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 ‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.’

Want to work with me? 

Rip into these Terms & Conditions before taking the plunge - 

there is no rewind button once you get sucked into my vortex. 

Parties to this agreement

  • These Terms and Conditions form a legally binding agreement between you (“you”, “your”, the “User”, the “student”, the “participant”, the “audience”) and Angela Gallo (“Angel Phoenix”, “me”, “we”, “our”, “us” or similar) which governs your use of my/our services such as training, mentoring, coaching, events, retreats, collaborations, workshops, tarot & oracle readings, speaking engagements, consulting services and space rental services.

  • This Agreement governs the terms by which you interact with me, one or more of my businesses and/or my online content.


  • Please note that by agreeing to these terms, you are entering into a legally binding contract.

  • If you do not accept all the Terms and Conditions, you must not enroll in any of my (Angela Gallo’s) training programs, purchase a ticket to an event or register for a course, access our content or attend any session offered by us.

I repeat - read these Terms & Conditions or forever hold your peace; 

by purchasing and making payment on any one of my offerings, you automatically consent to the terms & conditions hereby explained below. 

Please do not complete a purchase or commit to a payment plan in any one of my digital, physical or in-person services until you’ve read, understood and agreed to the below. 

Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of any investment made to work with me, and in some instances, an escalation of the matter in defence of my business and/or my companies and/or my trusts, through the relevant legal bodies and/or judicial systems. 

In simple terms, if you do not read these Terms & Conditions as you are being instructed to, it is not my problem. 

If you don’t read the fine print as instructed but choose to purchase from me or commit to an ongoing payment plan, I am released from all responsibilities or obligations attached to the scenario or circumstance at hand, as well as the conflict, consequence or repercussions associated to said scenario or circumstance, due entirely to your not reading of these Terms & Conditions.

With the relentlessly demanding nature of my endeavours, comes the absolute need to buckle down and ask more responsibility & accountability from the people moving in and out of my stratosphere.

This may sound like a brutal set of agreements - but - you are a grown adult making your own decisions...please act the part.

It is my desire that having my terms outlined as explicitly as they are will help you to avoid commitments you are not in a position to make, all the while protect me from individuals who do not value or respect the nature of the my work and/or the many complexities of my personality, mind, body and soul. 

From a consumer perspective, these terms and conditions serve to create safer containers and specific conditions for both myself and my clients, as well as my staff, my freelancers, my students, my participants, my readers and my audience as we work towards individual and collective aims. 

From a human perspective, these terms and conditions serve to create safer containers and specific conditions for both myself and my children, my personal relationships and the layers of my joy, social circles and human experiences, as we work towards individual and collective aims. 

This being said, please avoid reading the Terms & Conditions below and self-sabotaging yourself in the abyss of overwhelm or self-doubt. I want you to be inspired and turned on, with a dash of terror and thrill. I want you to be stretched, but never stressed. I want these words to excite you and set new bars!

Please also consider that when analysing the Terms & Conditions below, you actively apply which aspects of this agreement pertain to the product or service or course you are considering purchasing - this is key. For example, buying a physical item from the online store will not require the same considerations as choosing to attend an immersive retreat with me.

It is your responsibility to read thoroughly and make those distinctions. 

The reasons and objectives of these terms and conditions can be deduced to FIVE major core principles that serve as the vertebrae supporting the spine of my grand vision. 

  • Shared Investment 
  • Contrary to outdated beliefs around ‘the customer always being right’, or that once someone pays you, you automatically become the client’s minion, servant or mother, or that investment is enough to believe one is ‘doing the work’ strictly because they made payment - I refuse to subscribe to a world of unethical business and imbalanced scales simply for the sake of salvaging opportunities to earn income.

    What I am looking for are clients and customers who are invested financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - in spades. Individuals who are going to ‘do the work’ in every expression of the word. Individuals who understand the nature of this exchange and the excavation, and who are conscious of the required effort before commiting. 

    Individuals who are expecting me to do the work for them, individuals who blame their non-success on their teachers and/or mentors and/or learning materials, individuals who do not dedicate their blooming potential to the same tune of dollar bills they spend, individuals who disrespect my intellectual property and life’s work by not making timely payments and/or stealing or copying or defaming content I create - are forbidden - in the spaces I create, curate and facilitate. 

  • Shared Responsibility 
  • I have a personality type that has a predisposition to wanting to help others and who over delivers in love, and I have a love language that speaks in gifts and words of affection. I have spent many years giving with no or little return. When my efforts are unseen or unappreciated (intentionally or unintentionally), the level of responsibility I feel towards my business interactions change. This is an inbuilt response that society shames, one that we’ve had pummelled out of us to settle for less and accept less.  I don’t agree, and these Terms & Conditions are how I am reclaiming this protective mechanism with grace.

