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WombQuake™ is a moving meditation that incorporates a variety of eros themed practices & exercises which are meant to engage the body, mind and etheric field, ultimately giving way to a vivified relationship with the womb space and sexual organs. It is a 4 step process that engages the pineal gland (third eye), womb, clitoris, vulva and vagina via gentle exploration of self.

Techniques used resemble that of shamanic breathwork, ecstatic embodiment dance, vocal toning and self-pleasure.

Participants are encouraged to explore these modalities prior to enrolling in order to achieve greater understanding of what is required to achieve the greatest benefit from all that WombQuake™ offers.

  • By participating in WombQuake™, the participant or attendee understands and acknowledges that the content included within this program & community;

    - is not intended to replace any relationship that the participant may have with an existing health care provider. Any facilitator or contributor within this program the participant learns from will qualify as a client - provider relationship.
    - is not meant to diagnose or treat any existing or underlying medical condition.
    - is not meant to replace professional advice from any designated health care professional.
  • - does not qualify as professional medical advice to any degree and is not intended to be consumed as professional medical advice.
    - includes the use of language and imagery that may be perceived as offensive or graphic to some users, as such, you view at your own risk and release heirs & trustees (WombQuake™) from any liability associated to any reactions to said content.
    - includes content that may affect those taking medication for any medical conditions such as, epilepsy, heart conditions, bi-polar, pregnancy, or schizophrenia. The participant acknowledges that they have consulted their health professional regarding any physical, mental or emotional condition that could interfere with their judgement in partaking in this program, or of which would affect their health during any which part of this program. The participant understands that they are responsible for any effect coming from the cause that results from any participation in any WombQuake™ session.
    - participants understand and acknowledge that by participating in WombQuake™, they do so at their own risk. Since WombQuake™ is experiential in nature and the extent of benefits are not fully known, the participants agrees to assume and accept full and complete responsibility for any known and unknown risks associated with their participation in any and all session(s), including any physical injury, psychological or emotional effects, death, loss, or property damage.

Diversity & Inclusion Agreement

I want to see every human fully and completely supported in their autonomy and ownership of who they are and how they live. A massive component of approaching this soul-shattering work responsibly and sustainably is acknowledging whom I may not be best suited to work with. Because my work is rooted in the womb – which is often seen as a gendered space - I want to address gender diversity, specifically.

My work centers women. It is the embodiment of the feminine experience, of pussy power, of taking up space and celebrating the beauty of menstruation, birth, and sex.

If you are a cisgender woman with shared values and vision, I can confidently say it is time for you to step into my sphere – come on in! If you are a person who was assigned female at birth, a person with a uterus, a person whose embodied and lived experience expands beyond the binary – I hope you are equally as excited about working together, but I want to be clear and upfront about the ways in which my work centers women, so that you can decide for yourself what is safest and feels best for you.

I see and love my trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming siblings, and am forever committed to the continuation of my own education in order to better show up for and make space for the gender-queer community. I am also working on a stellar directory of trans-centered and trans-competent professionals to better meet the needs of individuals who may be best served by someone else, so stay tuned.


The Online Community

Please consider this your formal invitation to my extra secret online space. I created a community forum that I own 100%, which essentially means that I don't need to be attached to mainstream social media to stay connected to my people...a feat that was proving to suck me dry with the continuous algorithm changes and censorship laws. As I bridge into more content that is graphic by nature, and have more conversations that will piss off the patriarchy, this seemed like the best way to keep in touch with those who work with me and to make sure you have a professionally moderated space that you can lean into for additional value.
In recent years, I have felt myself slipping into old attachment avoidant styles, pulling away from relationships with those in my immediate and broader circles because I felt sick to my stomach martyring myself into the floor with no reward beyond body language & passive aggressiveness that tasted like 'you're never doing enough'.
With the right coaching and love from those closest to me, I realised that the appropriate action was bringing a more commercial approach to my business - focusing in creating a container that kept the vesta of my vision alive...the only way to do this was stamping out all energy leaks manifested from a failure to assert my boundaries and honour predictions I made in the social network sector.
As such, I am excited to roll out this community forum. I know it is the first step in a process that carries us closer to our goals as both individuals and as the collective. Please make good use of it!
Follow These Instructions -
1. Click on the hyperlink above that reads 'Join The Online Forum Here!' Or SAVE THIS LINK for access.
2. You will be redirected to the forum page. You must register and create an account before you can interact in the forum.
3. Once you have created an account, you will notice 'WombQuake' is password protected. Please use the password WombQuake2020 - remember that it is case sensitive so must be spelled out exactly as is.
4. You can now create a post!

