Tapping Into Your Shi$ and Clearing It with Gala Darling

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From the moment I devoured Gala’s audiobook, Love and Sequins about 8 years ago, I was absolutely hooked on her message, her energy and her ability to absolutely slay the status quo. Gala Darling is a woman that is so pink, so fierce and so honest to the core. She has built a brand and an empire around empowering woman to start their own personal revolution and live the lives they were meant to lead. Forget succumbing to mediocrity, living in fear and self-doubt, and get ready to tap into all your shi$ and clear it the F out!

Gala is a passionate author and speaker. Her first book, Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams has been translated into five languages, and became an instant #1 bestseller. Her site, galadarling.com, helps a million women a month find their voice, live without fear, and fall in love with life.

Born in New Zealand, she moved to NYC with one suitcase when she was 24 years old, and used radical self love to heal from an eating disorder and depression.

Gala has been called “a spiritual revolutionary”, “the oracle of all things mystically glam”, and “a modern-day guru”. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, New Zealand Herald, Teen Vogue, New York Post, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Time Out New York, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Age, Sunday Herald Sun, The Dominion Post, Inked magazine, MiNDFOOD, Stuff, Viva, and countless others.

*Gala’s Image Photograph Credit: Madeline Northway


  • Don’t wait until things are perfect before releasing your creativity into the world. Learn as you go and just get stuff out there
  • Living with an eating disorder and overcoming it
  • Depression is a bitch, but you can kick it to the kerb and find a better life
  • What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “Tapping” and how to use it
  • The best thing that you can do for yourself is believing that there is more waiting for you
  • If you’re self-employed, be a good boss to yourself
  • Doing what you want in life regardless of how you think it might impact others





Angel Gallo: Hello, everybody, it is me, Angela Gallo. You're tuning into my podcast, Slaying The Status Quo In Total F-ing Style. An audio sensory piece that I have curated explicitly to celebrate every girl, woman and non-binary powerhouse impacting the world, changing their communities and doing a heap of good simply by showing up as their most expressed selves and challenging the Status Quo. Buckle up, hold on to your womb, your panties or whatever the hell it is you're wearing including your birthday suit because it's going to be one hell of a ride.


Angel: Hello, everybody and you're tuning in to yet another delicious, juicy incredible episode of Slaying The Status Quo In Total Fucking Style with me Angel Gallo. Today, we have someone who is more fierce, and more pink, and more sparkly, and more powerful than about 98% of the human population, the indomitable Gala Darling. I just want to fucking go right into it because Gala is 100% a witch. She's 100% a metaphysical, magical, persistent, open, progressive entrepreneur who's essentially redefined everything I knew about what self-love meant. 

This would have been eight years ago when I found out about her, God knows where. I downloaded her audiobook which at the time was Love and Sequins. I remember just listening to this. I think you would have recorded this in your little Brooklyn apartment or something because I remember the ambulance and stuff, the noise interval. I just remember listening to this every day. I shit you not, I listened to this every day.

This was really at the crux of a huge part of my rebirth. As going to Thailand, coming to Australia for the first time in 2010, listening to this every morning while I ran and really meeting a reality of what loving myself actually looked like in a way that wasn't cliche or cheesy, and really self-helpy. It was sassy, good and it made me feel like, "Oh my God, maybe self-help can actually be stylish and maybe can actually be good to me. Maybe my soul has been called towards something in a way that only you specifically could do for me." I devoured that.

I actually emailed you two years ago trying to find the damn audio again because I was dying to resurface it. What I want to say here is that long before anything that I've created has been created you need to know that the way you made me feel with those audios, and then subsequently, how you made me feel with your work and the ways you personally and professionally evolved in such a punk-ass fuck way but super soft way, has just been beyond impressive and a total treat. Without further ado, everyone, let's welcome Gala Darling.

Gala Darling: Thank you, baby. That's like the most beautiful introduction ever. There are so many things that I loved about what you said but primarily, I loved mentioning the ambulance going by in the back of the audio because when you start a project, it is not going to be perfect.