    The definition of responsibility I resonate with is not one that has to do with punctuality or clean uniforms or answering emails within 72 hours; for me,  it is the act of responsibly sharing and receiving energy, as well as the act of taking radical responsibility for our healing, our self-care and the containers in which we live AFTER leaving the space with me.

    I don’t play pretend, I don’t cut corners, I am honest in the ways that I exist even when that full spectrum of my emotional existence confronts the ceiling you call a roof over your head. 

    What does this mean? 

    I pledge that I will only show up when my energy is vibrating at a frequency that benefits those who receive it. If I compromise here for the sake of showing up to rid myself of pressure, I cheat you of a full experience with maximum opportunity for impact. If I compromise here for the sake of showing up to rid myself of pressure, I perpetuate martyrdoom for us all.  If I compromise here for the sake of showing up to rid myself of pressure, I participate in a culture where people and businesses go bankrupt emotionally before they go bankrupt financially.  

    I pledge that I will always take radical responsibility of my healing, my self-care and the containers in which I live, recuperate and re-energise BEFORE arriving in the space with you, and AFTER leaving the space without you.

    I urge you to do the same.

    And as you continue to get to know yourself and understand your own energy as it ebbs & flows, you too will see that purchasing, participating in conversations or course curriculum when you are NOT vibrating at the right frequency, can cause dire consequences for those in the same space as you - teachers and students, facilitators and participants. For example, even showing up online when you are in a negative or low mood can have inadvertent consequences. The contagion effect of negativity in online groups initiates long loops of compassion fatigue in people trying to support you. It is so important to be conscious of HOW you show up. Always ask yourself, does my participation or involvement take away or add to the situation? Does what I have to say or share raise or lower the vibration of the collective?

    Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds.


    Following my own inner work around releasing expectations, I now have clear perimeters on what I am expecting. 

    Some important discernments;

    If you are unable to be flexible with the development and delivery of products of services, based on my managing of my energy, you are advised not to work with me or participate in courses and/or events I am co-facilitating.

    Examples of how this might adversely play out is (including but not limited to);

    1. Bringing unresolved issues (such as familial or relationship) or unaddressed trauma to the digital or physical spaces facilitated by me or my team members, with no consideration as to how it affects me or other participants and purchasers;

    2. Bringing unhealthy relationships with money and/or financial stress into our interactions and exchanges, points of sale or check out that directly affect the financial sanctity of the space;

    3. Drawing conclusions that are projections of your inner climate and/or scapegoating all of your self-initiated problems on myself, my business/es, companies, my products and services, in order to avoid responsibility or hold yourself accountable.

    4. Not caring for yourself by neglecting my foundational 8 Fs (fatigue, fluids, food, fresh air, fun, friendship, finances, fitness), and subsequently projecting your imbalance and ill health in the form of passive aggressive or defensive commentary or action. 

    5. Being in a state of bleeding, exhaustion or general ill health, and failing to prioritise your needs, and subsequently turning into a tornado who needs a hug but tastes resentful. 

    Individuals who are not committed to knowing themselves as the maestro of their presence and Santa of their presents, while being responsible for how they recognise and manage them accordingly, are not suited to the spaces I curate. 

  • Shared Respect 
  • My definition of integrity is knowing what your best looks like, and subsequently living the embodied expression of your ‘best’ in all facets of the word, in a holistic, in alignment and in flow, dedication to the greater good kind of way. This is what I take to you and it is what I ask in return. Please, do not purchase from me or work with me unless you are as you say you are, and  acting like who it is you want to be; your commitment to being a part of the solution only shows when an abandoning of identities, stories, scripts and thought that keep us complicit to the problem, are addressed head on.

    In consideration of the above, I’ve created a set of agreements that amalgamate 17 years of lived experience as an entrepreneur, creatrix, activist, philanthropist, teacher and mother, all my mistakes and all my lessons, all my wins and all the wonders. I developed this with honest and inspired clarity,in hopes of being as clear as possible in my intentions and expectations, as well as what to expect from me in return. 

