The Caged Bird Sings with Erika Cramer

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We’re coming at you today from the Billionaire Babes Club to have a deliciously confronting conversation and yes, it did take a global pandemic to get Erika and I to stop for long enough to actually have the conversations we’ve been wanting to have. This is a perfect example of how you can be using this time of isolation and “slow down” to actually be productive. If I’m honest, I’ve really been enjoying the isolation even though my kids and my dogs are driving me bananas, but I’m so grateful for where I’m at right now. 

So we want to talk to you about how you’re treating yourself in this period of isolation. The excuses that you’re making to treat yourself poorly, to sit at home and watch shitty tv and eat bad food. We’re calling you out on all this bullshit behaviour. We’re talking about changing your narrative, re-framing your mindset and changing your perspective. Don’t fuck around. You have things that are available for you to do. There are no excuses. Dress like you’re out to impress, get off the couch, get out of your pyjamas and show up for yourself and those that are around you. Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you get to give up.


8:00 Cabin fever is real

9:40 How you’re living in your current “cage”

10:25 Watching the language you’re using - scripting your demise

11:35 Why is toilet paper the thing that we’re all fighting over

13:00 Privilege in the self-quarantine and isolation space

16:00 How the current state of the world should be a wake up call and not a time to use excuses for not doing things

18:10 Using this time productively to be of service

19:20 How you’re punishing your body by not moving in isolation

22:35 Being cute in quarantine

23:39 How the world is in postpartum depression right now

26:44 Your body needs maximum self-care more than ever

27:30 How you dress and show up for the world even when you’re in isolation will drastically improve your mental state

29:30 You have a responsibility to the people around you to show up as a functioning human being. Get dressed.

33:00 Going into hibernation is different to over-indulging

34:00 Your nutrition and your sleep help your immune system

35:00 How will you emerge from the hibernation is everything

37:00 Using this time to introduce a new version of yourself. Show up and test and experiment a with a new side of you

39:00 What did you do for yourself in this time of isolation

41:00 Using the internet in a positive way through this period


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