder than me, who’ve got their shit together, who are excited about the work they’re creating, who are certain in the work that they are creating. Because when you hire people who say that they are the thing you know, “I can offer you this because I’m the person to help you,” and they’re just saying it strictly because they have an agenda because they want to make the goddamn coin.

They’re just really telling you anything that you want to hear because that means you’re going to hire them. And then when it comes to actually delivering it doesn’t get done. It’s actually fucking exhausting. Yes! What Gabby just said, the amazing Gabrielle Rose, “We need babes on their A-game”. It is actually the most draining, emotionally exhausting thing. Erika and I were just discussing like when people hire me to deliver a product or a course or anything, it is actually frustrating and embarrassing and annoying for me when I have to continuously put delays on things, or I’m not able to show up, or can’t get to the event, or my event cancels at the last minute and my staff have to suffer. That person, all they had to do or say was, “Sorry I can’t actually deliver this for you,” or “Sorry I can only deliver it in 10 months,” or “Sorry I can only make this happen for you in six weeks,” or “Sorry I’m not the person for you”.

This has literally happened to me I want to say close to a dozen times over five years, and every single time I’m like, “Okay I’m going to make sure that the next time around I communicate more effectively and I vocalize my needs, and I vocalize how assertive I am, or this is going to happen again”. And lo and behold it happens again and again.

I guess my message here for you right now is a if you’re a freelancer or a creative person and you are complaining that creatives and artists are not respected and supported etc etc.. Can you please fucking start showing up like a bodacious babe professional who knows their worth, is confident and shows up, and delivers their A game, so that people can actually a) pay you and b) you can actually rise up the standard, and the reputation, and the ways you can pioneer a fucking drastic change in the ways that creatives and freelancers and artists are seen and respected and supported simply by actually showing up.

It’s very, very, very difficult when every single person regardless of how much I love you has a reason for a delay. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and how much I love you and how much I respect you. This is my business. This is my business. I cannot afford to go down in flames or not get shit done or have to literally carry the anxiety and the emotional labor of a thousand fifteen conversations from people who don’t give a fuck about your delays because they don’t even know about you and they shouldn’t.

My clients, my people, my students they shouldn’t give a fuck about that kind of stuff and like the exhaustingness of whether I’m renting a venue and they’re not who they say they are and they don’t deliver on what they told me they would deliver, and then the people that told me they were going to do something are fucking insecure and uncommunicative and socially awkward. And then I hired some other person and they fall short.

You don’t understand how exhausting it is for me to continuously have to deal with this. When I met Rachelle and Rachel and Brianna from Bamby Media this year it actually blew my mind that I had finally met people who say they’re going to do something and do it. And not even just that, but who blow my fucking mind because they’re smarter than me, they’re more organized, they’re brilliant, they bring their A game. They’re like, “Angela you could do this and this would be better. We could be changing this and this would be so much more refined. We could streamline this process”. Let me just take the initiative. Let me do things without you needing to give me instructions. Let me use my brain and see how I could perform and have a fucking great time doing it and deliver something that’s exponentially powerful so Angela wants to refer me to every single person she knows. So Angela wants to talk about me. So Angela wants to be like well, “Jesus Christ this person changed my life”.

If you do not show up as a confident person who’s delivering stellar work and then you are going and hiring coaches and people to help you make money. Dude the problem is not anything else but the fact that you need to go really deep within yourself and understand that this is something that needs to change within this industry, because people like Erika and I are suffering and people like you are suffering and it’s not cool.

I am a creative artist who is sickly ambitious and I have a brain that is always going and a heart that is always thinking, and a soul that is always weaving something. The next big thing. The next big fucking tapestry of magic and whatever it is and I make sure that I operate always within the container that feels right for me which is when I’m inspired, when I don’t feel forced, when I’m not in a scarcity mindset. It’s a responsible share of energy and love and light in order for me to be in a state of unlimited receivership and sending versus an irresponsible use of energy which means that I’m just pissing off a bunch of fucking people in the process and I’m not delivering et cetera et cetera et cetera.

I made a career out of confronting people. That’s okay. If you’re a creative person or an artist, or freelancer who is supposed to deliver on something it is not your job to be confronting people. People are not paying you to confront them. People are paying you to deliver. And when I can’t pay my bills or I can’t pay invoices or I can’t show up because of this stuff it’s exhausting. And the other thing is I don’t even want to get in an Uber with an Uber driver who is isn’t confident.

I don’t want to go to literally a restaurant where the chef is not confident in themselves because I will taste that in the food. I don’t want to hire an artist who is not confident because that is going to show in that interaction is going to be energetically fucking draining. I don’t want to hire anybody who is not confident in themselves and knows that their work is stellar because that will absolutely bleed into me in the same way where when I have sex or make love to a person who is not at the self-actualization that I want them to be, or would love for them to be they actually leech parts of me out through my pussy into them like fucking little energy leeches that I can’t afford to lose.