  • Personality 
  • I am a manifesting generator human design type with a martyr\heretic profile, an ENFJ-A (DIPLOMAT + PEOPLE MASTERY) Meyer-Briggs personality type, and an Aquarian sun sign + Virgo Ascendant + Gemini Midheaven + Taurus Moon + Taurus North Node + Pisces Venus + Pisces Mercury. What the hell does that mean? A LOT. And if you are not aware of those details, or at the very minimum incredibly interested with each interweaving of our(my) beings - this(us) won’t work. Much like you, I operate at very specific frequencies which allow me to show up in the world and in my life as effectively and poignantly as possible. With greater awareness for each of these threads, I am able to weave a web where I am working with my personal strategy VS working against it (which is what many people are inadvertently doing when they subconsciously avoid knowing themselves. Working against our personal strategies creates a perpetual energy leak and an eating of energetic, physical and mental resources. I take the ‘knowing’ of my personality very seriously because as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, ‘your personality creates your personal reality.’ I will not derail from the honouring of my blueprint in order to accommodate your projections of not knowing yourself. 

    I believe wholeheartedly in the teacher + student relationship in a way that is a dance that benefits both individuals - in humility, I am always learning from my students. This being said, you are coming into my space voluntarily, whilst I am in the role of teacher, you were not forced or persuaded to join me. I want to be respected and treated as such. For this reason, my needs and non-negotiables become the priority because they create the container that holds everyone else. If you come to me to learn, respect the container in which I teach. 

    What do you need to know? 

    I am an electric, eccentric, gregarious, working & acting from the future, deeply feeling but extremely detached - a cocktail necessary for keep doing what I do. I am notoriously soft, but padded with a ruthless savagery I have learned through the art of earning. I am always creating. I change my mind often. I learn from experience. I am an intensely feeling human being with razor sharp intuition. I am a leader who speaks in light codes. I am extremely generous with my time, energy, effort and devotion to the collective. This being said, I have stepped into a way of being that has no problems asserting my own needs or exercising my boundaries. 

    • Timelines, pressure, punctuality and linear concepts that inherently stifle my creative process are not welcome in my space. 

    • Those who are uncomfortable with chaos theory and the environment necessary for my work to be born & sustained are not welcome in my space. 

    • If you are an individual who is uncomfortable with spontaneity, frequent changes and/or evolution, and requires a continuous sense of control in order to function and/or be happy, will not be suited for the spaces I create. 

    • If you are an individual who has emotional, physical, mental needs that are beyond the realms of what I am able to ethically or sustainably support, you might not be best placed to work with me at this moment in time. This is NOT an act of exclusion - it is an act of radical responsibility as a leader, speaker, teacher and pioneer in the paradigm shift.

    •  I am not here to convert skeptics - I am here to live my truth.

    Honouring my needs so I can honour you.

     Honouring my needs so I have the space available for the limited amount of people I can inspire genuine change in.

    Honouring my needs so I can create the most fertile ground for every single seed.

    Honouring my needs in order to inspire you to do the same.

    1. Passion 

    I am an extremely passionate, driven, proactive and productive human being. If being around someone who is the blazing flag for making the time to pursue what makes me happy and/or what gets me paid, triggers a defensive or judgemental reaction in you and/or inspires problematic feelings of insecurity or inadequacy, there is a strong possibility that the spaces I facilitate or the work that I create, are not necessarily suited to you. 

    My passion is instinctively led and fed by my erotic + esoteric nature. I don’t believe in work or a life that is not fuelled by the full spectrum of our emotions as they meet our esoteric and erotic nature. If you don’t believe you can and/or are willing to lean into these emotions, esotericism and erotic magic - my work might not suit or benefit you at this time. 

    I use a plethora of words, expressive language and string lyricism tied to all types of emotion & feeling. I use ‘curse’ words (but I affectionately call them adjectives to describe how angry or how happy I am!). I speak loudly, I cry in public, I show up in vulnerability. Often, I come to the online or in person events clothed or completely naked. I reference magic, the occult, astrology, mythology, sex, sensuality, love, romance, intimacy etc. in explicit but respectful ways. I do not censor myself - always in respect and in awareness of those I work with or those who witness me. This being said, being aware of what to expect, and therefore, being acutely aware of the energy you bring to the spaces where not only am I ‘coming undone’, but where multiple people are - is critical. 

    If you are carrying a degree of bias, judgement, personal history, association to religion or church, etc. that would impact the space (digital or physical) and/or the people participating within it, you may need to reconsider how you are engaging with my brand and/or products. I need a safe space to lead from the heart - kindly consider this.


    None of my courses (Dynamo Doula™, Visibility For Visionaries, Medicine of Self, Witness, Untethered, etc.)  provide ‘formal’ certification. 

    Do you need formal accreditation to be a Doula? 

    Does your Dynamo Doulatraining offer formal accreditation?