We're so fucking hung up on it, it's got to be polished, perfect and no flaws. The more that we subscribe to that, which is bullshit, the more it holds us back from actually creating things. That was the first online product I ever created. It was extremely imperfect but the amount of people who have been deeply touched by that effort is beyond my wildest imaginings. I was just trying to pay my rent. I was like, "I don't know what to do, maybe I'll write a book and sell it online." The amount of people who have been touched by this or inspired to start their own thing is so huge.

The other thing that I loved about what you said was about making self-help not cheesy and speaking to you because I always loved self-help, but I felt embarrassed by it. I didn't want to read those books on the bus or have my boyfriend see that I was holding them. That has always been my mission to make self-help hot. It's fucking sexy to be self-actualized and not make excuses for yourself. I only want to be around those people. I definitely only want to fuck people like that.

Angel: It's literally making my pussy tingle. Self-actualization is actually the sexiest thing in the world. I just remember craving evolution so badly but going to Barnes & Nobles, Indigo or whoever it was and looking at these books and actually genuinely cringing at the idea of being seen with them. It's the definition of what self-help looks like in the Status Quo. It's that it looks like very, "Hello, my name is Janet, I'm 47, mid-life crisis. This is what you could read." It felt yucky to me. Then reading this at a point where I was in my later 20s and feeling so massively inspired in a way that was not cheesy was huge.

Also, the project thing is on your end, you're seeing it as imperfect. On our end, we're seeing it as this is the guts, the glory, and grittiness of something that is going to be huge and this beautiful beginning. I remember actually just-- Like I said, it's the ambulance specifically and hearing you do this and thinking like, "The potential coming off of this is resounding." You changed my best friend's life. That message went far, really, really, really far for so many people.

The other thing is just watching you grow through this all, right from the ambulance in the background to where you're now. For everybody who doesn't know, Gala used to blog. Then through this whole process of transformation in terms of-- We're going to chat about that in a second but everything with your eating disorder, then life and moving, and changing your name, and reclamation of personal power in a way that was virtually unseen for women our age.

There was no public, anybody, doing what you were doing, let alone being vocal about the trials, the triumphs, and the realities of what it means to find yourself. Then turning that into a slew of offers that in itself challenges every damn stereotype and stigma there is against magic and witchy women and people who are tuned to their power.

Gala, how in the world and what in the world motivated you to keep longing and chiming for everything you were meant to be even though every step you have taken along the way has been an act of rebellion? How did you keep your strength through that all?

What was the focus point that served as the hope or, "I might be pissing everybody off, and I might be misunderstood, and I might be trolled, but this is what I'm working towards?"

Gala: I think that really suffering so much in my teens and my 20s where I had clinical depression, an eating disorder, diagnosed with a bunch of things, told I should take this medication, that medication and really being in so much pain, being in that place for about a decade, and then realizing that there was this tool called tapping that I could use to completely transform my life overnight.

When I got to the other side of that, just thinking like, "Fuck, I've been wasting my time here. This is not what life is about. I don't want other women to suffer like I'm suffering," because I grew up on Riot Girl and punk rock. That is still my ethos. Deep down I am fucking rebel girl, bikini kill till the end. I just remember thinking if women want to be powerful, if we want to fuck shit up, if we want to live truly powerful lives, we cannot be sitting in our bedroom crying about eating a piece of chocolate cake. We cannot be embarrassed by how we look, we cannot be ashamed of the way that we speak.

We have to jump on the fucking table and scream because it's the only way that you're going to get shit done. The reason why I have kept doing this is because the power of women is so massive, it is so innate, it is so intense. As long as we're nullifying that or numbing it out or denying it, we cannot step into our power, and we cannot have a revolution. I'm really fucking revolutionary at heart. Even when things were hard for me, even when I was in a marriage that didn't work, even when my business wasn't where I wanted it to be, even when I had online trolls going for my throat, I would meet people in the street who would tell me how my book or my blog had changed their life.