And so the ways I’m scrupulous with my lovers is the ways that I need to be scrupulous with the freelancers, and the creatives, and the artists, and people that I hire now because I can’t afford to be bleeding energy out into this. When. first of all I need it my kids need it and my clients need it but I have big fucking dreams and ambitions that cannot allow me to be stuck in this position anymore. It doesn’t make any sense to be spending so much money and not have what I need and then having to feel bad about it within me.

“Oh but they’re tired, or they’re busy, or they’re having issues, or they’re stressed or this or that”.

It does not make any sense because I want to move into a space where women or people identify as, are moving into a place where they feel assertive and confident enough to not only command their worth but deliver on that worth and then seek out and ask the same from others. If I do not do this I allow people to never cultivate the kind of confidence and communication skills that they need to operate in the real fucking world. This is just how it is.

So that is my rant for right now. Please if you are trying to coach and to mentor and to do anything that involves helping people scale the mountain. And you want to be a Sherpa but you fucking haven’t gone down on your hands and knees and climbed the mountain, do not sell a premium package on mountain climbing.

If you have not done it yourself it’s pretty fucking easy math here people. It’s pretty fucking easy math. You cannot be working with people about something like abundance and conversions and copywriting, and marketing when you are literally living in a place of scarcity, and non-communication, and inability to connect to people, and inability to deliver on people.

The other thing I’ll have you know is that when you convince someone to hire you because you tell them that you can be exactly what it is they need, is exactly like getting into a relationship with a narcissistic sociopath who promises you the world and everything else, just to get in your pants. And then when you’re with them you end up caught in a web of lies and deceit and disappointment because they’re not the person that you wanted them to be. Every time you do not communicate and you do not deliver. You are literally lying to the people who have entrusted you with money and trust with their vision. That’s all it is. And you need to understand that this is not just money it’s an energetic transaction. It’s a love making. I am sharing the baby of my vision with you and that’s what other people are going to be doing with you too.

So don’t be complaining about the fact that your business is not growing. Don’t be complaining that you can’t get enough work because people can taste your insecurity, and your inability to show up, and your inability to communicate They’re not going to be giving you any fucking dosh or any trust or anything else until you work on that.

And this is the problem, in fucking five years and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that I’ve coached, it’s the same bullshit over and over and over again. “Oh my God I can’t get any clients, I can’t book anybody, nobody’s doing this, nobody’s showing up, nobody’s doing that,” and I’m all, “Dude you smell like lies and bullshit, and hypocrisy, and double-edged swords, and everything that is dishonest, and disingenuous workload because you’re selling someone the consumable version of the inner work when you haven’t even fucking drank the Kool-Aid yourself.” It doesn’t make sense.

It does not make sense.

Okay. And this is conversations that I’ve had with just about any single person in the world. And if you are in business, if you are an entrepreneur, if you’re a creative, you’re an artist, you’re anybody who has some iota of creative juice inside of you which we all do. Who has a vision who has dreams who has ambitions, stop thinking about making your business more consumable, and more marketable, and more appealing so that people buy because that’s a lie. That’s coercion, it’s manipulation and there’s no consent to that transaction. You’re coming into my life and you’re fucking me without consent.

When you do not show me who you really are and you do not share your energy with me responsibly and respectfully when we start courting as business owner to business owner. And so as somebody who is very much an appreciator of consent and being who they are and saying who it is they are, faults and all, and being in a place where they are their most honest selves so that anybody who does interact with me or hire me is absolutely consenting because that consent is based on something honest. Do not fuck me and be someone else, or catfish me, or say something that leads me to believe that you’re something else to make me feel safe and then actually not be that person at all. Because I wouldn’t let you into my bedroom and I’m sure as fuck not gonna let you into my business. I’m not going to let anybody trick me into a pity fuck anymore and trick me into paying them if they cannot deliver on what it is they say they’re going to deliver.

I am trying to be a soul fire supercharged superstar. That’s what I want to feel and be in my life, in my body and everything else. I cannot afford to have an entourage of people who literally exist to dim that supernova of me in order to make their pockets feel cushier and their egos feel better as they take my shine and dim it by not delivering on the shine they said they were gonna help me create. That is an unethical business. I know that many of you are dealing with this very same thing.