     There are no national or international bodies regulating Doula work, and as such there is no regulating body offering high level accreditation. Be very careful of any training organisation claiming they are formally accrediting you. You can find a number of Doula Training Organisations offering certification but in theory, certification is not necessary to practice as a Doula. This program is a high level training that spans over 40 modules, covering all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum and parenting in a way that is all encompassing (medical/clinical, emotional, spiritual, political etc.), in direct relation to supporting the client, their partner and family from conception straight through to the first year of their lives as parents. Completing it will give you all the information and insight you could possibly need to confidently deliver on your dreams of being an incredible Doula committed to bringing humanity back to the human experience.. The most successful students in the Dynamo Doula course are operating stellar businesses without a certification. Please do not study Dynamo Doula™ theory and ethos with me if you are more concerned with a ‘certification’ as this will not be the program for you.

    Products & Services

    • Online Courses (Evergreen & Live Launch)

    • Online Learning

    • The Billionaire Babes Club

    • Coaching

    • Professional Development 

    • Personal Development

    • Spiritual, Esoteric, Mystical

    • Energetic Healing

    • Events

    • WombQuake

    • Physical Products (Ship To Customer)

    • Digital Products (Instant Download)

    • Speaking

    • Teaching

    • Facilitating

    All current offers will be available on my website www.angel-phoenix.com

    Offers are subject to change. Should changes occur, you will be notified via one of the mediums I use. None of my offerings ever ‘downgrade’ so you will always be offered something or equal or greater value, should I be at fault.

    You agree that changes happen often and fast, and this is something you are conscious of.

    Tarot, Intuitive & Oracle Readings

    My tarot, intuitive and readings are strictly for entertainment and soul food purposes. Please seek out a professional should you need professional advice.

    Energetic Healing

    My energetic healing and light work is shamanic in nature and incorporates a multitude of high velocity sounds, touch and exchange. 

    These sessions take place in house at the Billionaire Babes Club or on site abroad.

    Please do not book these healing sessions if you are uncomfortable or triggered by close human contact, loud noises, esoteric content, personal and intimate conversations, etc.

    My energetic healing and light work does not replace the care of a licensed physician, midwife, psychologist, counsellor etc.

    Purchase Terms

      • By entering into this agreement, you are committing time and effort to learn and practice the methods and processes that I teach. I teach using conversation, feeling, connection, channeling, organic and intuitively led discourse, spontaneous activities and suggestion. I do not use conventional teaching methods (listen, exercise to reinforce, memorise, test, stamp of approval, exit.) No one course is the same. No one event is the same. No one online program is the same. No one circle or meeting is the same. This is where the magic happens - a web of different people, different stories, different energy and the dance that follows. If you cannot participate in the above container as it ebbs & flows, as well as wholly participate in the exercises, meditations or activities, you will not leave the immersive exchange in a way that feels full or beneficial. Please refer to my Instagram Highlights to first hand accounts of what it feels like to work with me.

      • I do not claim that my methods are the only methods. But to get the best out of our interactions and to succeed in making the most out of any program or product, I strongly recommend following my teachings, unless you find a way that works better for you in a particular situation, in which case we urge you to brainstorm about this with peers or colleagues you respect who might provider further insight or suggestions on how to further your own self-exploration. 

      • By entering into this agreement, you agree to abide by the highest standard of good ethical conduct when using the processes I teach you or when using the products you buy from me or when attending an event (or other instances we are working together). 

      • This includes intentionally not using the processes or information taught to cause harm or injury or for any illegal purpose.

    • You agree not to sell, give away, publish, post or modify any of my content or give anyone access to your user account.

    • If you make any content available through or in connection with this course in a way that impedes on the legal permission granted to you here, you hereby grant me a royalty-free, irrevocable perpetual right to use your content in any way I see fit, in exchange for stealing my content.

    In addition to this, you will face...

  • removal from one or more of my programs.
  • removal, delete and/or blocking you from every account, group or course.
  • removal and/or delete of any reference of you and/or your business on my website, directory or social media channels.\
  • you lose all privileges that come with my support and affiliation.
  • you are no longer allowed to call yourself a Dynamo Doula ™ and/or use the logo and/or claim to be affiliated with me or any of my businesses or programs.

    No Guarantees

      1. I cannot offer a guarantee that you will find success using my methods. 

      2. I cannot offer a guarantee on results - you are responsible for actioning theory.

      3. I cannot guarantee this content will not be confronting.

      4. I cannot guarantee I will always have the answers.

      5. I cannot guarantee that you will always be right.

      6. I cannot guarantee that anything I say will work for you or improve your life because I have no control over your inner journey and ongoing excavation.