And I thought, "This is not just about me." That is what truly keeps you going. It has to be about the community. We don't exist in a bubble. We're here to uplift other people. That is the reason why we're here. Even when it's hard for you to pick your fucking head up and try again, you have to do it because people are watching you, and they're taking their cues from you. You have to be fucking strong if you want to lead and you want to help change things.

Angel: That is so, so poetic and beautiful because at the end of the day, if you are anybody who has invested in any type of revolution, in any type of philanthropy, in any type of vision, in any type of social impact, it is impossible to do that without some level of resistance, without some level of being misunderstood, without some level of, "Hey, you're going to have to go against the grain because the grain actually sucks. If you want to be on the other side of everything delicious and juicy, you're going to need to be willing to be that uncomfortable.

How can you not be inspired by what it is you are doing even when it hurts, and even when you're suffering, and even when it sucks when you know that there are other people looking to you as that they can, looking to you as that, "Wow, okay. Well, If she's doing it, then I can do it." I feel as well that each time the visionary such as yourself takes radical action that is against the status quo and challenges any norm, they're creating a unique space and giving a unique level of permission for other people to navigate that trajectory too, and that's really exciting.

It takes balls, and it takes a set of ovaries to do things that not anyone else is doing, but what you see transpire from it is really quite remarkable. When you say you started with EFT, can you give people a little bit of a nugget into what this is?

Gala: EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, I just call it tapping because it's easier, is essentially acupuncture without needles. You're pressing on meridian points in your body where the energy flows the most strongly. As you do this, you're talking about whatever the issue is that you're trying to energetically clear from your body. It could be anxiety. It could be a headache. It could be an eating disorder. It could be an asthma attack. There are so many studies online of what tapping can be used for but basically, you're pressing on these points while you talk about the issue and, at the same time, you're also telling yourself out loud, "I love you, I accept you, and I forgive you."

Just saying that while you tap on these points is so deeply powerful because we are all running these internal scripts of like, "How could you be so stupid? You'll never be good enough. You can't do that. This isn't going to work." But if you are affirming that you love yourself regardless, you forgive yourself and you accept yourself unconditionally, you are so deeply empowered because you have your own back. A lot of us don't have our own back. We're traitors to ourselves, and that just doesn't fucking work if you want to make any progress.

Angel: What a beautiful tool. The most rebellious thing that one person can do is love themselves. Talking about radical self-love, it's so perfectly apt for what it is. It's that the most revolutionary, rebellious thing that you can do in this world as a woman is love yourself. Would you say that EFT has really just helped you giving you a tool to keep amplifying that?

Gala: Yes, I use it so often. The last year, I've been doing this free series on YouTube called the High Vibe Honey, which I do every Sunday, where I poll tarot cards to see what's coming up for the week, but the tarot cards are really just a Trojan horse to get people to watch. What I do is based on what comes up, we use tapping to remove any resistance we might have about what I've said. I might be talking about knowing who you are, knowing what you believe in. The resistance that you might have is like, "I don't know why I'm here. I don't know what I believe in. I don't know what my mission is."

A couple of weeks ago, we tapped on getting really clear about our life purpose. As homework, I said to everybody in the video, "I want you to comment below with any realizations you've had about your life purpose," and there are hundreds of comments. People were like, "Oh, my God, it's so clear to me." That's the power of tapping is you can use it to get clarity, use it to remove fear. You can use it to stop procrastinating. There are so many things that you can use it for.

In fact, my father was on FaceTime with me today, and he is working with a friend of his. He's coaching him, and he said, "My friend is just really grumpy, and he needs to just not be grumpy. How do I get him to choose to be happy?" I said, "There's this guy on YouTube called Brad Yates, and let me see if I can find a video." Brad Yates has thousands of free tapping videos on YouTube. I pulled up one that's called attitude adjustment. Where you're literally just tapping on like, "I choose to be happy. I choose to face my challenges with joy. I choose to be charming to other people." This stuff really works. It's so incredible.

Angel: Plus, I'm just such a sucker for anything that is tangible and giving people some level of action because often, just even in approaching, they walk away, and they're really inspired, and then they're like, "Okay, now what? What do I put into place?" EFT just sounds like such a great tool.