Whether you’ve hired a doula, you’ve hired a website designer, you’ve hired an assistant, a virtual assistant, you’ve hired staff, you’ve hired a cleaner, you’ve hired an Uber driver, whatever it is there are people like this all the time. As we distract ourselves with you know being comfortable while making money, asking for more money, equity, equality, ask yourself, “Okay how can I actually make radical changes within myself in the ways I show up in the world in the ways I deliver, in order to get paid in the way that I deserve because I actually deserve it and I’m not just blowing smoke out of my ass and saying I deserve it”. And then uphill battle floundering as to “Why aren’t I getting paid, why aren’t people trusting me. Why is no one referring me?” because you’re avoiding that.

I have had too many issues in my life and whether it’s photographers, videographers, web site designers, marketing people, digital marketing people, Facebook ads, I cannot tell you how many people that I’ve worked with that have let me down. I literally get anxiety if I think about ever doing that to anybody and I would rather crash, pivot, refine my offer and change then ever do this to anybody because it’s not okay. And that’s why I don’t deliver until I say I’m going to deliver and I’m ready to deliver because I will not half-ass it. If I say that I’m gonna give you something that’s out of this world and it takes me three weeks longer, well then it’s gonna fuckin take me through it’s longer because I am not birthing anything but spectacular supernova soul-charged superstar shit out into this world, because I will not allow my legacy to be a half-assed version of myself. I will not allow my work to be a condensed, diluted, pathetic version of who it is I actually am and what I’m capable of.

I will not allow my children to see the diluted version of my potential let alone the people who are paying me to show up so that I can show up for my fucking children.

Confidence is everything. And confidence is the byproduct to doing the inner work and knowing yourself so intimately that you have no other choice but to radically love yourself.

Yesterday I did an incredible masterclass on fears. It was delicious. It was incredible. It was something that is just unbelievable because it’s the first masterclass, one-day masterclass I’ve ever done on a subject that means a lot to me, that I’m gonna be doing all kinds of subjects throughout the year. And I was so nervous about whether this is something that I could do and sever from my business and it’s like, “Bitch, shut up. Hello, you just did it. You were worrying for no reason. You delivered”. The fucking event sold out. In fact there was too many people there.

It was magical and it was ruthless, and it was fantastic, and it was something that is just the emblematic and totally affirming of where I’m trying to take myself in my business and my vision, and the ways that I’m asking more from people, and the ways that that’s going to subsequently raise the standard of every business, and every entrepreneur, and the life of every person, and the quality of energy exchange, and money, and conversations, and everything just by telling people “You’re full of shit and that’s okay. We’re all full of shit. Now how can we work together to help you get to the most honest, authentic, supercharged version of yourself”.

It was all about fears. Your fear of success, your fear of being seen and your fear of loving yourself unapologetically. Since you’re a little fucking child you were told literally two things. One) That there was a man who would come in the middle of the night to give you gifts if you were a good girl, but only if you were a good girl. If not, we put a fucking piece of coal in your sock. Two) Then we told you that the dark was scary and that there were monsters on your bed and the Boogeyman was something you had to be terrified of.

So don’t go to the dark and be a good girl. Now what you need to understand is that these two fucking stupid little stories that you’re telling your own children by the way, are the exact things that keep people so far away from their shadow selves and playing in their as Erica and Hamish say, their “alter-ego” and the parts of you that need you to inquire, that need you to be scared, that are inviting you to literally be terrified and be alone in the dark so you can work on your shit. The Dancing With The Devil, the being in the corners of every part of you that you refuse to go visit. That part is an essential stepping stone on the yellow brick road to your self-actualization and that you were literally told that being a good girl to get what you want in life is literally what you need to do. That is fucked. Because then you can start thinking about why everything you are right now is as conditioned, and crazy and entrenched as it is.

And then we told you that you’re a princess and look at your bitchy stepmom and your bitchy sisters. Look at these cunty women in your life and let me tell your daughter all these stories about that women are bitches, and they can’t be trusted, and connecting to other women is the worst thing you could possibly do. And being with other women is the most dangerous thing that you can do. Let me tell you that in fairy tales. Let me then tell you that you need a prince or a knight in shining armor who’s gonna fucking come save you from your psychotic mother or stepmother or psychotic fucking sisters or stepsisters.

And let me tell you all these stories about that one day this prince is going to sweep you off your feet, and let me tell you that your foot needs to be small enough and pretty enough and perfect enough to get into the shoe.

And let’s create a culture on hating other women, and not being able to connect to other women, and being broken, and being stuck in poverty, and not wanting anything for yourself, and waiting for a goddamn prince to come fucking save you. And let me tell you about Santa who is only going to bring you gifts when you’re a good girl. And let me then just fucking tell you that all of the things that are dark and juicy, and gruesome, and calling your attention in the darkest shadow parts of yourself are the things that are going to help you grow but don’t go there because you’ve got to be scared of the dark.