      7. I cannot guarantee my availability to you.

      8. I can only guarantee my integrity.


    Breakdown & Breakthroughs

    The only way to attain a level of clarity, revelation and freedom I desire for you (modelled after the desire I sought for myself) is through the same way nature requires germination, gestation, new growth and birth.

    In the dark, buried, alone, unsure but trusting. 

    Where does the seed go to grow?

    Where does the baby go to become and emerge?

    Where does the caterpillar go to become a butterfly?

    A new experiment shows that quantum leaps are not instant. By making a kind of high-speed movie of a quantum leap, the work reveals that the process is as gradual as the melting of a snowman in the sun. “If we can measure a quantum jump fast and efficiently enough,” said Michel Devoret of Yale University, “it is actually a continuous process.”

    Why is this important? There is no shortcut. There is no getting to the light without the dark, and no feeling lighter without a staring at your chains in the face. We get to choose how quickly we evolve and how easy it is - there are no rules except one...there is no getting to the breakthrough without the breakdown/s (especially with me). 

    It is your responsibility to manage these and care for yourself in that dark, grounded state. 

    Just like the universe, if I didn’t make you uncomfortable, you wouldn’t move.


    Similar to the temporary depression and/or chemical imbalance experienced by submissives after BDSM play, it is incredibly common to leave our interactions with gigantic vulnerability hangovers and/or feelings of confusion. I am a dominatrix in many ways, and as I push your many limits in order for you to come undone, a certain after effect takes place. Particularly in intense, immersive learning experiences, it might also feel like the baby blues, after birth crash or postpartum depression. And in SO many ways you are experiencing the death of your old self and the birth of your new self - please be gentle with yourself by releasing feelings of shame or guilt, and inviting in a level of intimate love & care that you are uniquely positioned to provide to yourself. 

    I do the best I can to support  you in the spaces we share, but afterwards I have to focus on caring for myself. It is your responsibility to practice rigorous adoration of self with real time actions that fill your cup and energise a body & soul working so hard to actualise. 

    In addition to this, I cannot operate out of scope, nor can I offer medical or psychological care.

    Should the need arise, please consider contacting your local crisis hotline and/or professional support person. You can find these on any major search engine. 

    In Australia,

    • 000 is the national emergency number.

    • Lifeline is a 24-hour nationwide service that provides access to crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services. It can be reached at 13 11 14. They also offer an online chat service.

    • Kids Helpline is a 24-hour nationwide service that provides access to crisis support, suicide prevention and counselling services for Australians aged 5–25. It can be reached at 1800 55 1800. In addition the Kids Helpline does also provide online chat services.

    • Beyond Blue provides nationwide information and support regarding anxiety, depression, and suicide. It has a helpline which can be reached by calling 1300 22 4636. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the organisation also provides online chat.

    Expecting Changes

    99.8% of individuals who work with me change in some way or another. This is especially true for those who attend in-person learning experiences with me. Because they are high impact and dense in content, changes happen quickly. Most frequently experienced are changes related to the relationships we are currently participating in. 

    It is strongly recommended that before you attend these events, that you warn your partner/s, children, family and friends that you will not be coming home the same person. After all, isn’t that what you came for? Give them an opportunity to step up and grow alongside you. Most of the time, the real fear is what it costs us to choose our ‘happy’. 

    Please be open and willing to sever what doesn’t serve you. Often conversations with those we love is all it takes. Believe in these changes and they might be inspired to do the same. Mitigating these changes is your responsibility. Please do not project your personal experiences onto our working relationship.

    This work is my life, and just as I am a cyclical creature, my business waxes and wanes, too. If you don’t feel comfortable with rapid and bold changes in your educators or mentors, or epic changes in your content as I become inspired - please refrain from working with me because changing my mind is one of my favourite things to do.

    Intellectual Property & Goodwill

    • My intellectual property is everything that I teach publicly and privately, that I share across all social media platforms publicly and privately,  all methods, plans, charts, podcasts, materials (electronic or otherwise), videos, workbooks, slides, graphics, blogs, trade marks (whether registered in your country or not) and anything else I produce or provide to you in relation to the services that I offer.

    • I am generous with sharing my intellectual property. Please understand that this information is my intellectual property and shared with you, only for you, in confidence - irregardless if it is exchanged at a dollar amount or gifted for free.

    • My intellectual property may only be shared when discussing your experiences as a student or participant on social media, but I must be tagged in each of these. Under no circumstances can you claim my work or my words are yours. 

    • You may also choose to screenshot content you come across in my online programs. Please ensure a maximum of 150 words are captured and/or highlighted, and that I am credited accordingly. 