When was the first moment that you can truly say that you told yourself that you loved yourself and believed it?

Gala: It was probably when I first started tapping, so I was 22 years old. Probably, when I started tapping on my eating disorder, that was the day that everything changed for me. The way that I did that was people asked, "How did you learn to tap?" I literally just watched videos on old-fashioned YouTube in 2006 and figured out how to do it from there and just improvised. I went off-script. I just figured out what feels good to say, okay, I'll say that. When I tapped on my eating disorder, I went into the bathroom. I took off all my clothes. I looked myself in the eye in the mirror, and I talked to myself about how I felt about my body.

It was one of the most powerful, intense, fucking insane experiences of my life. I tapped on it for-- I'm not even sure, maybe 20 minutes, 30 minutes, quite a long time. I felt this energetic shift, and I felt calm, and I felt okay because I'd been crying my eyes out the whole time. I went into the living room to tell my boyfriend about what had happened and I was like, "Oh my god, I feel so sick." I went back into the bathroom. I threw up so violently, and I am convinced that that was my self-loathing leaving my body. All that self-hatred, all that resentment, all that judgment, I literally puked it out of my body.

The next day, I woke up, and my boyfriend was making breakfast, and I ate it without a problem. I was so amazed by the massive transformation that had taken place in such a quick amount of time.

Angel: It's easy for people to look at you now and say, "Look at Gala, she has all of her shit together. She's so beautiful. Everything is so perfect and easy for her to say." It's one of those things where people need to understand the level of work and inner work that it goes into an evolution but also the unrelenting inner work. The always wanting better for yourself, always wanting more for yourself that only comes from being at your absolute worst and literally being in a place where you have to and have no other choice but to purge everything you once were to make room for everything you're destined to be, to end up where you are now.

I just feel even hearing you talk about that, I can't even imagine you in that place but also, the lesson and the gift there. If you weren't there, you wouldn't be able to speak so boldly right now about the level of healing and self-love you do now. I imagine there are being multiple catalyst moments for you, where you were like, "I really fucking love myself," and troubles and challenges along the way.

It's just a beautiful reminder for everybody listening that if you're in a place or a space where you know that you want better for yourself, and maybe you're not quite sure what that is yet, and you're waiting for things to make sense or waiting for it to be perfect, just understanding that the best thing that you can do for yourself is believing that there is more waiting for you. The one radical thing you can do is love yourself enough to believe that it's there because, as you said, our inability to back ourselves is the tragedy. Our inability to believe that we want that is the tragedy.


Angel: Now, you've obviously gone through a lot in a number of years, and that's just a beautiful chrysalis of it all, and the person that you're becoming here from then. If someone would have asked you 5, 10 years ago, where you might be now, and where your message would have resounded to, and how this would all unfold, would you have believed it?

Gala: No, I don't think so because when I started my blog, I was just trying to figure out how to pay my rent. Now I am looking at buying a beautiful home in Los Angeles. My life has changed so much. Sometimes people feel bad for not having a big goal or a big dream, and they beat themselves up for not having this huge aspiration, but the thing is that you can't figure out what that's going to be until you've experienced the building blocks that can get you there.

If you don't have designs on being Oprah or being Elon Musk, or whatever it is, whoever it is that inspires you, that's okay because you're not even going to know what the possibilities are until you make it to the top of that next little hill. It's like a continual reevaluation of, "Which direction do I want to go, and what is to me now and what isn't?" I have been through so many iterations of that in my career, where I've been a beauty editor, I've had an online magic class, and I've done this and that all these things.

You have to be very active in refining the work that you do so that you're only doing the stuff that truly lifts you up. I know that's easy for me to say right now when I'm in a place where I do get to pick and choose what I do, but especially for those of you who are self-employed or want to be self-employed, it's really important to be a good boss to yourself. Otherwise, go work for someone else and let them torture you because it'll be easier than torturing yourself and trying to figure out how to pay your bills.

