Alright, alright. I finally caved into a rejig of my most frequently asked questions. I love you guys but it isn't possible for me to sit by the computer and answer emails all day long anymore. I am so grateful that I am getting busier, but in a day & age where health is more important than ever, I am leading the charge with a ruthless container of self-care to marry my unrelenting devotion to this work. If you have a question for me, please do your best to reference the answers below before getting in touch with me directly.

I am grateful for your cooperation and patronage - thank you for your understanding!

What do you actually do?

Great question. I am a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and sizes. A ton of soul strapped into the seams of one laser eye focused visionary. I change often, and honour this (as well as honour the change in you!) by moving with these cycles. I do many things. I am a cheerleader for the human potential and believe in a moral obligation to use our voice, and for these reasons, I am forever in a state of perpetual take up space as to create space for those who come after me.

My work centres on a few major philosophies; 1. follow what feels good 2. monetise what feels good 3. help other people figure out what feels good for them, as well as teach them how to make what they love, work for them. This year, my main focus is working closely with my dear friend and colleague Coraline Dufroux as we build an empire of change worth 1B in the hands of good people. The bulk of my offerings will be revolve around wealth, stealth, happiness and health.

You're staging your own death. What the **** does that entail?

On every page of this website, you might notice a countdown timer ticking away with an ominous message about my pending disappearance. In a nutshell, I am meeting the edges of societal fear and panic, voluntarily making myself a case study for what happens when you say yes to loss in order to make space for what comes next. I can't dish too many details just yet, but what I can confirm is that all of my social media platforms will close on May 22, the next Gemini Full Moon - a live stream of my metaphorical death will take place in full cinematic fashion. From here, I will go into a full lunar cycle hiatus. Don't fret, THIS WON'T AFFECT ANYTHING YOU'VE ENROLLED OR BOOKED IN! It is business as usual and my team will be on it like bees to honey. I on the other hand, will be planning a literal reboot and rebirth. Social media handles at ZERO, bank account balance at ZERO, no email address, no brand, nada. For 10 months (gestation) I will be live streaming how I build a record breaking business and game changing empire from the name of 1) self-exploration as the basis of business 2) setting an example of what's possible in uncertain times, even when we feel defeated or afraid. This will be an extremely interactive experience, with opportunities at every level to be involved. Coraline and I are developing offerings based around all of this, and it is certainly the most intricate endeavour I have attempted. I haven't been this excited for anything in my life. If I were you, I would be making sure I am on my email list to ensure you don't lost contact after this goes up in flames.

Get ready for a hell of a show.

How can I learn from you?

Whether it is big picture business coaching, visibility driven social media use or turning 'making something out of nothing' into an art form , I have a plethora of virtual and distance offerings for you to bite into. Personal & professional development is my jam. I would love to share what I know with you!

How often do you release new online courses?

I don't run the same course twice - ever. Both existing courses and/or new courses rolling out soon, will be open for enrolment until May 22. All of my online courses are self-governed and operate independently on the back end of my site to ensure no interruption to your learning experience.

How can I support your work?

How kind of you! Thank you for your offer. Beyond investing in one of my offerings, leaving a review for my podcast, 'Slaying The Status Quo In Style' on Apple Podcasts, engaging with my socials, as well as subscribing to my email newsletter, helps immensely for me to increase my media value online to leverage any opportunities. Every little thing make a huge difference!

Where can I find out more about you?

There are a few rad interviews I did that cover some brilliant backstory. Notably my episode on Erika Cramer's 'The Queen Of Confidence' podcast which has deep beginnings. If you do a little digging, you will find some juicy bits no doubt.

How do you fund your philanthropic efforts?

My philanthropic efforts are 100% funded by me, my personal earnings and company earnings.

I am not in Melbourne, can I still qualify for your community COVID support package?

Yes, absolutely - take a look at the virtual offerings and feel free to apply should you believe you qualify. Those are delivered digitally so distance learning is not an issue.

Are you still a Doula?

Technically, no. I am no longer taking on Doula clients. The nature of Doula work is to be human, to be connected, to be compassionate, to be kind, to be committed to the unlevelled version of our collective potential. And in thinking this way, I was born a Doula and will die a Doula - but dancing the world of first breathe to last breathe is less of a title and more of a way of life at this stage.