    You may share my work on your blog or v-log but please credit me appropriately.

    • The use of my intellectual property is further limited by clause 30 below;

    • My intellectual property may not be shared with anyone or used for any other purpose than the nature of the intended exchange.

    • Teaching my methods to others and claiming it as your own without paying me a royalty or licence fee is illegal and will be prosecuted. I am open to negotiating this option on a case-by-case basis, but permission will only be granted when agreed in writing and signed by both you and me.

    • If you are training or have trained with me under specific ‘facilitator’ training to become a facilitator (teacher of my work), you have greater leeway in what you can share. Please refer to training terms for clarification on this.

    • You may not use the material in my courses or events or social media platforms or writings, to create your own course or to generate an income to teach others how to be specialists in these arenas you sought my expertise -  using my content and selling it as your personal & professional expertise is illegal. 

    • Any of the above becomes a material term of this agreement and you agree that if you break this term, we will be entitled to an amount of liquidated damages of USD 500 000 for each breach, for breach of trust and loss of confidentiality, plus any further damages as may be assessed.

    • Anyone breaking this rule or making plans with anyone else to break this rule will be immediately removed from our social media group/s and online course access without notice and without any refund.

    • My intellectual property is licensed to you under the terms of this agreement. No intellectual property will be transferred to you as a result of attending my courses or events..

    • You agree you may not (i) copy, modify, or create derivative works based on our intellectual property (ii) distribute, transfer, sublicense, lease, lend, or rent our intellectual property to any third party; (iii) modify, decompile, or disassemble our intellectual property.

    • All rights in and to our content, including, without limitation, all copyright and other intellectual property rights, are retained by us.

    • The intellectual property provisions provide ongoing obligations which will survive the termination of this agreement.

    • You acknowledge that if you create or attempt to create a course which is in competition with this course or with our business anywhere in the world, we will cancel your membership of our site and groups, remove your access to our site and groups, and you will receive no refund in such an event. 

    • You agree that at a minimum, you will be liable to us for an amount of USD 500 000 liquidated damages for breach of trust, being our estimated investment in the creation of this course, in financial outlay as well as unpaid time expended by the course creators. In addition, we reserve the right to an injunction to stop you from offering such a course and also reserve the right to recover damages and/or an account of profits.

    • You agree that clause 37 is fair and reasonable, given:

      • These courses and events are a world-wide first,

      • They can’t be taught by anyone but me,

      • They have a unique approach and unique content,

      • And a significant amount of original thought and effort, time and money has been invested in creating this course. 

      • Costs (including unpaid time of the creator are estimated at around USD 500 000 or more), such costs having been incurred on a speculative basis with no guarantee of return on investment.

      Confidentiality and Respect

      • I recognise that anything that you share with us is regarded as confidential, whether it is business or personal information. We undertake not to, at any time, either directly or indirectly use or disclose any information that you share with us, unless we are required to do so by law, or when seeking legal advice, or if you give us permission to share such information. We may share what we talk about in a way that does not reveal your identity.

      • While we do ask attendees of our groups to be mindful of confidentiality of any business information revealed during workshops or group sessions, we do ask that you do not reveal anything you are not comfortable having repeated, because sometimes people do forget about the confidentiality requirements, and we cannot guarantee that people in our groups will keep any shared information confidential.

      Media coverage is a large part of how I am able to market my work. It is those photos and videos that have most likely seduced you safely into my circle. By working with me and/or attending my events, you consent (only if you are over 18+) to having your photo and video taken by our resident videographers and photographers. Further consent will be required the day of said event where signed released become available. You however understand that by attending my events, you will most likely be asked to consent to general event photography.

      Social Media 

      • All members, students and participants need to follow rules which we may change from time to time. These will be shown on the relevant social media group page, should it exist. These rules would say things like, you need to treat other members with respect, even after you or they leave the group.

      • Also, please note that social media platform rules change from time to time. Sometimes these changes may mean that a technique we have taught you is affected by the rule change is no longer (as) effective. Naturally, we have no control over such changes, and will not be responsible for any losses arising from such changes.

      • Anyone trying to convince people not to attend my course and/or individuals caught speaking ill of me and/or my work and/or my businesses will also be removed from our social media groups without notice and will be pursued legally. We reserve full legal rights in respect of such comments, should they occur.

      • Breach of these material terms (and our intellectual property terms) means that you forfeit your membership to our group/s and online content, no matter what membership plan you have entered the group under and even if you have paid for such membership (and no refund will be given if such payment has been made).

