The Doula Of You

The Doula Of You

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Much emphasis is placed on the 'physiological' process of birth. The literal-ness of it all. Or should I say; the educated guess, presumptuous punchline of it all. The science built on the backs of people strapped to socio-economic disparities and injustice lived because of the colour of their skin. 

The way we birth has lost its meaning, and I feel gross simplifying the solution we desperately need, down to a hit of oxytocin - as if all that’s required to improve humanity are a few hormones playing nicely together. We’ve forgotten what interweaves the intricate tapestry of the human experience. If more science and more facts were the cure, suicide would not be the greatest killer of birthing women and people in the postpartum period.

We need a return to soul.

The Doula Of You is an amalgamation of everything I have learnt as a Doula, mother and ambassador for a return to FEELING at the front lines.

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