By the mid-sixteenth century, physicians began to argue that some women accused of witchcraft were suffering from mental illness rather than corrupted by evil spirits. This reevaluation began the shift toward gendering madness as female. Physician Johann Weyer and Reginald Scot, who was a justice, were among the first to denounce the persecution of witchcraft, suggesting that rather than be subject to trials, victims should be under a physician’s care being treated for psychiatric or pathological disease. As medical advances were made in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries and the profession itself gained prestige, medical treatises in the vernacular were popular and circulated widely. Diagnoses of madness then led to more secular perceptions of insanity. Three doctors were largely responsible for documenting madness in the late sixteenth century: Richard Napier, Timothy Bright, and Edward Jorden. Napier was a physician, minister, and astrologer from 1597 to 1634. He treated about 60,000 patients from all social classes in Great Linford, England, including those with disorders of the mind and those accused of witchcraft. Symptoms of such were reported as: having visions, feeling haunted or suicidal, suffering fits, swooning, or trembling. Napier prescribed a variety of medical, astrological, and spiritual treatments, including purges, cordials, bloodletting, amulets, and prayer. Timothy Bright was a physician and parson who wrote the Treatise of Melancholie in 1586 and claimed that the causes of melancholia were bad diet, bad air, a sedentary life, worry, and a guilty conscience, factors that affected the physical humors. Edward Jorden, a London physician who attended witchcraft trials as an expert witness, wrote A briefe discourse of a Disease Called the Suffocation of the Mother in 1603. In this treatise, Jorden distinguished "Suffocation of the Mother" (the term “mother” being an antiquated usage of uterus) or strangulatus uteri, as different from bewitchment and asserted that there were natural causes for insanity and placed the cause of physical and mental distraction in the uterus (Neely, 47-48, 79-81).

Remember that ANY online course is best viewed on desktop of laptop.

WombQuake™ is a moving meditation practice that uses shamanic breath work, embodied ecstatic dance, vocalisation and self-pleasure techniques to activate the third eye, womb, clitoris, vulva and vagina in order to engage the physical, mental, emotional and etheric fields, ultimately shifting a person's paradigm from non-receivership to unlimited receivership. I personally created this practice in 2018, making the decision to further develop it in January 2019. After the pregnancy and birth of my two children, as well as living various degrees of physical loss coming directly from poor societal support and the incessant barrage of the martyrdom flavoured motherhood archetype forced on many just like me. I felt disconnected from myself in ways I could never have preconceived. Even as a seasoned Doula working actively in the spheres of childbirth and child rearing, I felt that no one around me was speaking the language that spoke to my soul. I missed my pussy - where had she gone? And why was there just a shell of numbness left in the places that once felt so erogenous and alive with life?

The energy leak was vast and it became clear there were big decisions I needed to make. As such, this set me out on a quest of remodelling my personal and professional life. From here, serendipity and synchronicity put me on a path that had me placed at every type of catalyst moment one can imagine. What came from this was an awakening of sorts, an emergence from a deep hibernation I had been actively participating in without knowing it. And just like that, I used my relationship to my self as the stepping stone into a reality where I was no longer perpetuating a passive suicide of the soul. I attended various training events, immersive learning experiences, completed multiple online courses and threw myself into the deep end.

Time and time again, I could feel myself being called to do this. I remember sitting down in a breath work session once and a voice dropped in to say, 'Don't be afraid to be the whore'. So here I am, in all of my fecundity and all of my filth...this is how I used the sensory faculty and all energy available around me to unravel into a new state of personal power.

Of course, I hope that you have the most marvellous time getting to know yourself, but more so than that...I secretly hope that the next time you transcend all self-imposed limitations, your next orgasm is moaned in honour of me.

What you need to know before you start...

I developed this for individuals with a deep desire to radically reimagine their relationship to their womb space and sexual organs. As the nature of online WombQuake™ is experiential and self initiated, as well as self managed, it is imperative that women joining this grand adventure realise it is a solo effort that commands personal responsibility and commitment to the process. This is not a hand holding process in the slightest. This is not a formula based, tick the boxes and call it a day learning experience. This is fucking developing a religion around you as the deity, building altars out of your splendour and being the disciple to your greatness. If WombQuake™ doesn't 'work' ask yourself where your self-sabotage, consistency, blockages and fears are coming from. Make moves to shatter them or love them to light, seek out additional support in any of the areas. But god damn, do not try to convince yourself that you are too broken to benefit from each deliciously executed component of this program.