      • Please remember that social media can be a wild place and people may create false or misleading profiles. Sensible caution should be taken when doing business (or having personal contact) with anyone you meet via social media.

      • While we make every effort to ensure that we know members of our social media groups personally or at least by online reputation, we give no guarantee of any sort about anyone you meet via social media including via our group/s.

      Cancellations & Replacements

      Given the extent of information available through my online portal (which is accessible as soon as you make your first payment), I do not accept cancellations or offer refunds. Naturally, you may elect not to complete all the course requirements, but you no refunds or replacement will be honoured.

      • No refunds are given under any circumstances.

      • I reserve the right to cancel or postpone any workshop, seminar, speaking or webinar event, course or 1:1 session, should exceptional circumstances require me to do so. 

      Because I am a single mother and multiple business owner, please allow time before and after 1-1 events in the event I am late. 

      I am not responsible for any refund or replacement should I be late to a call or service.

      • If I am unable to make the event, I/we will work with you to book you into a different event as per the course or on a date that suits you. No refunds will be given and the payment plan agreed to will still need to be complied with, if this happens. 

      • While I (Angela Gallo) will present most face-to-face sessions and attend most 1:1 sessions personally, she reserves the right to engage a suitably trained replacement person at no notice to you.


      • Costs are available on request and may differ depending on the course, workshop, webinar or similar; which you sign up for. 

      Currency for payments will change depending on where the offering is taking place.

      • If I have agreed that you may pay by instalments, you must pay each instalment to me in full by the instalment payment date.

      • If you miss an instalment payment, then you agree that all amounts under this agreement become due and owing and must be paid to me within 72 hours at a maximum, without off-set, counterclaim or delay. If any payment dates are not met, I reserve the right to cancel this agreement and no refund or credit will be given and you will still be responsible for the full payment amount. 

      • If follow up and pursuit of outstanding balance is not successful, this will result in loss of access to group/s and/or online material.

      • If you miss an instalment payment and the amount owing is not paid to me immediately, you understand a third party collection service will be engaged to retrieve balance owing until it is the amount is paid in full.

      If you are on a Paypal or Stripe payment or subscription or installment plan - do not autonomously cancel your plan or subscription in your recurring payments dashboard. If you do this, your total outstanding amount will be tripled for acting outside of your scope in the payment processing system.

      If your payment profile has been suspended due to many missed payments, and I am unable to collect the funds automatically, you are responsible for paying your outstanding balance +149$.

      There are 2 options to pay your balance;

      1. www.paypal.me/angelagallo and input the dollar amount, inclusive of mentioned late fees.

      2. Once paid, screenshot and send confirmation of payment to angel@reverenceofself.com

      3. Deposit by Australian bank transfer to Angela Gallo Education & Training PTY LTD BSB 062692 ACCT 33488889 and use ‘YOURNAME’  as reference. No international transfer is possible.

      4. 4. Make sure funds are deposited in the right currency or currency equivalent as you will fall short on total outstanding balance.

      If missed payment/s is not received within 72 hours the following occurs;

      • your debt is handed to a collection agency who will pursue the full balance & their additional fee & my additional fee;

      • removal from one or more of my programs;

      • removal, delete and/or blocking you from every account, group or course;

      • being banned from all my other offerings;

      • removal and/or delete of any reference of you and/or your business on my website, directory or social media channels;

      • your name is then added to a list of non-paying and non-performing students that gets referred to regularly in the building and managing of my multiple online and in person communities;

      • you lose all privileges that come with my support and affiliation;

      • you are no longer allowed to call yourself a Dynamo Doula and/or use the logo and/or claim to be affiliated with me or any of my businesses or programs.


      Based on current Australian law and financial requirements, I have to include a 10% GST on everything I sell. This is NOT included in the price and will be added at checkout.

      Discount Codes

      Discount codes, promotional codes or coupons cannot be used more than once. You cannot combine any of those offers - only one code or discount at a time. You are prohibited from sharing discount codes or promotional offers.

      Shipping and/or Delivery of Services

      I am a single mother to two kids and two dogs who live in Australia AND I am single handedly packing it all- there will always be a slight delay in the shipping and delivery of your products or services. I do my absolute best to move items efficiently and quickly, but there are variables beyond my control. For example, international deliveries, customs audit, client providing the wrong address, internal issues with Australia Post, etc.

      All Australian items are shipped and tracked by express post. These typically arrive within 3 business days of dispatch if you live in metropolitan areas.

      All international orders are sent by regular post, and unfortunately, unable to be tracked. International orders can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to arrive, from the day they are dispatched. 