Angel: Follow what feels good. I know that you implement so much of this as well, and it ties in really beautifully to the pivot. It's like you don't need to know where you're going, and you don't need to have these gigantic dreams. It doesn't mean that you needed to be dreaming about this house in Hollywood 10 years ago. It's that moment by moment, the pivot, the refining, just staying active and feeling good but eventually, it does take you to exactly where it is you want to be.

Actually, you just reminded me one of the other things that I love about you and the ways that you challenge is, let's just say, the successful women archetype and the ways that you embody all of the things and all of the parts that society likes to sever from a woman. Which is, "No, don't be mother and a be sexual at the same time," or, "No, don't be a mother and be successful at the same time," or, "No, don't be a woman and have lots of money, because that's going to compromise your integrity," and, "How dare you derail from martyrdom."

You have somehow, with such finesse, integrated every part of that so that is profit is not a dirty word, that wealth and abundance is yours to own, that being sexually expressed is everything, being independent, autonomous in your decision-making, being ambitious, and all of the things that society doesn't want you to believe you can have, you've integrated. It's not because of anything else other than it's just become an embodied practice.

For those who are possibly feeling challenged by having to choose, either the mother, or the successful business owner, or the person and the philanthropist versus having lots of money, what piece of advice could you give them if they're feeling torn in different directions really buying into this archetype that's just really cuckolding them?

Gala: I think the question to ask yourself is if what I was going to do with my life affected no one else in any way, what would I do? Then do that, because the truth is that what you do really doesn't affect anyone else in any meaningful way. If it does, they will figure it out. I hate that as a paradigm of like, "Well, you can have this, but you can't have that." That's such bullshit, and here's the thing. As long as you tell yourself that, you're going to believe it, and then you're going to behave that way, and you're also going to look for evidence that supports your belief because that's how our brains work. Our subconscious will never make us a liar.

Any story you tell yourself whether it's like successful women are hated, or you can only be a mother or a businesswoman, or whatever fucking bullshit you've been telling yourself for a long time now, you're going to look for evidence to support that claim. So you got to start telling yourself a new story, and tapping's a really good way of just cutting the bullshit and really extracting those beliefs from your subconscious and then removing them for good.


Angel: We're at this amazing point time right now, there's intersectional feminism huge conversations happening. The only way that this paradigm is going to change for us is if we are willing to get that crack in the chasm. Really get in there and annihilate every story we subscribe to, and annihilate all of these narratives, and all these bullshit we tell ourselves about who can be and who we can't be. It's just sad, and comical, and terrible, and ironic, and so cruel that 99.9% out of the time, we are the ones doing these to ourselves.

We're just exacerbating this unsubstantiated reality which actually just keeps us from revolving, and keeps women and people identifying us from moving into a place where do they feel a lot more powerful and a lot freer. We were killed for being witches, for being healers, for being seers, for knowing things that we shouldn't know, for being a part of the birth space, for having the instinct and the intuition that we do. Can I ask you that when you started leaning into the most metaphysical aspects of your work, and the real hardcore magical stuff that you were doing, did you feel at all concerned about exhuming that language or being seen in that arena based on the history of women?

Gala: Absolutely. Anyone who has any level of cognition about how other people perceive them or their brand or what they do or how they're seen has to think about things like this. Interestingly, it's the same for any kind of sex work. I remember years ago talking to a friend of mine. I think I wanted to start a sex blog or something like that. I can't even remember what it was, and he was involved in porn at the time. He was like, "Hey, I would love to see this, but I have to let you know that if you do this, it will be connected to your name forever and something you will never be able to shake. Even if you get a Pulitzer Prize, they're going to mention that you did sex work in the past."

I thought, "Okay, that's not worth it." At the time, I must've been like 25 or 26 or something. I was like, "If I really want to do it, I'll do it later." I didn't. The same was true when I started thinking about witchcraft, tarot, crystals, astrology. I'm manifesting all those things. I knew that when I did that, it was going to be attached to my name forever. The term witch isn't even a term that I've used in a long time. I think InStyle Germany just ran an article about modern witches and there's a huge photo of me in it. It's like, yes, this is something that my name is going to come up when this is mentioned now and vice versa.

