A Revolution Based On Reverence For Self

We are a world living in parts, in halves, in fragments - sick with disconnection and blaming everyone else but ourselves. Riddled with insecurity, compliant and trapped on the conveyor belt, I have seen thousands of individuals in my time robbed of their vitality in the name of culture or amenity.

As a result, the vast majority of us are wearing hundreds of masks we’ve been collecting since the day we figured out that being the most authentic expression of ourselves was a dangerous thing to do. Being ourselves feels too risky, it makes us feel exposed.

Almost every system selling us short could be dismantled by a defiancy that comes exclusively from loving the funk out of ourselves…every last part of us that’s been pulled from the bones of our making and made to be something we should be repulsed by.

That’s exactly where I want to take my work in 2020. A place where we are less about horcruxes and more about expecto patronum. This is your invitation to craft a patronus charm made up of who it is you’re supposed to be and how it is you are supposed to live.

S.E.L.F is the unbridled version and blazing tail of a person who has taken back every splinter of their souls in order to put together the whole. It is the exalted gasp after an orgasm that’s been commanded in clear communication and seductive instruction. It is the gutteral sounds that compass us to what feels good. It is the unwavering belief in the fight worth fighting for. It is the bladed weapon wearing the prettiest dress. It is the most compassionate kind of covert mission - change the world with the expression of ourselves.

S.E.L.F is the giggle fits after too many margaritas with people who make you laugh & feel alive.

S.E.L.F is the Trojan horse we ride into future lives.

S.E.L.F is the smile you’ve etched into your body so that every child born from your blood knows what it means to choose happiness, passion & purpose.

S.E.L.F is the ultimate protection spell against the devil of the mind and the sinister of the world - when you know and love yourself, the misogyny and patriarchy of the world doesn’t stand a chance at stealing your joie-de-vivre.

If we’re going to put the world back together, we have to start with putting ourselves back together first.