      Shipment progress updates will be manually inputted. If you haven’t received a physical product within 3 weeks after confirmation that it was shipped, please contact me on my website to troubleshoot.

      Digital Instant Downloads and available instantly via email. Please ensure that you have ‘whitelisted’ my email angel@reverenceofself.com in order to ensure my correspondence does not go to junk mail. If you haven’t received your digital product within 72 hours, please contact me on my website to troubleshoot.

      If you have an issue with any of the above specifications, do not purchase from me.


      Presale purchases have no guaranteed drop or ship date. Any description of the item and/or any date whereby ship date is described, is simply an estimation. Please be aware that due to the precarious nature of printing, publishing, shipping, creative rest and/or mom life, there are never any guarantees as to when the product will arrive. All updates on presale orders will be sent to your email. Please ensure my email angel@reverenceofself.com is ’whitelisted’ as to avoid my correspondence going to junk and you missing any update orders. It is your responsibility to ensure I have the correct contact and shipping details. In-person services, consultations and/or healings.

      Force Majeure

      • If any services under this agreement need to be postponed due to an “act of God” or an act of nature or other circumstances beyond our control, such as strikes or cancellation of flights or internet outages, we will notify you as soon as we can of any postponement, alternative dates or cancellation should it be applicable.


      • My in-person workshops are held in locations that I trust, but please make sure that you have your own insurance to cover you in the unlikely event of damage or loss of property or personal injury when attending my events or seeing me for a service, as I will not be responsible for any such damage or costs.


      Your Indemnity

      • To the fullest extent allowable by law, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold me, my people, my affiliates, my content providers and their respective directors, officers, employees, shareholders, partners and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, liability, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees on a solicitor and client basis) as a result of any services you provide after being trained by me/us or in connection with my training, this agreement, the performance or alleged or actual breach of it.

      General Provisions

      To the extent permitted by law, I, we and our people shall not be liable for any damages, costs or losses whatsoever arising as a result of attending my training or using my training or materials.

      To the extent permitted by law, I, we and our people shall not be liable for any damages, costs or losses whatsoever arising as a result of cancelling and/or leaving my training or using my training or materials.

      • Should any liability attach, despite the clauses above, to the extent permitted by law, our liability and the liability of our people under this agreement shall not exceed the total aggregate amount you have paid to me for my services or training or retreat or product.

      • Any failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right for any later instance of performance or enforcement.

      • This Agreement is not assignable by you without our prior written consent. We may assign this Agreement without your consent to any other party so long as such party agrees to be bound by its terms.

      • If any provision of this Agreement is wholly or partially unenforceable, the parties or, in the event the parties are unable to agree, a court of competent jurisdiction, shall put in place of such whole or part provision of an enforceable provision or provisions, that as closely as possible reflects the terms of the unenforceable whole or part provision but makes them enforceable.

      • Unless prohibited by operation of law, this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Queensland and the federal laws of Australia.

      • Neither party will be liable for performance delays nor non-performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control, except for payment obligations.

      • We do not make any guarantees as to the accuracy or quality of any third party information or services provided to you on our platforms or during our course, or linked to our platforms / courses / sites / pages. You agree that we will not be liable or responsible for any loss, damage, refunds, costs or any other matters of any sort as a result of dealing with such third party information or services.


      • You acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand it, and have had an opportunity to seek independent legal advice before agreeing to it. In consideration of us agreeing to provide the content, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

      • By signing up for my/our services, attending one of our workshops or webinars or coaching sessions, accessing our online content, booking into one of my services, renting The Billionaire Babes Club, or making any payment to me/us, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

      • By ticking a tick box agreeing to these terms and conditions on the checkout page or otherwise agreeing to these terms and conditions or by the act of using my content or registration as a user on my website, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

      • You warrant that you have full legal capacity to enter into this agreement.

      • Should any clause or sub-clause be deemed unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement will be enforceable so as to give effect to the remainder of this agreement, with an interpretation as near as possible to the unenforceable provision, as is enforceable.

      • Should any liquidated damages amount in this agreement be considered inappropriate or unenforceable by a court, a different amount may be substituted by a court, being an amount as close as possible to the amount stated in this agreement, as allowed by the court.

      • This agreement is governed by the laws of Australia and you agree that any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court nominated by us at the time a dispute arises.

      • This is an important legal agreement and we recommend you seek legal advice before entering into it and agreeing to your obligations in it.

      • Some copyright in the wording of this agreement belongs to Acacia Law. You may not use it, or any part of it without their written permission and payment of a licence fee. For details please email contracts@acacialaw.com