Why do you think we’re all cuckolded and completely like literally anchored to the goddamn floor in every fear imaginable? Because the culture that we were born in literally tells us to just ask nothing more from ourselves and settle for less, and be afraid, and not show up in the world, and always be waiting for somebody with a dick to come and fucking rescue you. Whether it’s dicks or babies or bullshit. Women are so eager to fill themselves up with everything else but their potential and their happiness and what it is they could be. If they knew what it felt like to be whole and full beyond making babies and fucking lots of penises, and seeking out that feeling of fullness in everything else except themselves. It’s unbelievable the places we go and how entrenched we are, and how conditioned we are, and how fearful we are, and how obsessed we are with not working on ourselves, or asking more of ourselves, or inquiring in more parts of ourselves, or being like, “Wow let me maybe entertain a life where I am absolutely so full of shit and everything I’m saying is a lie, or a story, or a truth that is holding me down, and let me possibly entertain an existence where I actually don’t have to subscribe, or adopt, or be chain linked to any of this motherfucking stuff any more”.

Imagine that. Riddle me that and see what would happen for you. See what would happen if you stopped surrounding yourself with people, or engaging in conversations, or being in relationships, or being apart of work, or doing anything that was literally less than your potential. That literally exacerbates or indulges the most egotistical parts of you that just want to stay stuck in their fucking head and not do anything about anything but complain about everything, and be the victim about everything because that is so much easier than actually leaning into the unknown, and dancing with the fear, and being okay with not knowing anything, and being more than ok with being wrong about everything.

Then we could talk about confidence. Because confidence is what happens when you do all that fucking work. All of it. And then every cell of your body as Danielle says, your mitochondria is electrically supercharged. And then there’s no negotiation, there’s no conversation and none of this is conspiracy. It’s just a fact. Knowing yourself, knowing your worth, being able to show up in the world and help other people get there, fucking do the work first. Do not sell me the solution when you haven’t done it yourself. Don’t talk to me about eradicating and annihilating fear when you haven’t even gone to the darkest parts of yourself first and foremostly. Do not sell me a dream when that same dream has never left the fucking confines of your ego and skull. Do not sell me a dance if you do not know how to sing.

It’s very, very simple maths. And the more I do this, and the more I expand, and the more excited, and ruthless, and aligned and attuned I am to what I want to help people do and how I want to liberate minds in order to liberate society. It’s like yo this is the truth. You can choose to keep believing your lies, or you can choose to move on and adopt a new truth. Your truth and nothing but the truth that only you can fucking create for yourself.

That’s it. Or you can keep indulging the bullshit, the victimhood, the drama, the theatrics, the antics and everything else because this other side of it, that’s not where human evolution is. The last two weeks have been a terrifying place to be. There is so much energy, so much that has happened within the world and nothing is going to get less scary, and less horrific, and less dramatic, and less awful until we teach good people to stop letting fear and anxiety rule their lives. It is not the fearful and the anxious who will change the world.

It is not the fearful and anxious who are going to smash this paradigm and birth a new way of existence where people are respected in every degree across every spectrum. It is not the fearful and anxious that are going to do this work. It is the people who are doing the work in now who change the future after. And if you’re upset with what the world looks like right now, and you’re horrified, and you’re just aching as a sensitive person. And if you are just so fucking over how afraid you are of everything in your life, and you are hoarding fears like someone who is paranoid who is literally a hoarder who is storing dead cats in the confines of your soul, as I said yesterday.

Now is the time to dismantle all of these things and learn to know your body intimately, and your instinct, and your intuition, and fucking say bye-bye to the things that are making you feel shit. But that takes radical responsibility and radical action to match. Stop hiring people to help you until you know how to help yourself.

Because I’m speaking one language and you’re speaking another language. Stop selling services or bookings to people to promise a solution when you couldn’t fucking offer that solution or service to yourself. When the blueprint and the map that is required in order for you to deliver that was never written because you just found the map in a like page two hundred ninety-nine to be this person and get the certification and then you can just sell the service to everybody else without actually ever having done the inner work for yourself, and then you are a fucking con artist. A con artist with a good heart, an empathic con artist but a con artist nonetheless.

So I’m asking you to do better and show up in a way that feels fucking good. There’s nobody else that can make that happen but you and then stop promising people that you can help them feel good and deliver on a product or service until you do that work for yourself. All right. End rant cause I have a call in five minutes. Love you. Bye!

If you have a body of work or mission, a message that has been founded on the basis of being the lone wolf and persisting in a state of conviction, and passion, and self belief, and ruffling feathers, and breaking the rules you and you know, getting down with your bad self, well I want to hear from you. Head on over to or simply look below in the show notes and there’ll be a straight-up link for you to get me your information and get the world your inspiration.

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