That's something that I was very aware of, but I also thought, "You know what? I really think that this is an area that can really help people." Tarot, astrology, divination, those things can really work as great tools to help you evolve to a new level. Just like changing your outfit can really help you evolve and be a different person, so can these tools. I think with any tool, we have to be careful that we don't rely on it too much. That we don't use astrology as an excuse for poor behavior, for example, or we say, "Oh, it's Mercury retrograde, I'm not going to work for two months. Whatever, it's bullshit." There's a balance, and I think these things can be very, very helpful to us.

Angel: I do a lot of work in terms this remembering of past lifetimes, and being prosecuted, and being killed for just fucking being a woman, or being in touch with the sexuality, and all that kind of stuff. It's really cool because I know that in your brain, this is something that you would've thought about at the very inception of everything that you did. It's important for everyone to know and for you to know, in fact, that by being vocal about something like crystals, or tarot, or astrology, or divination, you have again paved a place and a way for other people tapping into those things to not feel embarrassed and to not feel afraid to explore as well.

I really absolutely and adamantly believe within my soul that these tools, these perspectives, this level of soul insight and the ways that we-- Our body moves with the moon. This is not dilly-dallied. This is a fact. The more that we learn about our bleed, and the more we learn about the moon, and the more we learn about the energies existing to us, whether cosmically from the universe, the better chance we have at achieving a level of self-actualization that resonates with us.

It's super cool, and I'm really, really grateful to be alive in a time and day where, wow, there are people that I can read about, read from, go see speak, where I feel safe exploring those parts of myself that in another lifetime, I would've most likely been killed for, or I would've most likely went underground to survive and be accepted in.


Angel: In terms of the sex stuff, do you ever see yourself doing something like that? Would that still be like, "I don't know, what will people think? Maybe it'll stay there." Do you feel like you're in a really good place now where there's a level of confidence and credibility that you can just be whoever the fuck it is you want to be?

Gala: I think I can be whoever the fuck I want to be, but I'm not drawn to write about sex, think about sex. I'm just not in that space right now. I was going through my Google Drive the other day, and I found a book that I've been writing. It's like 16,000 words on relationships and love and all that stuff. I thought, "Oh, wow. This is actually quite good. Maybe I'll use it at some point." I'm very much not in that space right now. Again, it's just like we were saying. You have to feel good about what you're doing. If you're not so excited about it, then there's no point in pursuing it.

Especially when it comes to writing a book, my belief is that, if you write a book, you have to go into it with a mindset that once the book is finished, you are going to be talking about it all the time for the next two years, so you have to love the subject that much. That's just not something I care about.

Angel: You know this. When you're creating from a place of I'm fucking obsessed with this versus it's a chore, you're obviously going to be magnetizing whatever energy is conducive with that, so why do it? Now, you have literally created a smorgasbord of offers that make me want to jizz my pants. So that's the Magnetismo, the Radical Rituals. You have the Radical Rituals part two, Metaphysical Matchmaker, The Unicorn Cleanse, hello, The Hotline which is the one-on-one offerings, I want to forget my ex, the Love Rehab, which I'm sure many people want to indulge in. I want to heal, which is another, the Tap That course, and then you have the book, and you have your second book coming out.

Give us a bird's eye into the lusciousness of the nest you've created and how they can get involved, where they can find you, how they can purchase, how they can invest, and how they can get a taste of your sexy self-actualize self?

Gala: Well, there's so much and it's all listed at galadarling.com/shop. Probably the most exciting product I have is Radical Rituals Abundance, which is my class where I use tapping and other rituals to help you manifest money. Now, when I created this class, I thought, "Cool, I'm going to help people clear their blocks around money, that's great." On day one of the class, everybody has to write down for themselves how much money they want to manifest within the two weeks because that's how long the class takes. The outcomes are so mind-blowing. I had a woman call me the other day, who had manifested $250,000 within the two weeks.

Angel: I just need to say this, I've been watching the stories and the testimonials and the outcomes for the people going through this program, and it's fucking bananas.

