59.99$ - The Crown E-Learning Library

59.99$ - The Crown E-Learning Library

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Get access to a series of my professionally recorded videos of my Dynamo Doula™ training, Visibility For Visionary™ , business courses and speaking events.

This is a bundle covering 100+ hours of content that has cost me over 75,000k$ to put together, including Masterclasses on everything from birth activism to esoterica. A real bag of tricks, party mix. It's really hard to part with my content like this, but I am trusting it is what I have go to do right now.

Consider this your official Jedi training.

Or the way you earn your stripes aboard the intergalactic skirt of the pussy portal.

Hell, maybe its the place you learn the skills to become the politician who changes the face of every system that's failing us.

Or maybe this is the hot spot you turn into the next Beyonce.

Whatever it is you are looking for, I hope it feeds your belly and fills every channel of your heart. I give everything to you in hopes that this gift will warm you in ways that transform your self-isolation experience. There has never been a better time to self-actualise.

Make it count.

It will be an honour to see you GLOW & GROW.

Every purchase helps me, my family and my people. And - you will have your mind blown in the process. A pretty solid trade off if ya ask me. 🐍

*** Read my general Terms & Conditions HERE ***

What You Need To Know

This is not a course or a certifying program. It is like going to the movies but its a marathon, and its all of your favourite movies playing back to back. Like binging on Netflix for 3 days straight on true crime documentaries. Except here, you're eating up my life's work and leaving your quarantine feeling energised and excited abut the prospect of taking full advantage of the outside world.

You have access to the page for so long as it exists (a minimum of 6 months, a maximum of 12 months). This is ample time for you to watch, download and apply without any issues at all.

It is illegal for you to share or sell the content within, and it is criminal (500,000$ fine) for plagiarising or defacing content. Think twice before using these videos the wrong way.

Content is subject to change, at my discretion.

 So, how does it work?

Step 1: Add To Cart.

Step 2: Checkout and make payment.

Step 3: Be redirected to the webpage with all loaded content.

ENJOY. Savour. Simmer. Reflect. Action. Share your insights on social media and tagging me so I can see your journey!

If you follow the above prompts, there should be no issues. Any problems, send through an email on the contact page  and I will get back to you as soon as I can.