Your Resistance Is Futile

Posted by Angela Gallo on

I'm feeling this deep desperation right now to cling onto what was our past. The kind of behaviour I have witnessed over the last few weeks has blown me away if I'm honest. The projection, the scarcity, the keyboard warriors refusing to acknowledge what their real issues are. But I'm not here today to whinge about how "difficult" it is right now, or how "exhausted" I am. So many of you are sitting in such negative energy and you're suffering for it. Listen, your resistance to the change that is happening in the world right now, is futile. 

The more you resist the change that humanity and the earth are forcing upon us, the more you'll sink deeper into a hole that you'll struggle to get out of. Why do you feel as if you need things to go back to "normal"? There is no normal. There is only what IS. Right now. 

Think about the ways you're talking to yourself and others. Think about the ways you're treating yourself and others. Be a better human.

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