Do you still offer your Dynamo Doula™ Training?

The full length version of my Dynamo Doula Training is no longer available, however, you will be pleased to know that the crash course option is available right now. It is a beautiful, complex, insightful bundle delivered on one long form web page in just one easy click.

Where can I find Dynamo Doulas™ who are endorsed by you?

Send a message to and enquire as to who is available in a city near you!

Do you still offer your Visibility For Visionaries™ Training?

No, I do not. But all existing content is now available in  'The Crown' learning library. Hours and hours and hours of delicious content on how to show up, be seen and get heard on the interwebz.

Can I engage you as my business coach?

Yes, for the time being you can until space gets snatched up. You can follow the menu links to Work With Me to book that in.

I purchased one of your offerings and have yet to receive any correspondence - what should I do?

The biggest hurdle with emails is that more often than not, my communications to you are hijacked by spam filters and junk mail blockers. Another is that the email address you used to purchase, is not the same email address you usually use. If you haven't received anything yet, please send through a message via the contact form so I can get it sorted for you.

I sent you an email and have yet to receive a reply - what should I do?

See above - the biggest hurdle with emails is that more often than not, my communications to you are hijacked by spam filters and junk mail blockers. The other, is that I receive anywhere between 100-200 emails a day, so reply times are around the 72 hour mark at this stage, and this depends on how it is triaged. If your communication is urgent, send through a message via the contact form with subject line URGENT so I can ensure it is tended to.,

I purchased a ticket to one of your in-person events before COVID - do you have any updates?

I know how frustrating it must be to be kept in limbo. If there was a way for me to book a substitute date in, I would. Unfortunately at this stage I am not legally or logistically able to do so. This being said, my T&Cs include a 'Force Majeure' clause. Force Majeure clauses look like this,“Neither party is responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this contract, if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event of force majeure”.  A contract may become frustrated where: 1) neither party is at fault; 2) meeting the obligations under the contract becomes “radically different” from those contemplated by the parties. At this moment it is not possible for me to be responsible for events railroaded by mother nature. If this were the case, I would not have chosen to be an entrepreneur. I have invested significant amounts of money on every national or international event planned in 2020. I myself, haven't received any refund on any deposit I have paid for any provider or space - this is how business works in unprecedented times. The world is in limbo and there is nothing more that I can do at this very moment in time. This being said, in the next week, a few options will become available for folks wanting to trade a previously purchased event ticket, to any online learning event, including the digital launch of WombQuake.

Are you offering any online events to replace previously planned in person events?

Yes, absolutely. Y'all will be stoked to know that a full-to-the-brim events calendar will be posted shortly. As above, a few options will become available for folks wanting to trade a previously purchased event ticket, to any online learning event, including the digital launch of WombQuake.

I purchased one of your book on pre-sale but still haven't received it. Where is it?

I have the most patient readers ever. Thank you - I genuinely mean that. In a nutshell, the world of self-publishing is a rollercoaster that depends on many moving parts. I am used to doing things on my own and/or working exclusively with one designer. This time, I made the bold move in choosing self-publishing over a publishing house because I did not want to be censored. In the interim, a major identity death, a career surge and rewriting my books 4 times. In the last few weeks with coronavirus, I have been able to go inward and face my book publishing demons. The result has been a 'F*CK YES! Let's move forward in belief we deserve to see this through.' I am going to do the absolute best I can with printing and shipping delays. But please know, I am aching to see it in your hands and in your ears.

I am trying to purchase one of your oracle decks but it isn't letting me check out. Can you help?

My oracle deck, 'The Revolution Of Self-Reverence' is currently sold out. I am creating a pamphlet with the card meanings, as well as restyling the online access to exclusive community readings. With current delays at play with ol' mate rona, I would be looking at new decks becoming available within the next month or so when things quiet down a little. Keep eyes peeled for cart stock updates!

What zodiac sign and human design type are you?

I am an Aquarius sun, Virgo rising and Taurus moon. Oh, and I am a 3/5 Martyr Heretic....a hell of an ice cream sandwich.