Gala: Yes, it is. It's so much bigger than I ever imagined it would be, and that's such a beautiful thing. The craziest thing is, the woman who made $250,000, she's not even the exception. I get messages like this every fucking day. It's mind-blowing. There's something so powerful about women when they decide that they are worth more, that it's okay to ask for what they want, that it's safe to have money, that they are in charge of their own lives, fuck, it changes everything.

Angel: Make it rain dollar bills!. I actually bought Radical Rituals Abundance. As soon as it came out, I got it for three of my friends, and then I told everybody in my program about it. I was like, listen to me, because, like you just said, when it comes to women and money, don't even get me started on that status quos, fucking perception of what that is, but it's your most popular course you said, right? Obviously, there are many people getting in on this for good reason because money mindset is one of the most difficult things to smash through, and you're clearly doing something that works.

You know what? I would just be so proud of myself if I were you knowing that I'm getting money into the hands of good people because that is an act of total liberation in itself. That's huge.

Gala: Thank you. It feels so good, and it's so exciting for me to think about how these women's lives will change. Like if you're in an abusive relationship, one of the reasons why you might stay is because you can't afford to go anywhere else. Or if your children are sick, or if you have a shitty job, but you can't leave it because you're living cheque to cheque. This is stuff that truly changes lives. It's not just like, oh, I made money, and I bought some new Kylie lift kits or whatever. Yes, you can go and do that, and that's awesome.

I was talking to my friend, Grace Smith who is an incredible hypnotist on an episode of my podcast. One of her students I think asked her, "What's your goal?" Grace was like, "Well, I want a billion dollars. So I can put the next female president into office." That's hot.

Angel: You know what makes me really wet? Just potential and that potential being fueled by lots of wealth in the hands of good people because I know for a fact that the only way shit's going to change is clearly if we put money in the hands of women with that vision, right? Oh, God. Even in my Doula training, you just hit the nail on the head in terms of the ways that women don't advance is the ways that were financially constrained. So to domestic violence, to households, to jobs that destroy us, to all of it. Money will change it all. So I'm just so glad that this exists. Now, what's the difference between Abundance level two and the first one?

Gala: Level one is really level one. It's like the ground floor and level two, we get a little bit more advanced. Level two is just more tricks, more clearing, more up-leveling, but I have some really exciting stuff coming this year that ties all of this together, which I can't wait to launch, which will probably happen around August 1.

Angel: I'm going to make sure that we link everything in the show notes and on my websites. For those of you who are perhaps wondering where or how you can find out more about the upcoming stuff, do they have a newsletter they could sign up to if they want to stay in the loop?

Gala: Yes. galadarling.com/newsletter. I send out an email every week, and I put all my latest episodes and gratitude lists and it's a really fun newsletter. It's very pink, it's very sparkly. That's probably-- that or subscribing to me on Instagram and turning on my post notifications is the best way to keep up to date.

Angel: Perfect, perfect. Look, I just want to thank you for being here, obviously, but thank you for being alive and thank you for paving a way for other women to see themselves and for pioneering the Radical Self-Love revolution, and for evolving into the person you are now, into the woman you are now. It is an honor to know you and to follow you and to be continuously inspired by your rebellion, continuously inspired by the way that you fuse fashion and fuck off, don't tell me what to do. I love reading Gala. It is beautiful.

I'll make sure to make all things available in the show notes and, of course, if anybody is not on Instagram or Facebook, go to her website. Thank you so much for being here, Gala. What a pleasure to know you, what a pleasure to have you. If any of you know somebody who is receiving or worthy of being a guest feature on Slaying The Status Quo In Total Fucking Style, please send them my way at Angelgallo.com or Angel@Angelgallo.com. Have a great day everybody.


Angel: If you have a body of work, a mission, a message that has been founded on the basis of being the lone wolf and persisting in a state of conviction and passion and self-belief and ruffling your feathers and breaking the rules and getting down with the bad self, well I want to hear from you. Head on over to Angelgallo.com or simply look below in the show notes and they'll be a straight-up link for you to get me your information. Get the world your inspiration.


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