WombQuake™ is here and it's a scorcher. A program created to help you reclaim both the volcano's crust and the lava within; soul-shatteringly beautiful. It's time to meet the edges of your insides.


My first shamanic style digital deep dive offering.

It's like sex ed for your pineal gland meeting the rumpus of the Akashic records, a remembering and a becoming in the sensory feast of the coming undone.

This is an instructional series that takes you on an epic journey of self-discovery from the third eye to the eye of your pussy. Using a variety of breathe work techniques, somatic release principles and dark embodiment practices, I show you the exact ways I move taught myself to move through womb related illness, stress and trauma straight into a shamanic state of vision and pleasure.

99$ (valued at 299$)

What does it include?

  • 10 short form instructional videos w/ captions
  • Daily Practice PDF Download
  • Spotify Playlist

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For entertainment and personal development purposes.  ● Please see Terms & Conditions  ● This video course includes use of language, content and nudity which may be shocking or offensive to some. You are responsible for mitigating these triggers and release Angela Gallo (Angela Gallo Education & Training PTY LTD) from any cause and effect that may result in consuming or using this content.

Diversity & Inclusion Agreement

I want to see every human fully and completely supported in their autonomy and ownership of who they are and how they live. A massive component of approaching this soul-shattering work responsibly and sustainably is acknowledging whom I may not be best suited to work with. Because my work is rooted in the womb – which is often seen as a gendered space - I want to address gender diversity, specifically.

My work centers women. It is the embodiment of the feminine experience, of pussy power, of taking up space and celebrating the beauty of menstruation, birth, and sex.

If you are a cisgender woman with shared values and vision, I can confidently say it is time for you to step into my sphere – come on in! If you are a person who was assigned female at birth, a person with a uterus, a person whose embodied and lived experience expands beyond the binary – I hope you are equally as excited about working together, but I want to be clear and upfront about the ways in which my work centers women, so that you can decide for yourself what is safest and feels best for you.

I see and love my trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming siblings, and am forever committed to the continuation of my own education in order to better show up for and make space for the gender-queer community. I am also working on a stellar directory of trans-centered and trans-competent professionals to better meet the needs of individuals who may be best served by someone else, so stay tuned.