Build a ritual space for yourself. Something that feels like a temple of sorts. You will be moving about this space, treat it as if you were romancing a lover. What ambiance and environment would you curate to seduce or show affection to someone else? That is the same thought process I want you to indulge. I use fresh flowers, incense of all types, essential oils burning, a variety of altar pieces like taxidermy scorpions, snake skin, crystals, space stones, herbs, folklore dolls, oils for the skin, notes, mementos and so much more. I also dress to impress myself, including make up and lingerie pieces. I have a large mirror I use to witness myself and strongly suggest you incorporate this into your experience. It will be confronting before it feels ecstatic...put in the work to face yourself. I promise you will develop a level of intimacy with yourself that you didn't think possible. You can watch one of my recent rituals on the link below;


Explore. Experiment. Remain Enthusiastic. Those are the 3 words I am going to ask you keep at the forefront of your mind. There is nothing about WombQuake™ that should feel performative. I am not asking you to be something you are not inspired to authentically explore. What I am desiring for you is an interactive reality where you can feel safely turned on, and therefore, more likely to push forward on the path of raising standards of passionate living in your life. This isn't a race....it is a way of life. Remove the pressure from the scenario by releasing expectation and instead, invite pleasure into the spaces that you used to hold stress.

Remember....if it doesn't feel good, you are most likely forcing something that is not ready to happen. Focus instead on reassessing, recalibrating and reprogramming your thoughts. This is a HUGE part of the learning experience...checkin in with self while this turmoil happens!

Only watch the videos made available below when you are alone and free of all distractions, and when you have access to a laptop of desktop (try not to use a mobile phone as distractions, notifications and so on will pull you away). Do your best to use a high quality headset to immerse yourself in the sensory experience of it all. You should consider that you might want to be vocal when watching or implementing what you learn, so you may need additional time in privacy to explore this. Make it a routine to keep a journal handy to jot down all thoughts, epiphanies and breakthroughs pouring in via the mess and magic of breakdown.

This content includes material that is classified as erotic, sexual, sensual and/or pornographic. You will witness nudity of the flesh and nudity of the soul, you will see self-expression in its core essence. Therefore, individuals who have religious, cultural, political or similar bias or fears are asked to consider these with ease and grace before participating with energy that might project judgment onto myself or other facilitators.

I made this content available online in order for you to explore this in the safety of your home and space - please use the opportunity wisely and use this to develop greater means of exerting your boundaries in all areas you may feel unsafe or censored. Under no circumstance are you allowed to share the content found here within, with anybody at all. I am sharing the most intimate aspects of myself here, therefore you are asked to respect my integrity accordingly. This is my calling and it has been so scary to embrace it - making it safer for me makes all the difference.

Not wandering but autonomous: At the beginning of the professionalization of obstetrics and gynecology, a significant shift in the perception of the uterus occurred. The notion that the womb possesses its own volition and the capacity to move itself within the female body had long been a medical doctrine, dating at least as far back as the Hippocratic era. Scholars debated the existence of the so-called “wandering womb” until the eighteenth century. Even after that notion was put to rest, medical authors continued to use ideas about womb autonomy to explain problems in women’s bodies and various phenomena of generation, menstruation, passions, gestation, birth, and many diseases and disorders. Prior to the establishment of endocrinology in the mid-nineteenth century, and then, the discovery of hormones in the early twentieth century, several theories circulated about how the uterus affected the body and mind. For example, the womb could produce noxious vapors, press itself against the diaphragm, disrupt neural pathways, and release taints into the blood—any of which could impair a women’s health and psyche [Conversely, a women’s mind could influence the womb and, when gravid, the fetus (see Stafford, 1993)].

It was, as van Diemerbroeck averred, too frequently believed that the womb “is mov’d of it self by its own proper Power” (1694, p.174). Even after a woman’s death, some believed that the womb could remain alive. More than residual nervous twitches in an otherwise lifeless body, the womb was thought to be “a Creature of it self, not living a Life common to the rest of the Body” (vanDiemerbroeck, 1694, p.174).

Overview Of Techniques

Phase 1 - Listen & Learn

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Phase 2 - Implement & Practice

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Phase 3 - Integrate, Immerse & Master

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