WombQuake™ - The Online Experience

WombQuake™ - The Online Experience

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Launches May

WombQuake™ is a highly immersive, sensory tingling shamanic journey that I have decided to bring online because...well...airports are currently broken and I gotta find a fancy new flux capacitor way to get to y'all.

And this is how this sexy little offering came to be. Exactly as it was intended to be, while you have no other choice but to go inwards, and while I have the chance to share this content in the safest & most accessible way possible.

WombQuake™ is delivered in a series of instantly accessible videos & audio bites. Here, you will get the instructions you need to bring WombQuake™ into your body, womb and room. You will also get a curated playlist to use at your leisure when you get the hand of the program and would rather just drop in without any prompt at all.

It begins with ritual and ceremony. Then, using breathework, self-pleasure techniques, indigenous drum and gong, channelled singing and a multitude of codes, I create a a safe container for you to feel deeper than you have ever felt and rise higher than you've ever rose, as you meet the vibrations of the space as I curate it. Unlike more mainstream breathework, I guide you through a multitude of meditations that take you from your third eye to the tip of your clitoris, pushing breathe to fill every space from the top of the head to the bottoms of your soles - all through the throb of the heart and womb space. It is an incredible oppourtunity to meet the edges of your pain and exercise alchemising it into pleasure. Often, participants discuss the epiphanies they have following messages from their guides or subconscious. It is a mind bending way to move through psychic debris as you reclaim your personal power & find your voice.